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  1. Fantastic - good thought. The dealer guys have agreed to come to my house (30 mins drive for them) so I can take them to places where I know it happens - I'm impressed with their dedication! Will feed that thought in and report back ...
  2. Thanks for your reply Colin. It's definitely not reason 1, but reason 2 is intriguing, i.e. it might be to do with temperature somehow? However, as per my original post, the most obvious manifestation was on an alpine mountain road, and in the ski season, so over-heating very unlikely. Gives me something to prompt the dealer with though, as they came back with "seems fine to us" last week which was frustrating.
  3. The car has gone back to the dealer on this again today - let's see what they say.
  4. Many thanks for the replies - very useful to know that non-original disks do not allow the firmware upgrade, as that's a big want for me - I never quite get round to setting the satnav before setting off! Will go for the official upgrade. Nick.
  5. Is nobody else experiencing this kind of behaviour? Feels like potential recall territory to me, as there are no error codes being generated, but braking effectiveness is definitely affected. Nick.
  6. Hi, I have a 2007 RX400h, and am considering buying a satnav DVD upgrade to update the maps and allow the system to be used while moving. I have found a couple of sources: GBP 40 EURO 160 Which makes me think that the first one is dodgy! Has anyone used them and able to provide feedback? Nick.
  7. Hi all, I'd really like some views on how my RX400h is behaving, if possible. I've been driving it for about 9 months now, so have tuned in to the way the hybrid drive works, and what it is supposed to do when. However, I think there is an issue with the regenerative braking. To me, it seems that normal behaviour is that when performing ordinary braking manoeuvres, the electric motors are engaged in "generator mode" to help slow the car down and harvest the kinetic energy - the power meter dips into the blue section to show that this is happening. On my car, this mostly works, but also frequently seems to "drop out" during a braking manoeuvre - especially then travelling down hill. I can feel the braking effectiveness suddenly reduce (it feels almost like the car has hit a patch of black ice), and the power meter rises back up to the zero position. I mentioned this to my dealer when the car was serviced a couple of weeks ago, and they checked for fault codes (none), and "reset the hybrid drive", whatever that might mean. It did seem to resolve the problem for about a week, but now it is back to its old ways. As an illustration, we took the car to the Alps a couple of months back, and on a daily basis we drove down hill at the end of the day back to our apartment - hundreds of metres of descent probably taking 10 mins. There seemed to be little regenerative braking after an initial period, and we never got the energy bars all lit up, all week. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any advice? The car is still in warranty for about 3 months, so I'd really like to get it sorted if there is a problem to be resolved. Any advice on what to say to the dealer? Thanks in advance ... Nick.