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  1. That's a very good point! Nothamptonshire - 20 miles from J15 & J19 on the M1. 2 miles from J6 on the A14 20 Miles from J1 on M6. NN15 postcode
  2. Hi all, Currently have a Lexus LS400 Mk4. - X988 MBE. Messi on here used to own the car so will vouch for it. I'm in a position where the car has been off the road for a while and will need some money spending to get it back on the road. Currently no MOT - will need some bushes and the handbreak to be looked at. I'm offering the car free to a good home as it is too nice to go to scrap and I've a BMW 8 series that owns my heart, I would rather someone gets the use of it. Granted I would appreciate if someone would be prepared to make a donation to Help for Heroes - but I am looking for no financial gain myself. It will need to be collected on a low loader. If anyone is interested please contact me via PM on here. I will not just be handing it over to a dealer (people in Dudley take note!). Rob
  3. It's me! Still got it - lovely car just needed something more practical so have an RX now as well. It passed its mot, to be fair the garage said it could keep on passing for a good few years yet :) Rob
  4. Have just taken ownership of an LS400 - Very different car to the GS I had previously, a lot softer and the GS was a bit more "dynamic". However am looking forward to the saving that comes from being on LPG (touch wood!) Am looking at getting a hands free kit - has anyone got any experience of having a Parrot system fitted?
  5. Excellent, thank you will get booked in :) (well Once collected!) Have used a local garage here for years- they have held their hands up and said might be a bit too big a job for them!
  6. "My action didn't go as well as I would have liked, there are reasons for that but that it is what it is" It went to court, was settled out of court and if you look for the original thread you will find it is no longer there. Am I happy with how it ended - not particularly, but there we go. Can I cast any aspersions on the quality of LPG conversion. No. I've always maintained I am sure they are competent in this respect. I actually went there based on recommendations on this site - so you take the rough with the smooth. It was still a 350 mile round journey any way you slice it, for no car conversion - so I am not sure it was over nothing. Anyway glad I managed to offer you something else on this forum other than policing non-Gold members trying to sell cars. What I do find somewhat hypocritical - is that you slaughtered Lexuschap (quite rightly in my opinion) yet I will bet you have had no personal dealings with him, yet seem to think that I was making a fuss over nothing. I've met members of this forum who will attest to the fact that I am quite a nice bloke and pretty laid back for the most part. P.S in future I might suggest you reply to the content of the post and not the poster.
  7. The facts are out there on the internet find them and read them. You have no idea which way his counsel told him to plead. Solicitor should be Barrister What on earth does a dressing down from a judge to a barrister on a criminal case have anything to do with your non existant county court action? All hot air. I stand by what I have already written. Mike I did find the facts? - and am aware that the repercussions are going way beyond this trial - which has been a catalyst for far bigger issues. Firstly - Solicitor and Barrister are two different things - and that is the whole crux of the argument. My action didn't go as well as I would have liked, there are reasons for that but that it is what it is. I will happily correspond with you via PM on this, but I very much doubt you would be inclined to listen to what I tell you. Recalling the incident, which happened on the A472 near Newbridge, he said: “It was a very shocking and traumatic experience. “It happened within a moment – he swerved into my lane. In that time, I could not react before the accident happened.” When asked if he thought he had done anything wrong, he said: “It was an accident.” Concluding his evidence, Wojcicki said: “The cyclist was responsible for this crash. I do not feel responsible.” In terms of making a mistake - I don't see any value in banging someone up for 5 years. I was using a moblie phone 5 minutes before I hit that child, whilst sat on my driveway. If I had made the decision to drive off while still using the phone and hit them, then I would have to take the legal consequences of my actions. Morally, I felt guilt and I felt responsible - despite the fact his mother was stood beside me telling me there was nothing I could have done. No court convicted me, but I felt responsible as a human being, not because anyone said I should. I would also point out there is a world of difference between taking a phone call at the wheel, whereby you can keep your eyes on the road and taking/looking at photos - which by it's definition is taking your eyes off the road. To say that did not impair your driving, is showing a staggering lack of awareness and the comments of the judge reflected this. I'm not sure what facts I haven't checked, but the sentencing remarks of the Judge are online. At the end of the day you clearly have a fairly high opinion of Profess and all who sail in her. Technically I am sure they are entirely competent, indeed a court ruled that they were on the Trading Standards case. I would have loved the opportunity to have found out, but sadly things being what they were I didn't, though this case probably went some way to explaining why. I feel sorry for Mr James family, they are the victims as are the wife and children of Mr Wojcicki. I have an issue with people who use their phone behind the wheel. If you choose to (which no doubt we have all done at one time or another) then you take the consequences that come with it. In the grand scheme of things any Small Claims Court cases are irrelevant.
  8. Mike, Yours and my personalities are not compatible. You love Profess, I don't. I'd be interested to know which facts are incorrect. At the end of the day he pleaded not guilty - that is not accepting you made a mistake. I can completely understand the shock that comes from hitting someone and that mistakes happen and the guilt you feel afterwards. I won't bother answering the latter question, mainly as there is ongoing with that still - in light of the dressing down the Solicitor, sorry "counsel" got from the judge. At the end of the day you and i just won't ever see eye to eye. Not something that will keep me awake if I'm honest.
  9. Mike - with respect you continue to refer onto Profess - that is entirely your right and I have never cast any aspersions onto their work. Customer service, yes. Quality of work - no. I am not gloating - for the record I hit a child 5 years ago, and I wasn't speeding or using a mobile phone at the time - so save me the sanctimonious crap about "anyone can make a mistake". I hit him at 15.m.p.h and fractured his skull and leg - so I have zero time for anyone using a mobile phone behind the wheel. There is a world of difference between "making a mistake" and using a mobile phone at 50 mph on a dual carriageway, taking photographs of classic cars. Then after the accident taking photos of the cyclist laying dying in the road. I would strongly suggest you read into the case. You asked, I told you.
  10. That's the one - still suspect he had bigger things on his mind at the time. This was the "Harry Potter" lawyer case for those of you who may have heard of it.
  11. Hi guys Finally acquired an LPG LS400 after the debacle of last year of trying to get my GS converted :-). Still suspect the owner of Profess has bigger problems than that now. The LS400 is coming from a member here and my GS300 is going to them - and will be due a timing belt in 12,000 miles or so. Does anyone know a good independent in the Midlands as the main dealer's won't touch it with the LPG conversion? Cheers, Rob
  12. Unfortunately the Mk3 (05-12) can't be converted... I know this from painful experience!