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  1. Lexus did a rear brake recall but it wasn't for this, my car has already had this historic recall performed. This rear brake caliper is not part of the Lexus "voluntary recall" or "safety recall" program... But Lexus are aware of seizing rear brake calipers but have not put it in the public domain!
  2. Dear All, Can anyone who owns or has owned a Lexus GS 2006-2010 which has had either: ONE or BOTH of the rear brake calipers FAIL/SEIZE please post below? (Regardless if it was done under warranty or not) I am aware that Lexus/Lexus dealers know this is a problem, but want to know how widespread this issue is. Kind regards, TC
  3. Hey bud, My batt sounds the same as yours, so pretty normal to only last that distance.. Re sound, the gs450h is not the quietest of cars when engine is on , this is especially the case when cold.... If it sounds like a diesel is220d get it checked out! It shouldnt be as loud as Good luck with those stealers, sorry meant dealers ;-)
  4. Hello, Does anyone know if Lexus or anyone else can upgrade my standard analog radio (Mark Leverson multimedia)to accept a DAB (digital radio) If so how much and where can I buy it from Thank you :)
  5. Thank everyone for your replies! :winky: The car is booked into Lexus Twickenham "again" to be looked at, but they are unable to provide me with a car to compare.. My local garage have driven the car and they also thought the steering was a "tad" heavy at low speeds, but not when parking. This non lexus garage have also suggested that the car might need some form of software upgrade, as they have told me that the car has some form of variable ratio steering system, which might not be performing at its best in relation to vehicle speed 1) Does anyone know if a software upgrade is possible on this vehicle 2) The garage also said the tyres can effect the steering and that my car was tram lining, what are the best tyres to reduce this As I am aware this is a common problem on this vehicle Again any answers to my question are greatly appreciated :)
  6. Hi all, I have a 2007 GS450h (59,000 miles) which I have noticed since purchase (1month ago) has heavy steering at low speeds (5-15mph). Lexus have told me my car is fine and that this is a natural characteristic of the car. Lexus have also told me that only the 2006 GS model was recalled regarding heavy steering and that my chassis number was not an effected vehicle. Please can anyone clarify if this is normalcharacteristic of the car? or are Lexus fobbing me off? Any help would be much appreciated, Tom