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  1. I’ve just had my ECU reflashed and master keys added I bought from fleabay all for £120 which was done outside my home so didn’t have to send off the ECU with or without boot lock etc. Don’t want to fall foul of the T&C about advertising but, if it hasn’t already been done, thought it would be a good idea imho if there were some way of helping other members around the country who need a similar service but like me is having difficulty finding a local company. A prerequisite could be the member making the post would have to have personal experience of using the service. It took me 4 months before I found anybody in my area and I only found the company by accident! What would be the best way to do this or can’t it be done?
  2. Brakes

    Welcome and sorry to hear about your problems, you might get a better response if you put you query in the RX section which can be found here.
  3. Lost Key

    You may have to do a little research but you can salvage the problem you may just be without your car until you can get it all sorted out. Since you have a spare key although it doesn't start the car at least you can get new keys cut from it so that's a start. There are two transponder types in the key fobs for the IS one is a valeo and the other is a Denso. The Denso transponder chip came out in the earlier models. You will have to check the cut off date, a later transponder (valeo) cannot be programmed to work in an earlier IS and visa versa. You can pick the transponders up from eBay, there is a guy selling new keys with transponders for about £60-70 or you can do what I did and find an auction of a preowned key, get the transponder and transplant it in to a blank (making sure, as already stated, you check the length of your spare key the blade should be either 37 or 42mm) One thing to note about the keys, (picture attached) you will notice on the right the Master has two grooves running down the side of it and the Valet key doesn’t. The grooves allow you to lock the Glovebox and open the boot which you cannot do with the valet key. Once you have won you auction for a 3 button transponder chip and purchased a new 3 button case and got the key cut. Then you have to get your ECM flashed back to factory mode so you can program the new key on to your immobiliser. I hope the above points you in the right direction, there is plenty of info/advice on this forum. I was quoted £1700 by Lexus because I don’t have a master key, I've calculated by the time I get the ECM reflashed and keys programmed I will have saved myself about £1450 so it might be a bit tedious but will be well worth it!
  4. Went about a month ago guys know their stuff and worth every penny the one caveat I will add, I was told their system is geared to correcting OEM geometry issues, if your cars suspension has been upgraded with aftermarket products like mine has then it will be best endeavours on their part. If you have a quick look at their website you'll see the IS's they have previously worked on, cost is about £111 all in.
  5. Help Advice Please Traction Control

    Thanks for the comments lexynik I was lucky enough to buy it as you see it, toying with the idea of getting a set grey Jade R's but no rush! Thanks as well Igino Cazzola I know I have to strip down the front calipers before I do anything else, feels like a weekend job!
  6. Help Advice Please Traction Control

    Thanks lexynik not sure if I've done this right but here goes!
  7. Help Advice Please Traction Control

    thanks for the info lex2oos that gives me a pretty good idea of how good the brakes should be and hopefully will be once I check the calipers for sticking once again thanks for all the replies will feedback what I find out.
  8. Help Advice Please Traction Control

    Thanks for the advice, this is my first Lexus it's a 2000 plate IS Sports with TTE supercharger and lowered on Tien super street shocks and springs. I have nothing to go on besides what I've read in other parts of the forum and my experiences with the brakes which compared to my other cars are not what I would expect from a car of this quality. Would you know how would I tell if the caliper(s) are sticking?
  9. I've bought a set of aftermarket brake lines because I find the braking on the IS shocking, feels like I'm putting my foot on a pillow. My question is, I’ve upgraded brake lines on my previous cars which had ABS, does the Lex have to be treated any differently because of the TC if so can anybody tell or point me in the right direction for the proceedure and what is the best way to get rid of brake judder, is it trial and error or a way of life with the Lex? Thanks in advance.
  10. I agree with the last comment, I moved from a high revving Honda Integra (import) because I wanted a bit more refinement and pampering. Getting a bit old in the tooth now, saying that I was lucky enough to pick up a IS200 sport SC. The first thing I wanted to find out was my mpg, judging for the comments on other parts of the forum a SC can put quite a dent in your mpg. I have to say getting 410 plus miles out of my first tank which included some shall we say spirited driving, I have very little to complain about. I can also report I’ve refilled and showing 215miles done on half a tank, not to shabby for a car that’s done 90k+ and is 10yrs old imho. Almost forgot I only use Shell V Power I noticed the difference in mpg when I used 95 ron however that was in my previuos car and will have to experiment with the IS.
  11. Insurance Is Due For My Lex

    Hi All, I use Sky Ins 42 yrs old, 20 yrs NCD which nobody ever recognises so only at 9 yrs NCD. IS200 Sport SC, £350 fully Comp with £150 excess and I forgot to put the missus on!
  12. Hi Parthiban Hope this link helps it gives a bit of info about the ohm ratings as well, learnt something new myself! lol :o
  13. Hi Jimxms, Some of the major points have already been covered here Sorry haven't mastered hyperlinks on this forum as yet! :D Hope it helps
  14. Thanks again, excuse my ignorance would that be consider high mileage for a 6 cyl or does it also depend on the type of life the car has had?
  15. Hi Ormi, thanks for the advice will make sure I give it a proper going over!