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  1. Great info from everyone which is appreciated I’m going to plan to view an RX450H later this week or the weekend. So if you are thinking of selling or know of a nice example, then please let he know. Jules
  2. Hi All, I’ll be planning to view a couple of cars this week, so if you are thinking of selling your RX450H or know of a nice example then let me know. cheers Jules
  3. Thanks Phil, was ideally only looking at cars up to around 2012, so this is likely to be way above budget.
  4. Not so good and therefore still a concern, so makes it understandable as to why potential buyers can avoid the air suspension. I’ll possibly plan to view a couple next weekend, so I’m looking forward to that.
  5. The positive though Barry, is that if you are planning on keeping the car for a while, then at least you have the reassurance the air struts are in a good place.
  6. Congrats. I’m on the lookout for a similar age RX450H, good to hear all went well with you and the purchasing process.
  7. Great post and reaffirms that some leather interiors just aren’t looked after. Yours does look good and that’s what I’d expect. Just got it into my head that Lexus may have switched to lower quality leather lol! Likewise I’ve had a couple of RX300’s in the past and went SE over the SE-L, just to avoid any potential additional expense should the air sus fail.
  8. Good info again and thanks. I appreciate leather can be bought back to a good standard, but the state of the leather in that pic could indicate poor care of the car in general, so would put me off. That’s partly why I was asking if different types of leather interior could be specified. I’ve requested to join the group, so will be good to get more info that way. Appreciate the heads up.
  9. This is from a 2010 SE-I, I know it’s a light colour, but it’s the passenger seat and it looks quite worn. Is this the norm or just a poorly looked after example. Think this car has circa 100k miles, so average for a 10-11 yr old car.
  10. The good thing is that a ML system won’t be a deal breaker
  11. Thanks for that. Agree reference powder coating diamond cut alloys, not a bad thing given how easily the diamond cut finish can deteriorate.
  12. Looking at cars from 2009-12, so SE-I, SE-L and Advance spec. The odd premier spec pops up in the age/price categories I’ve been looking at. Thanks for your input.
  13. Thanks Ken, info appreciated. Are there different specs of leather? The reason I ask is because on some of the lighter colour leather then the condition varies. I know on lighter leather it is more likely to show dirt and wear more, but were there options for different types? I know that on the 2012 model up the seat design / leather changed, was this for the better or no real difference?
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