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  1. Ok Thanks, I'll take it to garage tomorrow, would you advise driving it or getting it towed? (about 5 miles) Just soundsa bit low powered and jumpy, no smoke or anything...
  2. OMFG!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!! There was a 20amp one Id missed! Now the car is working fine!!!!!! One last question though, before all this happened the engine management light came on, and the TRC light flashes. Now car is working again its still showing. Code book suggests Timing Belt, any ideas? Cheers Chelle xx Hi, this morning my TRC light started to flash and then the engine light came on, don;t want to take it to a dealer and get stung, could mine be blown fuses? Thanks
  3. 68,000 and serviced every 10k miles. Cheers
  4. hi,sorry about your headgasket going,i would seek a 2nd opinion and if it really is your h/gasket it wont be a cheap job as you are looking a a few hundred quid. Hi many thanks for the replies, I just replied to another thread as new to forum and not got the hang of it yet I have had a secone opinion and the mechanic i know well said he doesn't think it has gone and that the test was wrong, i have been driving it around in periods of up to an hour and it seems fine??? My question now is, how reliable is the test that told me my head gasket had gone by turning some water green? I'm due to drive 250 miles next week and am not sure what to do. Any more help is appreciatted Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm going through the exact same thing with my IS200, how reliable are these tests which make the water green? My car seems fine and my mechanice said he's sure the head gasket has not gone. I'm very confused...
  6. Hi, I have a 10 year old IS200 which I've had for a year and love. Yesterday steam started to come out of the bonnet, pulled over, called AA who came and said the headgasket has gone. Can anybody give me any advice on what to do and estimation of cost to get it fixed? Many thanks in advance, Cheers