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  1. Presumably the EGR fault you would receive after blanking it was mapped out and thus you do not know if it is the EGR causing a fault which would usually throw up a DTC.
  2. Petrol version is a gasoline direct injection GDI system and thus suffers from carbon build up.
  3. It's an all alloy engine and thus probably warped the head from overheating.
  4. It's not only what the car is "worth", it is the cost to change and who knows how reliable the replacement is? I think a lot of the dissatisfaction with these cars is because of a lack of knowledge on how the causes and fixes of problems. I used to moan about mine going into limp mode due to DPF problems but it turns out it was leaking a slight bit of air into the intake system and the ECU detected the MAF readings were out (too lean). KYB replacement shocks were a lot cheaper than the orfiginals. I do not drive it much now, but when I do I appreciate the style and comfort. Still has poor lights(halogen not xenon) and gear change sometimes though.
  5. If it is hissing fumes then one or more injectors aren't seated (sealed) properly. Are the injectors level? - has someone not bothered to take out a sealing ring and just put a new one on top then an injector on top of that? Are the clamps clamping down the injectors tight?
  6. Things I can remember: - De-gass before removal. The bolts are not all equal - different lengths and one is not a normal bolt - torx too maybe. Look at the manual it's quite easy to follow
  7. Piezo electric injector failure? When warm they short circuit
  8. I had the limp mode check engine light on a few occasions. Checked the codes and thought it was the dpf. Upon further investigation on trchstream i noticed it was a dpf code p2002 but actually telling me that it was a maf low reading. New maf required? Thought i'd just tighten the turbo housing before i bought one and hey presto no more errors or 2 secs of howling when first started on a cold morning. All because of an induction leak. The housing seems tight, but i gave it a little extra anyway.
  9. Changing an injector is pretty straightword on the 2.2d engine, unless it's been leaking for a while and coked up. Should be 30 mins to an hour if straightfoward. Getting the seal out may be trickier
  10. Basically @60-80k the DPF will be full of ash which cann
  11. Need to clean off the brake dust to stop squealing
  12. After considerable time, effort and expense changing my ball joints and shock absorbers, greasing the anti roll bar bushings etc. I got rid of my clunk by replacing the front slide pins and the rubber ring around it after cleaning the receptor and lubing all the pins generously with Toyota Rubber Grease. Silicon grease didn't work and copper grease swells the rubber which then splits.