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  1. How many more times do you have to have the rules spelt out to you? The rules are simple , clear and easy to understand. 1 - As far as I can remember I've never had to have the rules spelt out to me personally, and I object to being spoken to like a naughty schoolboy. 2 - Other longstanding and valued members, whose integrity is obvious, HAVE had to have it spelt out or at least reminded, which proves that however clear the rules are to you, Mike, they're not so clear to some other members. Instead of ticking them off, why not try to prevent confusion in the first place? The terms and conditions state quite clearly that anything that even hints at advertising should not be posted. Fair enough. But wouldn't it be helpful to have a pointer there to Gold Membership? That would direct people appropriately.
  2. Fair enough, rules are rules. But Mike, it's pretty obvious that some rules are unclear - to longstanding and valued members. Perhaps, instead of shouting at us in bold type, you could think about clarifying certain rules so that this issue doesn't actually arise again? That would be a tactful and constructive way of exercising your responsibility as moderator. If not, I think I've had it with this forum. It's not the friendly place it used to be.
  3. Nice one. I always liked the big Citroens but never owned one.
  4. It looks higher off the ground than normal, like a Citroen with the suspension raised.
  5. What a beauty. No wonder you're pleased.
  6. Congratulations. It shows that you have to be prepared to travel for a good 'un. We look forward to hearing about your experience of the car.
  7. I wouldn't be at all surprised if manufacturers mark up the price of a part for an expensive luxury car while selling something very similar for a cheaper car at a much lower price.
  8. Or, instead of abuse, it could just be that parts aren't made to the same quality that they were, and so wear out more quickly? We know that manufacturers can't afford to over-engineer cars like Lexus did with the 400.
  9. From Honest John a few years ago: Repair bills for a £60,000 car bought for £12,000 reflect the £60,000 rather than the £12,000. You can reduce the odds quite a bit by opting for a Lexus. Japanese 'quality' far exceeds anything out of Germany.
  10. It all seems negotiable these days, which suggests that insurers charge what they think they'll get away with rather than a 'genuine' price.
  11. £165 is very cheap - less than I pay on my classic car policy. But I only went with them because Saga became too expensive. I think you need to remember to ask for a new quote at each renewal - some insurers give lower prices to new customers than to existing ones.
  12. Yes, I agree with all of that. They took a big step forward with the interior, regardless of what they did (or shouldn't have done) to the mechanicals. It just feels like a more modern car, even though there's only three years between mine and Phil's.
  13. Thanks to Phil (The Acre), I had my first experience of an LS430 today. Very interesting and enjoyable it was, too. It felt similar on the move - not more refined, in my opinion, despite the bigger engine and air suspension - but the interior is much nicer: more spacious, modern and attractive. Getting back into the 400 afterwards felt like going back a long way in time, even though the driving experience is much the same. I can now understand why someone who's used to the 430 would find the 400 dated and a bit cramped inside. Thanks again Phil.
  14. That sounds very cheap for a near-full respray plus repairs to the wheel arch.