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  1. Cheers for the responses guys - Mr Singh could you be a bit more specific about the location of the o2 sensor please - might have a crack at that one too.
  2. Thanks to Colins post I last night cleaned the MAF sensor which half cured my problem. Is there another sensor in the air flow path that might also need cleaning. My cars symptoms are a miss every once and a while in the exhaust note when idling and a bunny-hopping effect at low revs, no accelerator push, say at 30 mph. It definitely got better after cleaning the MAF sensor but is not quite cured. Any help greatly appreciated. Kind regards Tony PS - and no the bunny-hoping is not due to cr*ppy clutch work on my part! :D
  3. After reading all your posts I now feel as though the contents of the link were justified. It would seem that the Mutley pic has been replaced. It is part of the site and I have been linked to it for sometime. To all who use these forums please accept my humble apologies for inferring that any of you had anything to do with this, my impetuous nature has let me down.
  4. I found today that my signature had been added to. I found this added: If I am what it suggests then so be it. I know of no enemies I might have in these forums, but if this is the level of the mentality of someone in these forums then I will leave never to return. The fact that someone has hacked one persons then what else can arise? To the person directly responsible for this - May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your a*se!
  5. Happy New Year everyone! Supracharged... I'll put my stock standard RS200 up against any age stock standard IS200 - who do you think will win! I know! 0-60, 1/4 mile, top speed, take your pick!
  6. My excuse is that travel to and from the Isle of Man with a vehicle is expensive - £200. On one ocassion I managed to get together with a few members from the club in an unofficial meet in Manchester and I didn't even have my car with me (fly and hire), the experience of being able to put faces and speech after having conversed on this forum with them was a good experience and one I would like to do again. It's just the dosh that keeps me away!
  7. The link only sends you to an information page about the company.
  8. I found it cheaper to replace the head unit and buy a new fascia plate.
  9. I've not been able to log in for a couple of days - why not?
  10. I would have a VY HSV Holden Commodore (Australian V8 Supercars). You can actually now purchase a variant of it in the UK - VX Vauxhall Monaro.
  11. To add my two penneth worth, there is no way I would buy an UK IS200 knowing what I know about the Altezza. I don't like Leather seats (sweaty in summer and freezing cold in winter), I see no benefit in having Headlamp washers and care nothing for badges. I also find it extraordinary that when the rest of the cars interior is exactly the same (colours and materials), that some Lexus owners consider the Altezza to be an inferior car when it is infact made by the same manufacturer - Toyota - one of the best and most widely produced and purchased car manufacturers on the planet. As for no apprec
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