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  1. Hello guys. I come here very rarely in the last 2 years, but i see all people has all same problems we (me and Fonserg from Russia) solved together more then 2 years ago about EGR and FAP in this thread. So i reasumate this topic which is the DEFINITIVE and only one to fix finally problems about EGR and DPNR filter (or FAP as u would call it) in the IS220D. My car ran more then 60000 Km very fast and clean with EGR closed (closed means in the sense which is explained in this thread) and without prekat+FAP. Wish this thread will help. Just study it. Wish u enjoy your Lexus.
  2. Hello Sam. Happy my advices can help. About rear brakes upgrade i think it's not necessary, cause the stopping power is 80% from front brakes. If u consider i.e. that u change your rear pads very rarely..this demonstrates they don't partecipate so much in braking power. As rear pads i use Ferodo pads. Sportive and good durability. Not expensive at all.
  3. Sorry guys, but i appear very rarely now in this forum. For Sam: - i have 18" wheels (MAK Invidia). I choose D2 - 330 mm brake discs because i can use also original 17" Lexus wheels ;) - the kit came with brake metallic cords also. - the size of pads is a standard size for track days sport pads, so u can mount Ferodo Racing DS2500, D2, EBC, Hawk, Carbon Metallic, and so on. Actually i use some pads i bought in UK, which are distributed from a local D2 shop, not marked pads, but i think they are EBS Red pads. Impressive stop power!! Unfortunately EMA Motorsport still not imports these products, like other D2 products, i asked him some months ago, simply because this is a **** country and burocracy makes a mess for a normal mechanic shop like him to import such goods. Viva l'Italia.
  4. Sorry if i m here soo rarely. Anyway all about this topic has been said.
  5. Ahh mo ho visto il Peppuzzo!! Scusa non ti avevo visto prima. Anser to Peppuzzo: i suggest u to reconnect the original sensor instead to substituta it with a fixed resistor, as the optimum Fonserg made years ago. About Dpnr emulator, mine is from Powerking, italian brand. They have a website and they sold many emulators for out 2ad fhv Toyota engine ;) He spoke english and can sell u without problems by post. Installation is easy. The model is, if i remember well pk42 code.
  6. Ok. I ll tell in english ;) 1. If u don t use egr, it means that u never recyrculate gas in the engine, so the dpnr suffer more, because all dirty gasses always goes into dpnr, instead part of them recyrculate inside egr and be cleaned by it; So if one close the egr, he need also to eliminate fap. If u didn t do it it, but your car still works, means simply that with the typical use that u make with your car, it s always able to have regenerations, alias, u mainly use it not into city traffic. Good for u ;) With closed egr and a normally working dpnr, the risk of failed regenerations, and have a full dirty filter, is behind the corner. 2. Lexus dealers in Portugal must study little more; i don t discuss that your car is still able to move, i simply say that this solution is wrong. With your connection, everytime the egr open, part of the pressure of turbo is lost and return into aspiration. So u loose power. The right solution is the one me and Fonserg suggested 3 years ago. My car worked for many more then 30000 km without egr, without dpnr (i used a empty tube instead of dpnr and an electronic emulator), and for s period i also spritted water/alcool injection inside it ;)
  7. Il bypass fatto dal portoghese è una coglionata. Così facendo quando la EGR apre parte dell'aria compressa dal turbo defluisce nel condotto di aspirazione causando perdite di carico inutili. Rullare la macchina sul banco prova per credere. Già 2 anni fa la soluzione allo stato dell'arte è quella di bypassare A VALLE dell'intercooler. Andate a vedervi i posts miei e di Fonserg del 2011. Cheers.
  8. The Mark Levinson stero on this car is the worst sounding system i ever heard on a car, an offense for the Mark LEvinson name. I wrote a letter to Lexus Japan 2 years ago about this...without answer. The digital amplifier produce a high fatigue listening sound, very dry and without groove and body. Impossible to hear voices, acoustic instruments, and very dangerous with rock expecially extreme: after 2 seconds u want to close up. They exagerate with 14 loudspeakers everywhere in the car room, but if u don't use the spazializer effect, in normal stereo mode it sounds like a little chinese radio; all sound comes from the centre channel...Bah The old Fujitsu system is my previous LExus IS200 was far far better then this awful digital system. PS: i'm an audiophile and my stereo system at home keeps half space of my living room ))
  9. That car, if u leave it stock, is a pestilence. To make it run well u should need: - Defap it (u can do the procedure me and FONSERG described around 2 years ago here); - install FAP emulator (my friend SHIGO from Croatia could help u with advices); - close the EGR (Always SHIGO had done it considering our old advices of 2 years ago here); - possibly install a oil catch can, to avoid vapor oil recyrculation in the air compressor; - possibly install a SprintBooster to solve turbo lag problem expecially in old gear version of this car. Do all tihngs above and u'll be happy. Don't do it, and as for any modern post Euro 4 turbodiesel u'll spend big amount of money in maintenance for the car to clean time to time EGR, regeneration of FAP, etc..etc...
  10. Hello, for whom is really interested i should send privately the dynograph of my car after install the chip tuning. Thanks.
  11. Hello guys, to whom should be interested i'm selling, after almost 1 and half year of satisfaction, my performance module CNTECH CR6-SB for Lexus IS220D. This is the link: http://annunci.ebay.it/annunci/ricambi-e-accessori/como-annunci-como/modulo-centralina-aggiuntiva-cr6-sb-lexus-is220d/47552610 I sell it for half price i paid for it (demonstrable obviously) and so 150 Euro. I can send everywhere in Europe and maybe outside also. Here in Italy this brand is the best and well known to achieve high performances with safety for the engine. I runned it for almost 20000 Km without any problem. Thanks.
  12. I suggest u to go in the site "http://www.alcohol-injection.com" at the topic "DVC30 Kit on Lexus IS220D" ;)
  13. Hello guys. Just to say that after around 1 and 9 months from installation (july 2011) my D2 8pot big brake kit works still excellent. I've done around 30.000 Km and pads are still at 60% of their original thickness. ON the rear i have original set-up with Ferodo pads. Thanks again to Emanuele from EMA Motorsport in Melegnano which installed the kit and is the official distributor for Italy.
  14. For webmaster: sorry i opened this topic maybe in the worst section of the forum, so i put it again in the right one which might be "modifications and tuning" section. To all guys: better discussing the topic there. Thanks.