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  1. The LC is the first car i have had with run flat tyres and i admit to not making long out of the way journeys, but isn't the ideal of run flat tyres is that you can carry on driving on them even if you have a puncher, admittedly at a reduced speed, ok if you smash into the curb or large pot hole you could rip the side of the tyre which then of course you could not drive on it.
  2. Your Hybrid battery screen will never show the battery as fully charged or completely empty, so it will stop one bar short of full and one bar short of empty, this is to preserve the Hybrid battery's.
  3. wendle

    LC500 Owner Review

    I poped into the dealership the other day and was told that the are still working on a update for the sat nav system, the NX is having the same problem. the High pressure fuel pumps are now available in the UK so if you haven't already had it done you can have them replaced under the recall
  4. wendle

    LC500 Sat Nav

    yes your right there is not a lot in it, saying that even in sport mode its not that hard unless your on a rough road
  5. wendle

    LC500 Sat Nav

    Yes i sold the blue RC-F last September, the RC-F was a great car except for the ride comfort, i think if i had came from a IS-F i probably would not had noticed to much difference,but my previous cars have been, GS300, & GS450H, you may be thinking , well surly you would have noticed this when test driving the car, and your right i should have done but i was one of the fortunate ones who were taken out to the Ascari race track in malaga, which don't get me wrong was a brilliant 2 days but you don't find many speed humps or pot hole on a race track. As for the LC, its a completely different animal and although this car was in the pipe line when the RC-F was released nobody could give me any i dear on how much it was going to be, just looking at the poster they had of the LC ( concept ) on the dealership's wall it looked very expensive and with talk of it being produced in the same factory as the LFA and similarly based on the LFA fingers of £180K / £220K were being thrown around. The LC is very comfortable, and driving it in comfort mode i would say it drives very similar to my GS450h f sport, other than comfort my only other concern was it is lower to the ground than the RC-F, and i wasn't very elegant getting out of that, but as it happens due to the less side bolstering on the seats and the much lower sill it is easer to get in and out of than the RC-F. the only thing is that the doors are massive and really need to be fully open to be able to get in and out comfortably so parking can be a slight issue, other than that i am extremely happy with the LC and of course i have one of the most stunning looking cars on the road. ( not all would agree we all have our own opinions ).
  6. wendle

    LC500 Sat Nav

    There is a update for the Nav system, a couple of weeks age my screen went completely blank, after around a minuet it came back on, it had lost my phone records and my radio stations, mine was to supposably already had this update done so i think they are still having problems withe the system on the LC & NX
  7. wendle

    Hi and help!

    i could understand it showing 8mpg before the 30 mile test drive as the car has possibly been moved around the forecourt and the engine left running, but 8mpg after the test drive seems very low to me, I got 17mpg from my RC-F and the LC is around the same, thats traveling very short trips though. I would expect to get 19/22/under normal length driving trips, depending on how it was driven.
  8. mine is, picked up September, 805 miles, i think it looks very nice sitting on the driveway. lol
  9. I expect most owners of the RC-F have it on pcp which means the 3 years are coming up, so the oldest RC-F you can buy will be 3 years old, i don't expect you can get one for less than £30k, so your £30k - £35k is around the mim selling mark,
  10. wendle

    Top gear lc500

    I was hoping that with the new Top Gear bunch that they might start comparing cars that are in the same category, obversely NOT. I understood it with Clarkson and co who have never been fans of the Lexus brand ( except perhaps the LFA ) only Quentin Willson years back had any passion for Lexus ( he owned a LS400 ) The LC500 is NOT a track car its a GT curser.next they will be pitching against a F1 car.
  11. wendle

    ISF PX value

    i would think the PX value would be determined on what you are PX against, if they are going to make a huge profit on the car your PX against then they can offer you a much better PX value on your car. how much they would give you CASH with no PX would give you a better value of your car.
  12. wendle

    V8 Recall?

    iam not surprised, they have had this fault on the RC-F since it was released in the US.
  13. wendle

    Picked Mine Up Today!

