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  1. well there me be no haynes book.. but here is a link to download full workshop pdf file book. for the is lexus all for a tenner...!!!!! heres the link
  2. no problem glad to help m8.... it would be nice if all members on here organised more meets. and talked to each other more seems a very cold owners club. (website)--- my m8 is a member of a website called ludebehavior for honda prelude owners they talk more and help each other all the time. and now they have a new calender with there own cars on it for every member to buy a copy. what a cool idea.!! what about this site organiseing stuff like this that would be cool. glad i have at least help,t another owner out ..
  3. well it is finaly sorted. took car to my local lexus dealer found out this noise that everyone thinks is the pins has nothing to do with this . turns out that most owners who get this noise think it comes from the front of the car . in fact the problem was from the rear brakeing system. 1 back disk warpt and the other slightley warp,t causeing the banging noise though out the car and the slight odd feeling in the brakes. turns out lots of is 200 owners overlook the back brakes thinking they work less hard than the front. thinking that they are ok. but if the rear pads get low you may not hear them so much as at the front of the car. hence they seem to get warp, always remember to take a look at the rears as the problem that a lot of u on hear. are getting maybe at the rear of your car not at the front. and olso there are no slide pins on the rear calipers of the lexus is 200.--- anyhow the service was top noch at lexus plymouth they found the fault in an half hour.!!!! the other garages i took my car too dident have any idea. and i wasted nearly 4 weeks trying to find the problem and £400 quid . the only thing that did need doing at the front was 1 caliper.the service was so good at lexus. i got free tea and drinks they gave my car a free full inspection too. and olso wait for it they even jet washed the whole car after the work was done. total cost with labour and all new genuine lexus parts was only £365 pounds. the guy at lexus olso said you may have had all this trouble with the car as it has been stood up for long periods of time. (as my car only has 46k) . hope this helps some owners on this site. and thx again to all at lexus plymouth..5 star service..!!!!!
  4. changed these slider pins like everyone said inc lexus.!!! and still the dam car is makeing this bloody noise have got it booked in for them too look at now. at £58 quid for an half hour look. totaly amazed how rubbishley made these car brakeing systems are. if this does not find or sort the problem. i will have no choice other than to get shot of it what a joke a car with full lex his. plus only 46k on the clock. this will be the last ever toyota or lexus product i will ever buy. i mean for gods sake what are they thinking when they design these cars brakes?..i can now belive the horror stories on the radio earlyer this year about toyota lexus brakes.i had a 1987 ford escort diesel with 158k on the clock no problems with the brakes. although the front caliper when,t at 148k not bad seeing as the car was made in 1987 and my lexus needed one at 45k and is an 03 plate.hope i can sort this out soon. as it is like thowing money down a bottomless pit...
  5. i have gone to my lexus dealer today just for a chat and they said it sounds like the slider pins so i ordered all 4 plus the rubber boots. and the nice guy at my local lexus dealer gave me a free tube of the correct grease to use a silver oxide type. tube was even in jap writeing. i have seen tigerfishes post with the picture guide to change these pins. and it look,t like the rong grease he used!!! it is pink. not gray and is not copperease either. if this does not sort the problem i will take it back to my local lexus dealer. to have all the ecu codes reprogramed to do with the brakeing system at a cost £60 quid. plus labour not sure how much but i think it is £100 pounds an hour.not keen on lexus brakes though if i have to replace these pins at only 46k in my car....(i mean what are they made out of cream cheese).
  6. hi all i have a is200 sportcross 03 that only has 46k on it.the other day i was out driveing. and now and again would get loads of thumping noise from the front brakes. so i took the car to my local garage. they took it out for a drive and said there was nothing rong with the brakeing system. and that it might be my abs . so i took the car to my local auto electic guy he olso took the car out. but he said there is nothing rong with abs as the light in the car goes out right away. so off i went. took the car for a 50 mile drive on the local motorway had to hit brakes hard. and then a massive bang bang from the front brakes again. had to pull off motorway and there was loads of smoke pouring from the drivers front caliper.. so i thought i had found the problem got a new caliper fitted.this helpt a bit but still the banging noise not all the time but on different sorts of brakeing. so i looked at the front disks the drivers front felt warped so i got both changed today. but still the dam noise is there.olso the car pulls up fine when going down hills is very odd can not work it out. maybe the pads need to bed in as he did not change these as he said they were fairly new. dam car is driveing me mad. any help would be welcomed thanks all...
  7. what the hell is going on on this website stupid thing lost my password had to get a new 1 sux. !!!!!!
  8. sry but i did not need to get any key cut as all i need was the back part of the key shell.!!!!lol
  9. £5.00 from lexus lol >>>!!! i tryed to get a back part for my key from the one in plymouth just a piece of plastic. o. no!!! they said we dont make those anymore. (03 lexus is). you will have to buy a whole new key from us £59 plus vat. and half an hours labour to re,program the car another £45 quid plus vat. wish i could earn that in a half an hour lmao. jump,t on flea bay 3 guys selling them for £10 the whole blank key back plastic plus front and the key blade it self ordered on fri got sat morning. £159 no thankyou. £10 quid will do me.!!!!!
  10. welcome to the club m8 by the way they did make an is, 300 that was 3 litre
  11. sry forgot--- all they need is your reg no too if you cant think of your paint code
  12. forget halfords they suck no lexus paint at all.!!!!!! olso not much for other makes. unless they are old like dimond white for a ford cortina lol. go to this site i did. top paint cheap price plus free clear top coat too all for £10 quid
  13. more and likely a C.H.A.V with a saxo(chavo) or clio moron (PAPA !) done this to your motor m8 as they do not like anyone haveing real car other than the soul-less, s..t they drive around in. by the way welcome to the club..
  14. no were thats were the south west of england is dead hole. unless you like crap cars like a saxo (chavo) or a crapy papas clio... try past bristol m8 there will be loads of guys up there i am sure.
  15. yes it does a bit i too like the mk1 sportcross better mind i would say that i have 1 lol...