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  1. I think Lack of marketing is the main reason, although they have seemed to have gone up a gear with the LC, I have seen many TV commercials and bill board posters with the LC, compared with absolutely nothing when i purchased my RC-F. I also don't think that Lexus as a company are to bothered with the UK / Europe sales they have enough problems keeping up with US demand.
  2. Are you sure this was at Lexus Sudbury? as I no the salesman on the right very well.
  3. wendle

    Software update - beware!

    Mine is is for its first service on the 2nd October, they didn't mention anything about a software update, although like Julian I have allready had the Sat Nav update done. as for m.p.g I have recently returned from a 320 mile trip to Great Yarmouth, it was all Motorway, duel carriage way driving with the car in eco for 90% of the journey and the cruse set to 70 with the odd blast or two, to get around slower moving lories, I achieved a very respectable 32.6 m.p.g. A different story around town 18 m.p.g were I only do very short journeys 5/6 miles The car has only done 1500 miles so this may improve in time, I have noticed with any new car I have had that m.p.g has improved as the millage exceeds 5000 miles.
  4. its the complexity of the layers of paint, it can be repaired, it just can't be a local repair, smart repair, you would have to have the hole panel done or possibly the complete side of the car depending on were the damage is.
  5. I don't think there is such a thing as a " Invisible repair", I have had many chips repaired on various colours but you can always see them mainly because you no they are there and look in that particular area to find it. the problem is that you won't no how it looks until you have it done, will it look better that the chip out of the paint?,
  6. They shouldn't have offered you that in the first place, it was a well known fact that Structural Blue can not be smart repaired. they have only just started to offer tyre and wheel insurance on the LC's 21" wheels as they were not sure how they could repair them, although i have seen a repair done on one of these wheels and it looked terrible.
  7. Great review, and I agree with everything you have said I have had 2 MK3 GS450h and a MK 4 and its certainly a car I would go back to if they still built them, and in a couple of years your tempted to change your 450h i guarantee your love the MK4 even more, better everything, including m.p.g
  8. bugatti veyron.....lol. spell check, it took me 10 attempts to get it to say " veyron "
  9. Its not a trap they have fallen into, over the years i have come to the conclusion not to take any notice of magazine or TV programs concerning car reviews, they either don't take the car on its own merit or the journalist / TV presenter's have there preferred manufacturer. Other than looks the RC & RC-F are two different cars, insurance, fuel and running costs for a start, then ride comfort the RC is a lot more comfortable. But silly me, as per usual the RC is not fast enough, its 0-60 is to slow and it doesn't go round corners on two wheels so buy a RC-F, in fact don't bother , buy a Baguette Veyron you can pick up a cheep one for a Mill.
  10. wendle

    Potential Buyer

    the Blue was definitely a limited colour for the limited addition LC. there was no other blue closet to it although the Azure Blue available on the RC-F is a close match as for the yellow limited addition i can't work out if its a new yellow or not, you my have to ask the dealership on that one, the interior has the yellow door insert and white/light grey seats. https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/lexuslc?source=feed_text
  11. wendle

    Potential Buyer

    I haven't herd anything about another limited addition LC only a convertible and the "F" the yellow LC available now is not my cup of tea colour wise, but must admit looks amazing in bright sunlight your unlikely to get any type of discount on the LC, other than buying a second hand / demo one. as for performance, i haven't driven a f type but i would think it would be a lot faster, if your set on performance then i would sagest the LC is not the car for you, its quick enough for me but the LC was not built for neck breaking performance, more of a GT cruiser
  12. wendle

    Considering a used LC500

    The dealership's ceramic coating is not that good, they only use a basic coating which you can buy and do yourself. I have had this done on my last 3 cars and have been very happy with it, it is expensive your probably looking around £700 / £1000 mark depending on the amount of paint correction needed and coating used. http://www.theultimatefinish.co.uk/car-care-blog/new-car-protection/lexus-lc-500-v8/
  13. wendle

    Considering a used LC500

    I am pretty sure that Sonic red is not just a LC colour , Lexus have had this colour for a few years now on various models so I am quite sure they can match it otherwise they would not have mentioned a smart repair, they also no how us Lexus owners require perfection with our cars
  14. wendle

    Considering a used LC500

    if you pay for a membership on this site you should get 15% off your service's
  15. wendle

    New LC500 Sport+

    its like any new car when you first drive it, you fiddling with every thing while on the move, its all new to you, once you get to no were everything is its easy. I can honestly say i have touched my track pad while on the move no more than 5 times in 10 months, every thing i need is on the steering wheel or voice controlled, and as for the climate control as Malcolm has said "climate concierge" takes care of that.
  16. wendle

    Scuffed Alloys

    Nail varnish will do the job
  17. No the headrests do not move automatically with the seat settings, well they didn't on my MK4 450h f sport, iam sure they didn't on the MK 3 either
  18. wendle

    New LC500 Sport+

    Hi Jon, Not much to look out for, if you are buying new then i expect that the re call for the high pressure fuel pumps will have been done, if your looking at a pre owned then just make sure it has been done. very much doubt your get any discount on a new car, and iam not sure how long the wait will be for a new one, what i do no is that you are going to enjoy your 2 days
  19. A shopping trolly with a V8 strapped to the front of it.
  20. i have Bridestones
  21. I understand that run flats would cause a less comfortable ride BUT my LC with run flats drives a lot smother that my RC-Fwhich did not have run flats even if i put the LC into sports mode so it must be down to the suspension
  22. The LC is the first car i have had with run flat tyres and i admit to not making long out of the way journeys, but isn't the ideal of run flat tyres is that you can carry on driving on them even if you have a puncher, admittedly at a reduced speed, ok if you smash into the curb or large pot hole you could rip the side of the tyre which then of course you could not drive on it.
  23. Your Hybrid battery screen will never show the battery as fully charged or completely empty, so it will stop one bar short of full and one bar short of empty, this is to preserve the Hybrid battery's.
  24. wendle

    LC500 Owner Review

    I poped into the dealership the other day and was told that the are still working on a update for the sat nav system, the NX is having the same problem. the High pressure fuel pumps are now available in the UK so if you haven't already had it done you can have them replaced under the recall