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  1. I don’t think Lexus ever expected to do well with there “F” cars in the UK, it will be the same for the LC 500 and the ( LC-F, which will come. ) They are more for the US market, they don’t even bother advertising the “F” cars, I have never seen a advert, TV commercial or poster for a “F” car, Most people don’t even know they exists, today I pulled up at a set of lights on a dual carriageway, a Audi pulled up next to me, I didn’t even floor it, I was only in normal mode, 2 miles down the road at the next set of lights he pulled up next to me, opened his window and said “ what the hell is that “. Over the past 3 years I have noticed a lot more Lexus cars on the road and apparently there are at least 3 new models coming out including brining the ES from the US to the UK.
  2. some people like service plans because you pay monthly for them , which means that you don't have to suddenly find a large amount of money in one go, if it works out cheeper in the long run is debatable, the first service on my car is listed at £295, i paid £250, so negotiating is possible, i believe Gold members on this site get a discount so that may be worth considering, you could also ring other dealerships although they have supposed to all agreed to charge the same price for servicing.
  3. wendle

    What are the odds?

    mine is tucked up in bed this time of the year.
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    Another Stupid Question

    i believe the Ford patent for the heated front screen expired last year, not sure if this is something Ford could renew or even if they have done, so it will be interesting to see what the other manufactures now do
  5. i love the US forum, the things they talk about, i clicked on one heding the other day ..." were do you carry yours " turned out they were discussing were they carried there guns, with some interesting photos of mods they have made to accommodate there hand guns. so here we go , ill start a new discussion, " were do you carry yours? " Umbrella of course
  6. ill try some in my car and see if it goes any quicker, at the moment i get to work 2 mins before i have left home, ill report back if there is any change.lol
  7. as an X driving instructor for 21 years, i covered over 1 million miles, driving small 1ltr Austin metros, rover 100's and 1.2 ltr vauxhall corse's, each car covering around 160,ooo miles each before being replaced, now thees car did not belong to me, i paid a franchise every week, but the petrol money came out of my pocket, so of course i was only interested in buying the cheapest petrol around, which in my case was my local sainsbury's or asda, in all that time i never had any issue related to bad fuel, or engines clogging up. so i think its down to each person to decide, but according to every report and TV program i have seen or read the outcome was the same, it only really made any difference, and only a small one at that if you are tracking your car.
  8. wow that is certainly a bash, i am surprised it didn't crack the wheel, could have been a lot worse if your friend had not got out the way, at least he has taken responsibility for the cost of repairs, pity he didn't get the other cars number. idon't know much about tyres, i know some are directional, could you not put the undamaged ones on the front or rear, again not knowing much about tyres don't either the front's or rear's were out quicker anyway.
  9. As said above you may have to have a inspection or full service before you can take out the warranty, you have to understand there point of view, we would all like to wait until something goes wrong with our car's before taking out a warranty ( not applying you have something wrong with your car ). thats why i would expect most independent car warranties have to run a certain amount of time before you can make a claim, other than that you shouldn't have any problems getting a warranty from Lexus as long as your car falls into the right category, age millage ect.
  10. i don't know much about the IS-F has the RC-F got more gears to choose from, if so then perhaps this may cause more of a hesitation while the car decides what gear to pick, which could be a concern as the LC will have 10 gears.
  11. i think i have also read somewhere that the ECU can take up to a 1000 miles of driving before it learns how you drive, so if you for example brought my car of me and decided to fly around in it the ECU would probably have a fit.lol. i have also read in the US that people have been disconnected there battery for 10 min to re set the ECU, although i wouldn't suggest you do this yourself. i am also sure some were on the club Lexus site someone had taken a photo of the TSB in the US, ill see if i can find it,
  12. No I haven't said anything to the dealer, I have had my car since March 2015, and this has only realy noticed it twice, this is probably because 98% of my driving is urban, plus I drive it like a old granny. Lol. I only like it because of its looks and colour, in fact when I pre ordered it I didn't even know it was a 5ltr V8, it was only when I test drove it at the Ascari race track in Malaga I found out
  13. A few people in the US have had this problem and it's turned out to be the fuel pump, also some have had there ECU flashed,on the odd occasion I have felt the same thing, more so if your driving in eco or normall, I don't think your have the same issue in sport mode
  14. Hi Soperman and welcome to the club, no rattles hear so far, sometimes a slight creaking from the sunroof but a good clean normally sorts it out, no problems with the spoiler raising and retracting either, mind you i don't drive fast enough for it to rise,lol.
  15. Hi, Kieron99, remember if most of your millage is motorway driving then a Hybrid car may not be the car for you as the main advantage of a Hybrid car is the extra miles you do without the engine running which would increase your overall m.p.g, i have read that because the GS is a large and heavy car the m.p.g from the 300h for motorway driving is worse than the 450h, i had two 450h;s the MK3 and MK4 and on the motorway i was getting a good 46 m.p.g from the MK4 at a steady 70 mph.
  16. i have had both and you will notice the difference, the 4th get is a much more ridged ride and the boot is twice the size, also the 4th Gen is more economical.
  17. wendle

    Bluewater meet - 13th August

    1. Stu - Evora s 2. Pete - IS-F 3. Terry - ISF 4. Derrick - ISF 5. Mark - ISF 6. Neil - SC430 - sorry no F 7. Mike 8. Chris - RC-F - should make it but can only stay for a short time before having to leave for work
  18. hear you go, just a quick wash then a hose down with purified water and left to dry.
  19. this is hard work, but is the best i have ever used, it stays good for a long time and also makes the tyre easy to clean, take your time and your be very happy with the results.
  20. Or you could go the hole nine yards and get your car detailed and Gtechniq crystal serum professionally applied ( around £800 depending on the condition of your car, this would include a full detailing of the car ). It has a 7 year guarantee, although against what iam not to sure, I just have to take mine back to were I had it applied every year for them to inspect it. And that’s it no more treatment required for 7 years, and because of its very hard shell it will help to protect you soft paintwork.
  21. wendle

    ISF to GSF

    I drove the GS-F a couple of weeks ago, the seats are the same as the RC-F, and as the RC-F is based on the same front end as the GS-F the interior cabin space seamed the same, the main difference was the larger sat nav screen. I also felt that the ride was softer than the RC-F, however this may have just been the type of roads I was driving on, it’s a nice car but I don’t need 4 doors so the 10k price difference would not appeal to me, also in my opinion the styling is quite bland on the GS-F , this was quite noticeable when the two cars were parked next to each other.
  22. wendle

    Bluewater meet - 13th August

    i am working that day but won't know my hours until 3 days before,
  23. i have found that the rain sensitive wipers technology has improved over the years, years back i found that even on its most sensitive setting it did not clear the windscreen frequently enough for me, but the latest car works perfectly. perhaps try give the windscreen a really good clean, even claying it,