    17 m.p.g, but very short trips.
  14. wendle

    Problems Encountered with the LC500

    Julian what with my alarm and your seat rattle both happening in could weather i think we both need to move to a warmer country,
  15. wendle

    Problems Encountered with the LC500

    nope mine have been fine, the only issue i have is the alarm going of early hours of the morning, we have narrowed it down to very cold morning's and condensation inside the car, problem is although the alarm going of shows up on the download there are no fault codes coming up. so there's nothing they can do, just have to see how it goes, have had it back 2 weeks now and so far the alarm has not gone of, but then we also haven't had any very cold mornings.
  16. Hi Ben, the adaptive cruse control has 3 settings, you possibly have it set on it's most sensitive, i have altered mine to the middle one and find this works for me,
  17. wendle

    Long LC Review

    the only annoying thing i have found is when another car gives way to you and lets you come through a gap the car thinks your going to hit it head on and you get the word "BRAKE" come up, and a annoying BEEP, i have managed to alter the sensitivity so it doest happen quite as ofteren now. every thing else works great
  18. wendle

    Thieving Gits

    i finger tighten mine then give them a another quarter of a turn with something similar to this. mine is a lot smaller, around 5" long it stops the kids from being able to undo them. i normally just loosen them when the car goes in for a service other wise they think the valves caps have welded themselves to the valve stem. i keep it in the centre arm rest so its handy if i need it.
  19. Enjoy the LC Ben, and i hope you issue free, you may want to consider some sort of paint protection, make,s cleaning the car a breeze.
  20. wendle


    Get yourself a couple of thees Ben https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Keyless-Key-Entry-Fob-Guard-Signal-Blocker-Faraday-Bag-Version-for-Phone/232535957664?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&utm_source=LexusOwnersClubUK&utm_medium=ForumLinks&utm_source=LexusOwnersClubUK&utm_medium=ForumLinks
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    How do you see Blue?

    I looked at clear wrap when i got my RC-F, as Linas.P says it depends on how long you intend to keep the car, other than the odd chip hear and there i would say that 90% of stone chips are on the front bumper, so it depends a lot on your driving patten, I had my RC-F for 27 months and all i had was a very small chip about the size of a pin head on my bumper, but I hardly spend any time on the motorway which is were i would expect you would pick up most chips. for the price of a wrap you could probably get the hole front bumper re sprayed 4 times
  22. wendle

    SatNav Miles Setting

    I rang them today, they are waiting on Lexus technical to tell them what to do next, apparently the alarm has not go off in the past 12 days they have had it, but that's not unusual as I left the car for 2 weeks when I went away and it didn't go off. I emailed Lexus UK and told them of my concerns, so we will see what they say, like you I wouldn't of used the car a couple of days this week due to the bad weather, but at least it would be nice to have the option.
  23. wendle

    SatNav Miles Setting

    No i haven't heard anything since last Friday, iam getting really fed up now, its unlike then not to at least give me a update, the last I heard they were going to look at the ECU that controls the Alarm. i will give them a chance to put it right first and see what they end up doing but if iam not happy with the car when i get it back then ill decide what iam going to do. i will expect some sort of compensation
  24. wendle

    SatNav Miles Setting

    the glass breakage sensors are built into the glass on the LC, on all the other models they are fixed separately onto the glass, i have raised my concern about rattles and squeaks, they have there top technician working on the car, even so ill just keep taking it back if i hear the slightest noise, should hopefully hear something by the end of the week
  25. wendle

    SatNav Miles Setting

    i will have to have a look at mine, if and when i get it back to see if it is showing KM or miles, its been at Lexus for over a week , they can't seem to sort out the alarm, they are having to take out the back seat to get to the alarm ECU, and they may even have to strip the interior out of the car to replace all the windows as apparently the glass breakage sensors are now built into the glass rather than attached to it. iam not very happy