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  1. Hello and welcome :) Ian
  2. Hi, and welcome. This is a cut and paste from an old post on here, worth having a look at :) Buying an IS200: What to look out for Author: Colin Barber This is a list of things to check when viewing an IS200. If you are unsure about checking these items it is recommended that you get an independent inspection carried out. Ball joints Perform full lock turns and try to drive over speed bumps and listen out of a knocking noise or loose steering feel. Water pump Look at the front of the engine for signs of any red fluid. The engine coolant is red and is easy to spot if the water pump is leaking. Alloy wheels 17 wheels on the SE and Sport are prone to corrosion. If the car is within the 3 year manufacturers warranty they can be replaced. Otherwise except to pay £40-50 per wheel for refurbishment or look on eBay as there as many sets of IS wheels now appearing there. Stone chips Take a good look at the bonnet and front bumper as stone chips are common. Stereo Try to insert a few CDs into the changer and play tracks for different discs. Any problems with the mechanism will result in ERR3 being displayed. Lexus have extended the warranty on the stereo due to this common fault. This is only a common problem for early style stereos which have the CD slot at the bottom of the unit. A newer model with the CD slot at the top started to be fitted to the IS during the year 2000. Ignition lock Insert the key into the ignition, turn on, turn off and remove the key. Repeat this a few times. Any sticking may indicate a problem with the ignition barrel (Note that the key needs to be pushed in when turning from ACC to OFF). Cost is around £80 for a new barrel. Folding mirrors Open and close the mirrors a few times. If a mirror sticks it is normally nothing more than dirt which can be cleaned with soapy water and a quick squirt of WD-40. Gearbox The 6-speed gearbox fitted to the IS200 is not the most forgiving however some do seem to be worse than others. Check for poor change between 1-2 and 2-3 gears. Clutch Check for judder when pulling away and when changes between 1st and 2nd gears. Tyre wear Front tyre wear occurs on the inside edge. Put the car on full lock so that the inside edge can be checked. Tyres cost around £90-120 each. Sat Nav screen If the vehicle is fitted with satellite navigation then open and close the screen a few times and check there is no colour loss/lines/missing sections on the screen. Any problems indicate a fault with the flexible screen cable. Sat Nav version If the vehicle is fitted with Satellite Navigation then check the CD version which is written on the disc. Anything under 3.x will not have full UK road coverage. To upgrade will cost around £100. A DVD based system will contain all road data but newer versions support enhanced features. To upgrade a DVD system will cost around £120. Updates are available from your Lexus dealer or online: http://www.lexus-mapupdates.eu/ Master Keys - The vehicle should come with two master keys and one sub key (valet). You need a master key to have additional keys programmed, without such a key the engine ECU has to be replaced to obtain a new key and will cost around £800. Do not purchase a car without a master key and if it only has one master key then obtain another one ASAP which will cost around £100. To determine if a key is a master or not insert it into the ignition, the security light should be off. If you insert a sub key the security light will illuminate for 1 or 2 seconds before going out. Master keys will also normally have three buttons and be able to lock the boot and glovebox. Sub keys only have two buttons, missing the remote boot release Hope you get one soon they are a fantastic car to own. Ian
  3. cheers for the advice guys, it seems to have not happened again since that day so i can only assume or hope it was a one off and hope it doesnt happen again. But yeah i will monitor it and if it does happen again will get it looked at. I have read about the mass flywheel and it does seem to be a common fault that can develop but i would of thought my service by lexus only a few weeks back would of picked it up. Still we'll see what happens. Thanks again :)
  4. Hey, yeah its manual and deffo feels 100% from the front. I am getting 4 new Michelins on monday and hope its just the tyres. If it was anything bad Lexus would of picked it up in its service...right?
  5. Ok so when i pull away and turn the wheel i am getting a juddering which is quite severe. This has only started this morning and again just now when i popped to the shops. It seems to be when the engine is cold/cool and it concerns me. It had a service from Lexus only about 3 weeks ago and if there is a problem will it be fixed for free due to this service, or? To note the front tyres need replacing, front passenger is 1.6mm and the front drivers is 2mm and it does seem to be worse pulling away and turning left. Could this be the tyres or something more sinister? All suggestions welcomed. Cheers guys, Ian.
  6. Welcome to LOC, Hope to see some pictures of your new car soon :) Also you will find it hard not find anything you are looking for on this site, it covers everything from detailing to servicing your own car and then some :)
  7. I've been away for a while, thats my excuse for not saying welcome to LOC...So welcome to LOC :)
  8. looking good m8. agree with the 'L' badge for the wheel, done it myself and just seems to belong there :) needs a very, very carefull light and even sanding around the sides to make it fit perfectly though
  9. If i can get let off father duties i will be there, but gonna have to be night before decision and pay for ticket at gate :)
  10. Welcome to LOC :) plenty of advice available here from standard factory new to custom twin turbos and superchargers, so a wide range of posibilities. My personal preference is an IS200 Sport, as i do not like Automatic cars and thus didn't fancy an IS300 as only available in automatic and not to keen on the new look IS's. But really cant go wrong with older models if you fancy that path, built to last forever imo :) Ian
  11. thx for the welcome glad to see some one talks on here lol.will be modding me car soon some nice 17in or 18in alloys to go on open air kit etc etc only had the car 3 weeks stalled it a few time and over or underreving it at mo. had a honda prelude gen 5 before ...

  12. Hi there, welcome to LOC. Not to sure on the meets, i'm quite new myself here and not read of any as of yet. Ian
  13. Wow that one's massive then, looks like the airbox one is the only way then :) I feel slightly better now lol
  14. lol something that appears so simple :) Cheers for the run through and heads up. I will have a bash at it but i can see this going horribly wrong and my next thread will be "Where can i get new boot trim for my IS" haha
  15. Hi all, just as the title says. Does anyone have a how to guide with pics on how to do this. I understand this may appear a simple job but i would like to know how :) Cheers guys.