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  1. Turbo Kit On Ebay

    Who's being the troll then mate?
  2. Turbo Kit On Ebay

    Hi this is what's in the Kit! All for £2,600 Fitted seems cheap to me. Ebay item number 151367838788 He is well know for doing IS200 His name is Squint Do you think it is worth the money? Or Not? Cheers...:) TURBO CHARGER KIT SUPPLIED & FITTED USING Stainless Tubular Turbo manifold T3 Turbo Front Mount Intercooler all alloy pipes & silicone hoses Piggypack Black box 50mm Dump Valve Fuel Return Line and Rising rate regulator Uprated High Pressure Fuel Pump Aero Braided Stainless Turbo Oil Feed And Return Lines 3" exhaust down pipe Group N air filter Digital boost and AFR gauges All labour is included in the price for fitting turbo kit to your car.
  3. Hi someone is selly a turbo kit on ebay for the IS200 I know he is well known for doing there conversions as well as other engine conversions. But can someone tell me is this kit is worth the money as it seems very cheap to me thank you...:)
  4. Hi All, Could Someone Please tell me what thickness bolt on type wheel spacers i need. For standard wheels to fill the arches on my IS200. Thanks... :D
  5. Hi All, Could someone tell me what thickness wheel spacers i need. For my IS200, To make standard wheels fill the arches please. Bolt on type wheel spacers Thanks... :D
  6. Hi all, Just to let everyone know what the problem was. The battery was sooooo flat! Even trying to jump start it again, it would not start or register any life in the battery what so ever. So i recharged it over night, Put it on this morning and everything is fine now. Thankyou to everyone who answered my post :)
  7. Hi yes i have a multimeter, I also have a fault code reader. But i am not getting any power anywhere to use the fault code reader! I have a friend coming over later today who is a vechicle electrician. Hopefully he can solve it for me. I am good with the mechanical side, But only basics with the electrical side, Thanks for your reply.
  8. Hi yes the car was jump started the correct way! ihave removed the battery and recharged it. I am going to go and refit my battery today and see if it will start. Thanks for your reply.
  9. Hi All, Well what happened is this! I went to my garage to start my IS200 1G-FE. I have not been using it much latley Due to illness, So the battery was flat! I jump started it with my misses astra. It was sitting there idleing, And then it just cut out. Now i have no ignition lights it will not turn over, It's dead nothing! I thought that this maybe the main 40A fuse but no! there are no fuses blown that i can find. My question is is there any othere main fuses that i am missing. Or would someone know what caused this to happen. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.... :) Modified IS200 S
  10. Wing Mirror Auto Closure Guide

    Hi all could someone please forward me the instructions on how to do this auto closure please for the windows or just the mirrors please thanks.
  11. Hi is your car pulling to one side while driving. Or when braking, Or is just the steering wheel off centre.
  12. Daiyama Coilovers...

    Hi all does anyone know anything about Daiyama Coilovers or have them fitted to there IS200 Cheers.
  13. Hi thanks for the info much appreciated.
  14. Hi All Would anyone know where i could purchase a set of bonnet struts/dampers from. I have tried google, only answer so far is taiwan. Any help appreciated thanks!
  15. Gearbox Change...

    Hi all, Does anyone know if free play/Movement on the input shaft is normal. IS200 6 speed manual Or does this mean that the input shaft bearing has failed Cheers.