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  1. iam test driving the LC in 2 weeks, so far I'm can't see anything i don't like, my only concern is how low the car is and at my age,( and getting older ) am i going to be able to get out of the LC with some sort of dignity.lol.
  2. My RC-F will be coming up for sale very soon, so watch this space
  3. wendle

    LC500 vs GS-F

    Because the LC is not a "F", its a GT coupe, wait until the "F" LC comes out next year then compare them
  4. I do around a 3/4 mile commute to work, and although the engine temperature reaches normal running temperature in that time, the oil and transition temperature only gets to around a quarter, the RC-F starts at 3500 reeves when you first start it and will increase the revs allowed as it walms up, in the depth of winter i can travel my hole journey to work before it reaches the 7200 rev, i don't think the open vents at the front help, in my option they should have automatic flaps that only open when needed, i would think this would improve m.p.g.
  5. wendle

    Leaving the fold....

    good choice of car and colour combination :-) hopefully test driving the LC in a week or so, it will be interesting to see how different they are.
  6. Hi Colin i hope you are well, i have read quite a lot from the US forum concerning squeaky brakes, in some cases Lexus have made a re-call as shown below, others have changed there pads to softer ones which reduces the squeal quite a lot, the problem is softer pads causes more break dust, they don't last as long, and you can't track your car with them.
  7. wendle

    Sat in LC500 today !!!

    Hi Phil, Have you also sat in a RC-F, i am trying to determine weather the seating position is lower in the LC than the RC-F, i tend to fall out of the RC so if the LC is even lower ill have to come out on all fours.lol
  8. if your wheels are really bad you can use purple rain or dragons breath, spray on, leave 5 mins, jet wash of, job done, then after applying a couple of coats of Gechniq C5 alloy wheel armour you can just wash them with your normal car shampoo.
  9. wendle

    Sat in LC500 today !!!

    It's mainly for the press, they should have explained to you that it's wasn't a finished production car, the RCF's we test drove in Madrid were the same but we were told this, I surprise it's not worth using all the top great materials is the car is only going to be used by the press and for magazine reviews then scrapped, I believe all 10 RCF,s we drove in Madrid were scraped after being used for 3 weeks,
  10. wendle

    Sat in LC500 today !!!

    was it a full production model, if you go on Utube there are a few reviews and most say that the cars that they are testing are not full production model's, i think this also included the ones tested in Madrid at the Aracari race track.
  11. I use standard unleaded, runs perfectly ok, I only do short trips ( 2500 miles p/a ), the last two tanks I did put in shell V power, only because I got an offer on it I haven't noticed and difference in power or mpg. As I only do short trips I may use V power for a couple of fill ups just to help keep the engine clean. Red X costs around £5 for two tank fills, so it's no more expensive to use the premium fuel
  12. wendle

    Sat in LC500 today !!!

    was lucky enough to get to sit in a LFA, start it a give it a couple of blips on the throttle, unfortunately was not given the chance to take it for a spin. LC500 looks very nice, will be interesting to see it in the flesh and to see how it drives.
  13. i just smile at the Lady on the service desk and say if you don't give me 15% of ill buy a BMW that seems to work, have just paid £478 for the second year 20k service on my RC-F. should have been £545
  14. I did love my GS 450h f-sport and its a car i could quite easily go back to.i only had it 4 years but did not have any issues at all, although i only covered around 12k.
  15. iam not sure what all this " RC-F taken a big hit " is all about, a basic M4 coupe costs 58K new, they have a 2015 M4 coupe on the BMW website with 18k on the clock up for 40K which you will probably get for 38K ish so whats the difference? and 58K is the basic price with no added options, the one for sale has a few added options so the initial cost was probably over 58K.
  16. i think he meant that the last driver sold it with 18K on the clock because he was concerned that it would loose even more value with higher millage.
  17. i have a couple of friends who work at Lexus, this is what i have been told the ES, and a new model thats smaller than the NX there is also a press release for the LC at the Ascari race track in Malaga for the first week in Feb
  18. I don’t think Lexus ever expected to do well with there “F” cars in the UK, it will be the same for the LC 500 and the ( LC-F, which will come. ) They are more for the US market, they don’t even bother advertising the “F” cars, I have never seen a advert, TV commercial or poster for a “F” car, Most people don’t even know they exists, today I pulled up at a set of lights on a dual carriageway, a Audi pulled up next to me, I didn’t even floor it, I was only in normal mode, 2 miles down the road at the next set of lights he pulled up next to me, opened his window and said “ what the hell is that “. Over the past 3 years I have noticed a lot more Lexus cars on the road and apparently there are at least 3 new models coming out including brining the ES from the US to the UK.
  19. some people like service plans because you pay monthly for them , which means that you don't have to suddenly find a large amount of money in one go, if it works out cheeper in the long run is debatable, the first service on my car is listed at £295, i paid £250, so negotiating is possible, i believe Gold members on this site get a discount so that may be worth considering, you could also ring other dealerships although they have supposed to all agreed to charge the same price for servicing.
  20. wendle

    What are the odds?

    mine is tucked up in bed this time of the year.
  21. wendle

    Another Stupid Question

    i believe the Ford patent for the heated front screen expired last year, not sure if this is something Ford could renew or even if they have done, so it will be interesting to see what the other manufactures now do
  22. i love the US forum, the things they talk about, i clicked on one heding the other day ..." were do you carry yours " turned out they were discussing were they carried there guns, with some interesting photos of mods they have made to accommodate there hand guns. so here we go , ill start a new discussion, " were do you carry yours? " Umbrella of course
  23. ill try some in my car and see if it goes any quicker, at the moment i get to work 2 mins before i have left home, ill report back if there is any change.lol