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  1. Never been able to do this-----as you now have plenty of time on your hands remove wheel and push out centre cap from the back of the wheel
  2. Problem solved---although I don't know what the problem was. Have gone for a couple of drives this morning and the noise from the rear offside has disappeared. I have come to the conclusion that it may have been a piece of debris that was somehow lodged in the wheel/brake area. Thanks everyone for their help and suggestions
  3. Thanks everyone for your responses---I will certainly look into the bushes but i am confused as the clunking noise is definitely related to the speed of the rotation of the wheel.
  4. Some thoughts from the assembled expertise would be welcome. 2008 Rx400h with 97,000 miles, always regularly maintained. Noticed a "clunking noise" emanating from the rear offside wheel area yesterday, Characteristics are as follows. Only makes a noise when vehicle is coasting on the over run Frequency of the noise is speed related so it is obviously related to the rotation of the wheel No noise when accelerating or driving normally While on over run the noise stops as soon as brake are operated, even lightly New callipers, discs, pads, parking brake shoes and parking brake cables were fitted around 15 months ago. All thoughts are welcome before I start taking things apart .
  5. Palladium now more expensive than gold-----see the following article from the BBC
  6. Sticking slide pins on the rear callipers are a common problem. Not normally a need to replace the entire callipers at a not inconsiderable cost---just remove the slide pins, clean and apply some new grease.. If the slide pins are too far gone you can but them off Ebay for a very reasonable price Whilst you are at it probably worthwhile fitting new rubber end caps as well Hope this helps
  7. A cheaper option would be to look on eBay
  8. These were the washer jets that fitted my Rx400h . Shows what I mean by "right angled jets
  9. I don't know about the Rx Gen 3 but i had the same problem on my Rx400h. Jets are east to remove----just put a folded business card under the front and back of the jet. Press in towards the centre of the jet to disengage the two plastic clips (front and back) that hold the washer jet onto the bonnet. Lift upwards and pull slightly out. Remove the washer jet hose but put a small piece of tape around it to prevent it falling back into the bonnet. I bought a pair of new jets off of Ebay for around £6.00 Make sure that you get the "right angled" ones. Refit hose and push back into bonnet. The new ones had adjustable jets so that you could get the correct spray pattern onto the windscreen.
  10. Common problem with RX400h braking is seizure of the rear calliper slide pins. Loads of entries on this problem if you search the forum.
  11. Yes---they do work with wireless headphones. Look for something that looks like a vertical row of LEDs on the rear of the B pillar, these are the transmitters for the wireless headphones.. If you can't find the headphones there are a number of compatible ones available for sale on Ebay for a modest price
  12. A fairly well known for car thieves to operate during the night is to rock the car so that the alarm goes off, run away and hide. Repeat enough times until the owner gets fed up with getting up and resetting the alarm and eventually turns off the alarm with a view to investigating in the morning. Problem is that in the morning there will be no car to investigate
  13. Don't know about North London but I can thoroughly recommend a place in Sidcup in South London called Tech One
  14. As I said in my earlier post that is almost certainly caused by the rear calliper slide pins being seized. They can be removed, clean and greased rather than buying complete new caliper assemblies. A set of good quality rear discs and pads (Ferodo) can be bought off Ebay for around £90