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  1. GROM is definitely the way to go, direct digital connection wins for quality every time.
  3. I made the mistake of saying I was in urgent need of one, so they obviously thought they would try to take advantage. Jog on!
  4. Panic over (I think), I have FINALLY managed to find a guy on eBay willing to sell me the lid without paying £50 for a whole centre console! Should be here Saturday morning hopefully!
  5. They have one...but they want £30 +VAT and delivery just for the cover!
  6. Yer they do have an IS200/Altezza engine in stock at the moment, so fingers crossed.
  7. Just sent them an email, although they appear to be mainly engines and engine spares so they might not have the interiors still. Although if they do have the interior it might mean they are willing to sell me the cover without the whole flipping centre console.
  8. I've found a buyer for my IS200, but he wants to collect it this weekend! So I really need to find a arm rest cover ASAP. My question is, is there anyone on here with an IS200 that would be willing to just give me their cover to sell with the car. And then I will locate another one to give you back as soon as one becomes available? I'd be willing to pay a small deposit until I returned the item, and would cover postage fees. But I really need it posted out today or early tomorrow at the latest!
  9. Right guys I've got the radiator cap now thanks to liammantony and IanS200, still need the arm rest cover as the car will be going within a week if all goes to plan!
  10. I've always thought of them as a BMW thing too, but we can't let them keep them forever because they look too good! lol
  11. If you were going to go for aftermarket lights I'd think this style is much more suited to the IS...
  12. No way I'd pay £10K for a car which is for sale by a guy who makes his money selling fake dump valves on eBay...
  13. 45W for reversing lights is WAY over the top, but he quoted 25W which will be more than bright enough. Xenon and HID are the same thing I think, Xenon is the name of the gas inside an HID bulb. Some filament bulbs advertise themselves as being Xenon, but infact they only have something like 13% Xenon and the rest is still Halogen, but it makes them a tiny bit brighter/whiter, but they are still nowhere near as good as proper HIDs.
  14. Wattage is irrelevant when comparing LED or HID to filament bulbs. My 35W HIDs produce 3 x more light than a 55W filament bulb! And my 1W LED sidelights are much brighter than the 5W bulbs they replaced too. The only way to directly compare different technologies in bulbs is Lumens (actual measurement of light output, not power input) Best money I spent on replacement bulbs was the HID headlights and the LED reversing lights. The sidelights are just cosmetic really.
  15. LED headlights are a waste of time, they don't produce anywhere near enough light. If you want them brighter/whiter then HIDs are the only way to go. I've got LEDs on my reverse and side lights and they are much brighter though. But they are the only exterior bulbs I would consider replacing. I did try doing the brake lights too, but the bulb is mounted at an angle and LEDs are very directional so they were rubbish as well as they didn't light up the reflector properly. You don't need the CANBUS stuff for the sidelights or reverse lights though. I think the only bulbs on the car with a 'bulb out' indicator are the tail lights?
  16. This is aimed at anyone who is breaking an IS200, I need the stock flip up arm rest/cubby hole cover. And also the cap that goes on the radiator coolant header tank for the overflow (black cap with a 90* elbow on the top which should have a black rubber tube on it that goes down the side of the radiator) Could do with them fairly soon as I'm hoping to sell it within the next month.
  17. Apologies, I was thinking of 8N8 Here are the proper names for all Lexus IS200 colours...
  18. I'm pretty sure the correct name for that colour in the UK on an IS200 is Strathcaron Blue
  19. Standard strut brace would be about £50, yours is fairly hard to come by so probably £90-£100 if you can find a couple of people willing to bid on it.
  20. Lexus IS200 wheels did actually have a recall on them years ago. The work was carried out by a company in Milton Keynes called Pristine Alloys, who still do wheel refurbishment now. They have refurbed a set of 17" 5 spoke alloys (powder coat and diamond cut) and also a set of 18" aero wheels (powder coat with satin lacquer) and are fantastic. If it's 17" wheels you want done, Pristine Alloys actually hold them in stock ready so you can drive in, give them your wheels, and they put on a brand new set and swap the tyres over. Saves being without the car while they do yours.
  21. One thing I will say before you get too carried away, you won't be able to put 8.5 inch rims on the front without rolling/stretching the arches, running stretched tyres and probably using spacers too. There's a suspension arm in there that means you have very little clearance on the front, so you have to space them out. Which means you have to get the arches done so they don't stick out. The best setup from what I've seen is to have 8" on the front and 9" on the back. That gives you a nice flush setup that doesn't stick out and doesn't need body modifications either.
  22. You need 4 bits of information to know if you can do that. 1. Current wheel width: Aeros are 7.5 2. New wheel width: Grid Drifts are 8.5 I think? 3. Tyre width: Should be 225 if they are correctly sized for Aero wheels. You could safely put 225 tyres onto an 8 inch rim, but they would be a bit narrow for 8.5" rims. They would still physically fit, but you get what's called 'stretch' where the sidewalls are at an angle which stiffens the tyre and makes them less grippy.
  23. PCD is the same as any IS200 wheel, 114.3 x 5 Width is 7.5J And the offset is 45 or 50, I can't remember.
  24. What you have to remember is that polish is an abrasive compound made for removing swirl marks, and actually takes off the surface layer of paint. If you polish your car every time you wash it eventually you will have no paint left. What you need to do is polish it properly the first time, then get a couple of good layers of wax on there to protect it. Then every time you wash it, re apply the wax. That way you should only have to polish your car once or twice a year, and it will make cleaning much easier as dirt doesn't stick to wax very well.
  25. That sounds to me like it has been renewed online by the owner, who just hasn't been to the car to physically apply a new tax disc. Equally if the car was listed as SORN, that is something the owner would have done too as it doesn't happen automatically if the tax runs out, if it was just left to expire, it would just say 'expired' or words to that effect.
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