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  1. in the US you can take your car in and they will change the pads for you, they have a TSB for this, but not here in the UK, yet, but they will for the RC-F, which i would have thought would of had the same brakes as the LC, but apparently not.
  2. How many miles have you done Ben?, mine only started at around the 2300 mile mark, plus the screeching is coming from the front wheels, but who knows.
  3. what i don't understand, unless i am wrong, is that all the LC's are built in the same factory , using the same part, if its for the Europe or US market, so if the US have a TSB on the brakes, which they do, then how is it such a problem to get it sorted in the UK, the brakes are going to squeal in any country if they are the same brakes.
  4. If you didn't have a clonk from new and a year later you have i would say something is not quite right, I don't have a clonk, but my brake's are screeching every time i come to a stop, Lexus are looking into it,
  5. thanks Nick, I still have the plate but the car went 5 years ago
  6. I know them all very well at Sidcup, I have brought my last 4 cars from them, Alfie is a new salesman at Sidcup but i am sure your get on with him fine, if your not sure about anything have a chat with Bradly, and Kevin in the service department. If need be can pop down there for you and get any information your need, have a look round it and take photos.
  7. 2008 is a MK3, MK4 came out in 2012 Main differences are two many to mention, The MK4 in my opinion was a completely different car , larger boot, better m.p.g, ride, comfort and handling, and the f sport also looked good.
  8. Make sure the boot is big enough if you're going to use it as a Taxi, ( Airport runs ) the GS 450h has a smaller boot that the GS300, the GS 450h Mk4 boot is larger than the MK3.
  9. The LC500 hybrid is a 3.5 V6, but no turbo. Rumours are that the LC-F will have a 4.2 V6 Twin Turbo, but who knows.
  10. The yellow looks really nice in the bright sunshine, it looks like its covered in gold leaf, so not a colour for this country, not enough sun
  11. It may have been a good i dear to have one and test it out for 24 hours before buying one. Personally a hard/firm ride is relative to what you expect or have come from, I went from a GS 450h which had a comfortable ride to a RC-F which was a firm ride, until I went in a M4 which was a bone shaker.
  12. To be honest i have always thought that a heated steering wheel was a bit of a gimmick, this is the first car i have ever had with it, and i must admit i quite like it, in fact when i drive my runaround car I actually miss it. I don't no which heat setting comes on low or high , I just use the concierge setting and would say the complete wheel get quite warm there may be two slightly cooler sections around the quarter two and quarter past area.
  13. No not sure at all. If you have lane keep assist and speed sign recognition then you would already have the camera fitted just underneath your rear view mirror, so you would think it would just be a matter of software and a relay to turn on and of your high beam, but then if it was that easy they wouldn't be able to charge £££ as a extra.
  14. You would also need some sort of camera/ /sensor on the front detecting oncoming cars, so i would think its a bit more complex than that
  15. its very unfortunate that you have had problems with your car, i had the alarm problem which took 3 months to sort out, touch wood its been ok so far, i also had a minor problem with the fuel cap but with a quart of WD 40 seems to have sorted that out. IMO how much you pay for something does not always mean you are not going to have problems, or in the case of a car have trouble free motoring. one train coach cost 1mill + and look at the problems they have, even Concorde and the space shuttle costing millions of even billions have had there very sad problems ,one caused by a £1 O ring, so what ever you pay, not every thing will be 100%. i hope you are very happy with your new car and i wish you happy and trouble free motoring.