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  1. 283764385942 this looks a good buy on eBay
  2. The CT is made in Japan where the auris is built in the UK similar cars but the build quality is always going to be better if it's built in japan. My parents have a mk1auris hybrid brother has a CT and both are great cars but the auris has had the exhaust hangers break on the welds and the horn stopped working also. When Toyota build a car in the EU they have to source a certain %of parts from local areas that's where the problem lies. It's like the Toyota Carina e back in the 90s they where made in Japan then it moved it's factory to the UK the UK cars had clutch faults the window motors would fail and the exhaust would not last.
  3. its about 90 pounds from lexus they come painted not a bad price seeing as its painted. or look on ebay the mirror cover is the same as a ct and gs its comes as 3 parts
  4. Yeah there is a drain and fill bung I drained my oil at a 100k it wasn't black but not a clean shade of red. My dad's auris was worse and only had 70k on it.
  5. As above change the relays they are located under the brake fluid chamber in a small fuse box. my car had this fault from the day I bought it from Lexus Swindon I had a year extended warranty with the car and Lexus bristol had the car three times for the fault they tried telling me there is nothing wrong with it in the and there master tech changed the wiper motor but fault returned 6 months after. Now out of warranty I search the American forum and found the same fault on there. If you search the part number of the relays they change to a new number which tells you that must have problems with them. I am a mechanic myself and find it poor how Lexus bristol changed the wrong part and also tried to charged me for it even though I told them it had Lexus extended warranty. Don't Lexus have tsb's and shared dealer faults like other brands I have worked for e.g. Hyundai Citroen fiat even.
  6. You need to go to toyota or Lexus and buy some w/s atf world standard auto trans fluid. To check the level it's more like a manual gearbox, on the side of the box is a level bung. You have to run the engine for a couple mins go through the gears then check the level with the engine off but you must check it with in 2 mins overwise the oil from the cooler will run back into the box. Level should be just under the bung hole. You can go on to the Lexus tech section and pay for a hour session and look it up for the full workshop procedure. Hope that helps
  7. my wipers where the same I bought my car with 92k now on 100k lexus Bristol changed the wiper motor been ok since. my fault was not always working on auto wipe and would stop working when driving hope that helps.
  8. Thanks for the advice I have ordered some new oil for the peace of mind I am going to change it with discount it's comes to only 6 pound a letre much cheaper than a gearbox. The procedure will be the same as a normal auto with out a dipstick just because they say it's sealed for life don't mean it has no drain and fill plugs.
  9. Has anyone changed or have had there gearbox oil changed on there is300h Lexus Bristol say it's silled for life😬. When the owners manual says every 40k My car is nearly on 100k it is due it's 600 pound plus service soon I am a mechanic by trade and this information they are giving is putting me of servicing it at the dealers I could change all the oils and filters myself for less than 200 pounds so what do they actually do on a 100k service not a lot by the looks of it plugs extra cost no gearbox oil change?
  10. This happened to my brothers neighbours a couple weeks ago luckly his gs450 was at my house while having the wheels powedercoated. But his neighbours is300h and a range rover in there close where both left with the doors open and items left on the front lawn. They must of been disturbed but it makes you think twice about your pride and joy.😞
  11. Looks good but. do you have the part numbers for the parts mate and was it a dear mod.
  12. Thanks rayaans do you work for lexus or have any more info on the problem tsb etc. And are you referring to the circle in dents? Thanks again
  13. The car is very good condition I will ask them Tuesday when I drop the car at lexus. Is this a common thing with the leather seats as I couldn't find anything when searching the forum and google? Thanks
  14. Will they cover the seat it's out of manufacturers warranty but has the free lexus years warranty you get when purchased.
  15. Thanks for the advice guys car is booked in at Lexus Bristol next week for the wiper fault. Will look into the links for the leather thank you.