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  1. Yes---they do work with wireless headphones. Look for something that looks like a vertical row of LEDs on the rear of the B pillar, these are the transmitters for the wireless headphones.. If you can't find the headphones there are a number of compatible ones available for sale on Ebay for a modest price
  2. A fairly well known for car thieves to operate during the night is to rock the car so that the alarm goes off, run away and hide. Repeat enough times until the owner gets fed up with getting up and resetting the alarm and eventually turns off the alarm with a view to investigating in the morning. Problem is that in the morning there will be no car to investigate
  3. Don't know about North London but I can thoroughly recommend a place in Sidcup in South London called Tech One
  4. As I said in my earlier post that is almost certainly caused by the rear calliper slide pins being seized. They can be removed, clean and greased rather than buying complete new caliper assemblies. A set of good quality rear discs and pads (Ferodo) can be bought off Ebay for around £90
  5. If one of the rear discs is showing abnormal wear it could be that the slide pins in the callipers are sticking---a common problem. A Lexus specialist can easily remove the slide pins, clean and regrease, or if necessary replace the slide pins with new ones obtainable from Ebay for around a fiver. If it is the slide pins sticking then a Lexus dealer will normally want you to replace the whole calliper assembly for some hundreds of pounds.
  6. The slide pins on the rear callipers are often seized or partially seized on a vehicle of this age. A Lexus dealer will want you to replace the callipers at enormous cost---don't do this. A Lexus "specialist" can remove the slide pins, clean up, re-grease and fit new slide pins for a fraction of the cost.
  7. Found this in an old post---should be sufficient for your needs as it is in French as well Our ref 637848 16 September 2013 Thank you for your further email. I can confirm that the HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlamps on the RX 350 do not need to be converted for travel on the continent. The set up of the headlamp is such that the light shines in a horizontal flat beam which has no kick up and as such is not dazzling to drivers of oncoming cars. As you have suggested, we would recommend that the Intelligent Adaptive Front-lighting System (I-AFS) is switched off when travelling on the continent. Yours sincerely Claire Newman Customer Relations Executive Translated by Google Translate Notre ref 637848 16 Septembre 2013 Merci pour votre plus email. Je peux confirmer que les HID (High Intensity Discharge) phares sur le RX 350 n'ont pas besoin d'être convertis pour les voyages sur le continent. La mise en place du projecteur est telle que la lumière brille dans un faisceau plat horizontal qui n'a pas de coup de pied et en tant que telle n'est pas éblouissant pour les conducteurs venant en sens inverse des voitures. Comme vous l'avez suggéré, nous recommandons que le système frontal de l'éclairage adaptatif intelligent (I-AFS) soit éteint lorsque vous voyagez sur le continent. Cordialement Claire Newman Relations exécutif à la clientèle
  8. Here you go---fully refurbished
  9. A lot depends on which sort of tracker your insurance company deems is acceptable. there are a lot of cheaper trackers that are not monitored by a central station. this one gets good reviews on Amazon
  10. If you are looking for a solar charger the see here Plugs in the OBD port so you don't have to worry about running cable from the battery
  11. I also had a problem with the washer jet on my 2008 Rx400h, this time on the offside. Searched the internet as to how to get the jets off the bonnet and it is really very easy. Take a couple of old cardboard business cards. Slide one under the front of the jet and one under the rear of the jet. Push in towards the centre of the jet, fold the edges of the cards upwards and lift. Hey presto the jet comes out without any damage to the paintwork. Pull out the jet so that you have access to the pipework. Pull off the plastic pipe by twisting. Under no circumstances let go of the pipe when it is off the jet or you will lose it down the hole in the bonnet. I just wrapped a bit of duct tape around it to prevent this happening. Once off cleaning did nothing for the flow of liquid on the old jet so I purchased a new pair of jets off Ebay for the princely sum of £4.99 delivered within two days. see here Easily fitted and unlike the original jets the two outlets can be adjusted with a pin to get the spray pattern correct. A very easy "do it yourself" job and at £4.99 a fraction of the cost that a garage would charge you----and I also have a spare jet in case the other one packs up
  12. Quick search on Ebay for "Lexus Rx400 radiator" shows a range of new radiators from £66.75---I shouldn't imagine that a local independent garage would want too much for fitting one
  13. Totally agree with NemesisUK---just partially open one of your rear windows and the noise will stop
  14. Euro car Parts are quoting £118.99 for a new battery with a three year warranty