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  1. you might find that they may call you in a couple of days, personally i find it a bit refreshing that you can test drive a car and not having them pestering you every 5 mins. they always call me the day after my car has got in for anything asking me if i was completely satisfied with the service i received. give Bradley a call at Sidcup i am sure he will assist you with anything your require.
  2. 37 in the summer months 40
  3. Hi barris, I think that if you speak to most LC owners they will tell you that the infotainment system is not really that bad, its like most technology it take time to get used to it, most negative reviews are from car journalists who review the system perhaps only having the car for a day or even a few hours, i suppose it depends on how much you are going to use it, i change radio stations, and play music from a memory stick using the controls on the steering wheel, i leave my heating/cooling seats/ steering wheel on auto using the concierge system only adjusting the temperature if necessary, i have a split screen set up with heating controls on the right so if i do for some reason need to override the concierge system its just a matter of moving the pointer to the seat control and clicking the heat/cool icon, the same applies to the heated steering wheel, as for the sat nav i rarely use it, but when i have ,just putting in the post code has always got me to my destination.
  4. Most of my journeys are 4/6 miles so this time of the year it doesn't even get warm, getting 17mpg, in the summer it goes up to 19mpg, on a 300 mile round trip, mostly motorway i got a impressive 34 mpg.
  5. The RC-F fuel pump re call was 3 years ago, considering the RC-F and LC engine are the same i would have thought that what ever they did for the RC-F would have already been changed on the LC, unless they are going to re call the RC-F again
  6. it will be interesting to see if we get a fuel pump re call, apparently they are in the US, got a fuel pump re call on my RC-F.
  7. I know they have to take the wheel of and the inner wing panel, plus panelling in the boot.
  8. I understand your concern about stripping the car apart and putting it back together, i had a alarm issue and because the car was a new model for Lexus technicians to work on it was even more worrying, they had the car for a total of 3 months trying to sort it out, stripping most of the car apart so much so i wrote a email to Lexus head office making them aware of my concerns. as i said i was lucky i had a good technician who is mofodical and very consciences about his work, also having a car that is very well put together in the first place helps.
  9. well mine is fine , no rattles, i have had a few teasing problems with my car from new, it was one of the first 19 into the UK, i have had the same technician work on my car, i think he spechelises in the "F" models and LC.
  10. I had my filler cap assembly replaced last week, it is a known problem, it is a big job,( all day ) they have to remove a lot of trim to get to it, works fine now, springs out with a lot more force.
  11. I think if you look closely they are not the same at the standard LC wheels.
  12. sorry can only make a suggestion on No 1, have you tried fading to the rear, this should bring the sub more into play which should give you a better base,
  13. you can normally buy a hard wiring kit with most dash cam's, its extra of course, you may also have to pay extra for the SD card and polarisers, so make sure you take this into account when comparing different dash cam prices. If you have basic electrical tools / experience you can fit it your self, I had the Thinkware U1000 fitted professionally, yes it was £580 inc (£120 fitting ) total not cheep, but the 4K front and 2K rear images are amazingly clear and i my opinion you need a good clear image if anything happens otherwise what's the point in having one also to me parking mode was important. this of course in not to say a cheep on will not give you a good image.
  14. I hope your insurance company don't find out, your premium will sky rocket
  15. I never had a problem with the RC-F the 3 years i had it although the mirrors did make a all fall noise when they moved out, so i did turn of that feature, admittedly when the weather was really bad i used my run around car, I will have the added problem with the LC of the door handle icing up and not popping out.