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  1. Hi guys, I have a few goodies for sale. All high quality and very expensive performance enhancement parts. Cheers G.
  2. Hi guys, I have a few goodies for sale. All high quality and very expensive performance enhancement parts. Cheers G.
  3. Alvi its just a thought, I want more power so that I can make the car more fun to drive. Do you have any ideas or recommendations? If I don't reach the 230-240 hp mark within the next 6 months I will put it up for sale and get a 635d.
  4. What do you think of this electronic boost controller then? Video for installation And link of the website. This device seems to be very popular in the vag tdi world and also seems to work with vg turbos. I have contacted the company that makes them asking them to confirm if we can fit it to the 2.2 d4d turbo but haven't heard back. This device also seems to help with the lag as the boost comes faster so if it works it would help a lot our laggy motors... We could even organise a group buy if people are interested. Cheers George
  5. I want to get more power from my motor a have been searching around what is the best way to go about it. I see that is very common in the vag forum the swap to a bigger turbo. E.g. In a 140 tdi motor to fit a 170 horse turbo. Based on that I'm looking at the 3.0 d4d hilux turbos but they seem to be producing less power than the 2.2 motor. They produce 170 bhp. So I guess we need to look at 4.5 v8 d4d turbos that produce 203 horses I think. For now this is only a thought, so haven't check fitment or anything else. Any thoughts or feedback would be highly appreciated. Cheers George
  6. go to their webshop and select the American cars section. Very good quality visors, fitted without any short of dodgy 3m tape but it goes inside of the door frame.
  7. Top quality boxes that control both fuel pressure and turbo boost.
  8. No I don't have any at the moment. If you are planning to do both dpf and back box my advice to you would be to do the dpf first. With the dpf off there is an increase in the exhaust sound but with both replaced it is pretty loud.
  9. Straight fit, just the back box. The rest parts of the exhaust system are completely different. Forgot to say, the 220d has no cat. The double barrels are empty.
  10. Straight fit, just the back box. The rest parts of the exhaust system are completely different.
  11. There Are more aftermarket exhaust options for the Is200 than for the 220d. I have now fitted an IS200 trd backbox and the engines runs better. I will record it when I'm back home and upload it on YouTube.
  12. I have a speed buster tuning box installed as well and this has messed up my mpg readings. I don't care much about mpg but I want power....
  13. I'm also looking to replace my shocks as after fitting lower springs and with the mileage at 128k miles they are well gone. Check the description in the link below. I think these bilstein will fit as well
  14. At last an interesting thread.... I will install the DPF emulator over Christmas, I waited until I pass the NCT here in Ireland. That was done last Saturday and the car passed with not a single issue. Another good mod is the sprint booster, I have one installed for almost a year and it helps alot with the turbo lag until the engine reaches the 1800-1900 rpm. For the people that don't want to do a dual exhaust conversion I have test fitted a backbox from the old 2 litre petrol IS200 and it fits the IS220d like a glove. I'm planning to buy one of e-bay or a scrapyard and remove its guts and then fit it on the car. I believe that a high flow exhaust system will help the turbo spool faster to some degree.
  15. Hello Steve, Thanks for the information. how much costs the gold membership? Rgds G.
  16. Hello admins and members, Is it possible to post an ad on this forum for an item/s I want to sell? I will be selling my car in the next 2 - 3 months and I have some things I would like to get rid off. Thanks and Regards G.
  17. ECU? I'm waiting to receive an aftermarket ecu that plugs in parallel to the car's ecu. I think that the car's ECU is located behind the glove box but after removing the three screws located on the front of the glove box compartment the unit won't still come out. Has anybody removed the glovebox? Am'I right thinking that the ECU is behind the glovebox compartment? I would appreciate any help with that. Thanks G.
  18. Based on wikipedia the following cars are fitted with the 2AD-FHV engine but will the DPF unit be of the same design if it is fitted on a front wheel drive car compared to a RWD? 2005–present Lexus IS 220d (177 bhp) 2005–present (Toyota Avensis D-4D T180 or D-CAT) 2006–present Toyota RAV4 D-CAT 2007–present Toyota Auris 2.2 D-CAT (177 bhp Any thoughts of feedback will be highly appreciated.
  19. What other Toyota models are fitted with the same DPF unit we have in the 220d? I think the 2.2 RAV4 has the same DPF unit but from what year onwards? Thanks G.
  20. Here are mine atari boy.
  21. Passing from the garage today to check how is the clutch change going, the middle section of the exhaust was taken apart. I asked the mechanic if a decat system would be possible and he said you have no cats in the middle section.... He had the middle section out of the car and when we dropped water from one side to the other the water passed through with no delay. Even when you knock the barrels they sound as if they were empty compared to a normal cat where the tone will be deeper. What we concluded is that a part of the DPF is also a catalytic converter. If the DPF is removed will the car pass the MOT/NCT check since it will left with no cat at all? Second question, why did Lexus put a fake double cat at this section of the exhaust?
  22. Today I received the new clutch kit and bearing, below are the part numbers if somebody needs them. After two months of having the TMC Motorsport tuning box bringing the power to 212 horses the clutch has gone, a proof that the kit really works :D. So I do recommend the box but if your clutch is in bad shape and you don't want to be replacing it soon then you should better avoid it. I can't wait to drive the car with the new clutch fitted and all the power been transfered to the wheels and not been lost in heat due to a slipping clutch.
  23. Yep, 500GBP is for a SMF conversion.
  24. The diameter of the exhaust seems to be 2.5'. I have been in communication with a performance exhaust fitter and he can manufacture a direct replacement of the middle section without cats or with high flow cats. He can do a straight bolt off - bolt on replacement which can be removed easily when the car needs to pass the MOT/NCT. Is there anybody close the location of these exhaust workshops as they would like to measure it and bend the pipe same as the original one? I haven't yet get a quote on how much would that cost but if there was much interest the price would be low, I believe less that 100 quid. Removing the cats or having high flow cats will result in a power increase around to 8 bph. Cheers G.
  25. Hi chuckie, The flywheel from BuyPartsBy comes to 767.76GBP without delivery. I was given a quote of 500 GBP for a clutch kit, bearing and SM flywheel by Techniclutch but after searching for opinions about their service and quality of their parts in google I changed my mind and bought an original Toyota clutch and bearing without the flywheel. The mechanic listened to the car while switching on and off and he said that I might be lucky and don't need one but he wasn't sure until he takes it appart. I was told by one of the guys at Techniclutch that the RAV4 or Avensis 2.2 d-cat flywheels won't fit the 220d but I'm not sure I can believe them after reading all this stuff about them online. Anyway we will see on Saturday when the mechanic is going to take it appart.