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  1. After a few replies regarding my clutch/gearbox whine a few people have said it is more likely to be the gearbox input shaft bearing,i was thinking about changing the release and input shaft bearing at the same time can it be done or is it a specialist job? Thanks
  2. Hi thanks for that i have sent a PM to you. Trying to get my head round how it works! So if the clutch pedal isnt pressed the bearing spins and once the pedal is pressed the bearing stops turning as it is pushing against the preasure plate and it is still spinning once you select a gear and release the clutch pedal whilst driving Alos what other parts will i need? exhaust gasket etc? how long will it take to do? Thanks for all the help i dont want to go into it half cocked. Thanks
  3. Hello all,i wonder if you could give me some info please. As a previous post about my clutch When the car is in neutral with my foot of the clutch the release bearing sounds very dry and whines,when i put the clutch peddal to the floor it stops and all is quiet and ok.goes in gear ok and no other issues with the clutch etc. I am going to buy a release bearing on its own and replace it,any idea where is the best place to buy one and at what cost? Secondly do i have to take the clutch and preasure plate off to change it or is it attatched to the actuator fork in which case the clutch plate etc doesnt need to be touched. Thanks
  4. 1.8 ltrs as i have just found out
  5. Hello How much oil does the gearbox hold,i beleive it is GL3 or 4 75-90 i think but cannot find the quantity i need to buy. Also is it possible to do with a 1 ltr squeeze bottle with the tube on it to refill Thanks
  6. Its a 2004 54 plate car so the book should be right by then shouldnt it?
  7. How come in my official Lexus IS200 service book it says a cambelt change is due at 100000 miles not 60000 Thanks
  8. Thanks very much for that,just what i wanted
  9. Thanks for that,that has cleared that up for me
  10. Yep this has the armrest and the dash box cover etc,the only thing it doesnt seam to have is the self leveling headlights,don't know if they are HID or not.
  11. Hi there I have decided to pull the gearbox out of the IS and fit a new release bearinbg on the clutch,does anybody know were i can get the section from re changing it etc out of a manual. I have fitted clutches etc to other cars before but always find it best to have a quick read to be sure there is nothing to be carefull of. Also i will do the gearbox oil change whilst it is out so what oil and amount do i need thanks
  12. How do you tell if the car is the Limited Edition model? Mine is a 54 plate in Steel silver Full leather cream interior with electric seats,Silver inlays on the doors and dash etc,Headlamp washers,17 in multi spoke Lexus alloys in Graphite colour,Rear parking sencors. I have seen others advertised with the same spec minus the rear parking sencors and they are Limited editions. Thanks
  13. I have just had 4 new Potenzas put on the Lexus and it sounds like an Army truck going down the road! I had them on a Scooby STI and they were fine but not on the Lexus,so bad i though there was something wrong with the car
  14. I put £20 worth of BP standard fuel in today at 116.9 ltr and got 136.4 miles without trying really,the only thing i notice that i hate about the IS200 is if you show it a hill they are as flat as a kipper and hard work to drive unless you boot them to the top of the rev range. Last time i had to change down 3 gears on a hill to overtake a truck from 40mph it was in a 1.8 petrol Freelander. I would hate to think i lived in the Moors somewhere
  15. To be honest guy's i can get 32mpg all day long and i have had 38-40 on a trip from Leeds to Manchester on the M62. Try doing this and see the diffrence,when cruising on a motorway or open road get to the desired speed and look at your mpg gauge on the dash,now back off the loud peddal a little bit and you will see the mpg gauge move considerably and you will still maintain the speed you were at. I have just been camping in the North Yorkshire moors with 2 adults 2 kids and the boot rammed full of gear,to be honest the IS is shocking at climbing hills without booting it and changing gear alot and i still got 28-30mpg all the time.