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  1. The black casing around my key is cracking, to I went to Lexus Leeds to get a replacement case (just the case, not the metal key itself). They wanted £231.00 Metal key and reprogramming would be over £300. I left giggling :) I found a possible replacement off eBay. £5 inc postage. Maybe it will work, width a try.
  2. Hi Guys, I thought I would post the email I received from Lexus GB regarding the awful illumination achieved when reversing. I have "XXXX"'d out the names. Aside from this, I think it is a great car. (and I am aware of the bulb cover mod, cheers). Dear Mr XXXXXXX Thank you for your emails dated 9 & 10 February 2011 and for taking the trouble to contact us. Firstly, I was sorry to learn that you are unhappy with the reverse light illumination on your RX 400h and regret that you have been given cause to contact us. Whilst I do understand why you have felt it necessary to contact us I must advise that the purpose of the reverse light is to warn other road users of your intention to reverse. The warning light functionality is not intended to illuminate the road to aid driving. Furthermore, I must advise Toyota (GB) PLC cannot release a product, accessory or part before it has been through a process of homologation. This process is outlined by the Ministry of Transport and provides information to monitor the performance of our vehicles and fitted parts. Therefore, Toyota (GB) PLC cannot make recommendations or provide technical assistance to modifications outside of the manufacturer’s specification. If you decide to make modifications to your vehicle which are not in line with the manufacturer’s specification, this will not automatically invalidate your warranty. However, if any part fails as a consequence to this, the manufacturer’s warranty will not cover the cost of repair. In closing, thank you once again for providing your thoughts and comments. I trust the above explains our position with regard to this matter. Yours sincerely XXXXXXXXXXXXX Customer Relations Executive And my response was "I'm sorry, that is just ludicrous. Are you suggesting that I carry a passenger to illuminate the road with a torch, when I reverse the car at night ! Remember the car is virtually silent as well. This is a serious problem and I have no desire to kill any small children."
  3. Hi Guys. Does anyone else have this "feature", or do I have a problem. I have to park on a slight incline, which I normally reverse out of. With my RX400h, when I engage reverse, it tends to roll forward. Now I know there is some play in the gearbox, but I measured it in one case, and It rolled forward 4 Feet, before I had to brake to avoid going through my kitchen window. I know it has a weird/wonderful CVT gearbox, but I thought automatics tended to avoid roll forward (or backward for that matter). Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Guys. I'm just about to buy a High mileage RX400h (92K). Reg Sept 2006. Is there anything to be aware of in such a beastie. I'm trading in my beloved GS430 as I need more transport space and more petrol money. Ie., Battery Condition ? etc. Long standing problems ? Regards Rob G. Leeds, UK.
  5. Hi Guys. Just a quick word to say hello. I'm taking delivery of my (used) GS430 on Wednesday, and I can't wait. I must admit to being a little nervous, as I am upgrading from my trusty old 1.8 litre Vectra with manual shift, and I've never driven an automatic before. having said that, thats half the fun ! Cheers.