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  1. wendle

    Considering a used LC500

    The dealership's ceramic coating is not that good, they only use a basic coating which you can buy and do yourself. I have had this done on my last 3 cars and have been very happy with it, it is expensive your probably looking around £700 / £1000 mark depending on the amount of paint correction needed and coating used. http://www.theultimatefinish.co.uk/car-care-blog/new-car-protection/lexus-lc-500-v8/
  2. wendle

    Considering a used LC500

    I am pretty sure that Sonic red is not just a LC colour , Lexus have had this colour for a few years now on various models so I am quite sure they can match it otherwise they would not have mentioned a smart repair, they also no how us Lexus owners require perfection with our cars
  3. wendle

    Considering a used LC500

    if you pay for a membership on this site you should get 15% off your service's
  4. wendle

    New LC500 Sport+

    its like any new car when you first drive it, you fiddling with every thing while on the move, its all new to you, once you get to no were everything is its easy. I can honestly say i have touched my track pad while on the move no more than 5 times in 10 months, every thing i need is on the steering wheel or voice controlled, and as for the climate control as Malcolm has said "climate concierge" takes care of that.
  5. wendle

    Scuffed Alloys

    Nail varnish will do the job
  6. No the headrests do not move automatically with the seat settings, well they didn't on my MK4 450h f sport, iam sure they didn't on the MK 3 either
  7. wendle

    New LC500 Sport+

    Hi Jon, Not much to look out for, if you are buying new then i expect that the re call for the high pressure fuel pumps will have been done, if your looking at a pre owned then just make sure it has been done. very much doubt your get any discount on a new car, and iam not sure how long the wait will be for a new one, what i do no is that you are going to enjoy your 2 days
  8. A shopping trolly with a V8 strapped to the front of it.
  9. i have Bridestones
  10. I understand that run flats would cause a less comfortable ride BUT my LC with run flats drives a lot smother that my RC-Fwhich did not have run flats even if i put the LC into sports mode so it must be down to the suspension
  11. The LC is the first car i have had with run flat tyres and i admit to not making long out of the way journeys, but isn't the ideal of run flat tyres is that you can carry on driving on them even if you have a puncher, admittedly at a reduced speed, ok if you smash into the curb or large pot hole you could rip the side of the tyre which then of course you could not drive on it.
  12. Your Hybrid battery screen will never show the battery as fully charged or completely empty, so it will stop one bar short of full and one bar short of empty, this is to preserve the Hybrid battery's.
  13. wendle

    LC500 Owner Review

    I poped into the dealership the other day and was told that the are still working on a update for the sat nav system, the NX is having the same problem. the High pressure fuel pumps are now available in the UK so if you haven't already had it done you can have them replaced under the recall
  14. wendle

    LC500 Sat Nav

    yes your right there is not a lot in it, saying that even in sport mode its not that hard unless your on a rough road
  15. wendle

    LC500 Sat Nav

    Yes i sold the blue RC-F last September, the RC-F was a great car except for the ride comfort, i think if i had came from a IS-F i probably would not had noticed to much difference,but my previous cars have been, GS300, & GS450H, you may be thinking , well surly you would have noticed this when test driving the car, and your right i should have done but i was one of the fortunate ones who were taken out to the Ascari race track in malaga, which don't get me wrong was a brilliant 2 days but you don't find many speed humps or pot hole on a race track. As for the LC, its a completely different animal and although this car was in the pipe line when the RC-F was released nobody could give me any i dear on how much it was going to be, just looking at the poster they had of the LC ( concept ) on the dealership's wall it looked very expensive and with talk of it being produced in the same factory as the LFA and similarly based on the LFA fingers of £180K / £220K were being thrown around. The LC is very comfortable, and driving it in comfort mode i would say it drives very similar to my GS450h f sport, other than comfort my only other concern was it is lower to the ground than the RC-F, and i wasn't very elegant getting out of that, but as it happens due to the less side bolstering on the seats and the much lower sill it is easer to get in and out of than the RC-F. the only thing is that the doors are massive and really need to be fully open to be able to get in and out comfortably so parking can be a slight issue, other than that i am extremely happy with the LC and of course i have one of the most stunning looking cars on the road. ( not all would agree we all have our own opinions ).