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  1. Happy Birthday ikgs300!

  2. I'd suggest Terracleaning the engine. Then driving hard for a long run. Worked for my friend. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  3. My inlet line on the oil cooler has corroded and needs replacing. This part is now discontinued and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I can get round this. Can it be replaced with rubber hose, cutting the affected section out and sliding hose on and securing it with clips? If so does anyone now what size /type of hose I'd need. Many thanks for any advice.
  4. Mk1 has two gas struts on bonnet. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  5. I found a local garage who is doing my replacement wing mirror (used) & doing front bumper for £150. Hope thats some help !
  6. I have a '95 GS300, and have the same issue, of only having 1 key. Lexus Exeter say there is a transponder and want to charge silly money to programme any new key. Although I have had another locksmith look at it, and test it with a transponder detector and he says there is no transponder. Have also checked the American site, where they say the transponders weren't fitted until '96. Have hunted high and low to find a replacement key with 1 button, to no avail. Let me know if you find one. Please note the keys were made in 2 different lengths. You will discover that causes a problem.
  7. Thanks for the advice. Have ordered arb bushes and drop links. Car goes in for for MOT at the beginning of Sept so will change them just before. Will let you know how it goes..
  8. thanks woodyk, have had the shocks looked at, they are fine, no leaks and the car is solid. But I like your idea about the drop links. Will have a look at them in the next few days. Again thanks for your suggestions.
  9. Sounds like something computer based. Personally, I'd find a local independent garage, near by, that can read the fault codes, and go from there.
  10. Still got the noise. driving me MAD !!!! LOL
  11. 1995 GS300 Ive developed a knock on the front off-side. Happens with bumps and pot holes and can be felt on the steering wheel. I thought ball joints, so had these checked and all ok. My friends garage spent the whole afternoon checking for play / wear in ball joints,all control arms and bushes inc roll bar. Over the last year replaced quite a few of the bushes as well. Could find no problem. Got another garage to look, couldn't identify it but made lots of suggestions. But when asked to show me the prob they admitted couldn't find it. Then tried dealer, same thing. Car flew through MOT. I even advised them of the knock and they couldn't find any play/wear in any MOT components. In case anyone thinks I have finally lost the last few marbles I had, everyone who's checked car heard the knock on road test. So its not just me.LOL Has anyone got any ideas on what to look at next. Thanks guys and girls.
  12. Tigerfish is right, Its worth checking the sunroof drain pipe. That was my problem with water in the boot. It runs down behind the drivers side lining panel of the boot, where the CD etc is, Mine had detached from the drain hole, by rear wheel. Just needed pushing back through the hole and problem sorted.
  13. my apologies . Looking at the wrong bookmark on the laptop. it was "hubcap haven" that we got the centre caps from. Demongraphics did the badging i used for another project. I really am so sorry for my mistake. I definitely should not have drunk so much at my mates 50th. Again sorry every one. Oh, by the way, it cost around £25 each inc.