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  1. ive foned a few valleters but carn find 1 that will take seats out and steam it(recemendation)so i will have to do it myself and as its goin to be a half a day job,if ive had the time i havnt had the weather vice versa,an by the way MATE
  2. hi dave ur rite to be a little wary some ov these body specialists or so called specialists have just not got any finese,i have just had the stone chips done on my bonnet an resprayed and not very happy at all as it seems all cloudy in different lights so i will be telling him to sort it out on monday,as to ur question dave carnt rec any 1 but be very carefull who u use.lee
  3. nice 1 tom, after a proper hid kit next instead of just the replacement bulbs,bit wary of them kits though soon as i c any wires to connect i loose interest, i should b ok hopefully as ive heard there not that complicated.i will av a go ov them buttons tomoro,thanks lee
  4. totally buzzin just received my s/steel gear knob and screwed it on also the calipers hammerited an the lex decals added,heres a few pics c wat u guys think
  5. okay guys n gals the leather is real in the IS had the back seat up an it was suede underneath what i thought was a synthetic so feel alot better about the seats no, sorry 4 doubting all u guys(lex members come up trumps again)weathers ok today(saturday)so going to halfords to see wat leather cleaner they have got,ourderless if poss,her in doors has already bin on me case about any cleaning product smells haha
  6. hi ian ur car look s great mate feel sorry i never bought it now,where did u buy it from?as i went to a garage in liverpool to look at it but decided he wanted a bit much and wasnt giving me what i wanted for my IS 51 plate so ended up with this 1,ther great the old shape is though mate arnt they?just hope i can keep hold of my 1,by the way i have just de rusted my calipers an hamerited them red also put the lex decals on them of ebay only trouble is i got the rear pads done the other day and they have scraped the calipers,to heavy handed some of them mechanics so get ur decals on mate u will be made up
  7. thanx 4 the advice mate,guna try everything i can before i let this 1 go,i know an air con eng al ask him to av a look,nice 1 Hows the valet smell coming along, did you manage to get rid of it? Sure hope so, be a shame to lose your IS. Ian hi ian,havnt got rid of the smell yet mate i sprayed all the roof lining with febreeze and all the carpets but to no avail,hed a ac eng claen the system out but theres a smell coming from that now the ac eng said it will go after a few days,it probably would if i was using it but i use it mostly on w/ends as i am in the van through the week,i feel sorry i got rid of the 51 plate now.i have got 1 more trick up my sleve for the w/end i am going to drain all the fluids out of it and replace with clean 1s,eh mate you have made a crackin job of ur car just been lookin,al let ya know how the odours are gettin on after the week end.
  8. alrite bazza,i can tell that the h/brake cover is genuine leather also the gear stick cover is gen,but as for the seats not so confident,the beemas an audis just seem alot softer and more gen to the touch although they are probebly the nappa leather.
  9. can anyone tell me if the leather is real as it doesnt fell real to me,i have looked at the back ov the drivers seat in the book storer and it just lookslike synthetic to me,not happy its not very soft either its full leather aswell.thanks
  10. doogsboy


  11. thanx 4 the advice mate,guna try everything i can before i let this 1 go,i know an air con eng al ask him to av a look,nice 1
  12. thanks stevie mate that was just wat one ov the lads said they might ov used ie silicone but not sure as the last owner had it done,its a really nice fresh smell aswell but if i cant get rid ov it its up 4 sale (gutted)
  13. thanx 4 the advice mate,wats a truck wash and how much do they cost?cheers lee
  14. allrite mate you nearly lost this one,haha as i was sitting in it a couple of weeks ago in georgesons with a view to buy but he wanted 6500 at the time so thought it was a bit steep,ive ended up with a 54 plate grey one with matching wheels 67000.great cars arnt they,thats a nice 1 that 1 you bought though the wheels on yours are gleaming,happy motoring
  15. can any 1 help me!!!.here goes,i have just bought a 54 plate is 200 granite sky with matching wheels absolutly buzzing with it the only problem is the car was valleted a few weeeks ago and there is a strawberry smell inside,i have been told that the valleters use like a silicone based cleaner that they spray over it that leaves this smell,nice fresh smell for anyone who does not suffer from ashma which my wife does and the smell goes straight onto her chest and finds it hard to breath,i have washed the inside acouple ov times with warm soapy water to no avail also had a few neutradol air fresheners to try and fight the strawberry smell but that hasnt worked either so if cant get rid ov this smell its gota go (gutted)i had a 51 plate before this and that was no problem at all so if any one has any ideas they will be very appreciated nice 1.