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  1. Richard is correct, it will say it on the unit, it will also have more speakers than the standard unit.
  2. i spent a lot of time looking into trackers, in the end i decided to spend my money on trying to stop the thieves taking the car in the first place,
  3. I don't understand why there is a recall for the fuel pump, my 2015 RC-F was recalled for the same thing, i thought the RC-F and LC have the same engine.
  4. i would rather put a Ghost Immobiliser on it to try and stop them taking it in the first place
  5. looks very busy. https://www.clublexus.com/how-tos/slideshows/flashback-friday-lc-500-gets-rowen-body-kit-612810#restraint
  6. lexus are a bit behind with there infotainment system, try pushing a 8 track in and see if it plays, i bet it does.lol
  7. HI Howard, its a LC, i know I committed on the wrong thread but i have the same warranty dilemma
  8. if they don't do the 2 for 1 ill put the £1500 away, cross my fingers, and create merry hell if anything goes wrong with it.
  9. No issues that i know of, if i remember correctly the same thing happened with the RC-F, they didn't show the 2 for 1 until the car reached 3 years old, so ill keep my fingers crossed, the problem is it doesn't take much to even get to £1500, i had a sticking fuel cap which was a issue, it took them all day to dismantle the car to replace it under warranty, god knows how much that would have cost out of warranty.
  10. I have contacted them, but they have not responded yet. i was hoping that because the first LC in the country is only just coming up to 3 years old that they may extend the 2 for 1 offer to the LC, I have also noticed that the offer does not apply to the LS either
  11. 3 years old in October, will have less than 6k miles on the clock, they want £1500 for a 1 year extended warranty, at the moment there is no 2 for 1 deal on the LC. what to do?
  12. when my dash cam was fitted he removed the pannel by the passenger door and took power from there, the only thing he said was that he had to leave the cover of the fuse box because of the fuse connection he used, once the pannel was put back you can't see the fuse box and he left the cover in my glove box.
  13. no photo, https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202005099240280?radius=10&postcode=ls165jx&model=LC 500&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=LEXUS&sort=relevance&page=1
  14. yes that was on certain cars, this issue has now been sorted, however NOTHING will stop the professional thieves, even a tracker, the car will probably be out of the country within 2 hours,
  15. A tracker is good, but it means they can still take your can, fitting a ghost alarm ( £400 ) means they shouldn't be able to take it in the first place.