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  1. Vsc Check / Traction Control / Engine Management

    Basically @60-80k the DPF will be full of ash which cann
  2. brembo brakes

    Need to clean off the brake dust to stop squealing
  3. Is250 knocking when braking and steering

    After considerable time, effort and expense changing my ball joints and shock absorbers, greasing the anti roll bar bushings etc. I got rid of my clunk by replacing the front slide pins and the rubber ring around it after cleaning the receptor and lubing all the pins generously with Toyota Rubber Grease. Silicon grease didn't work and copper grease swells the rubber which then splits.
  4. P2002 fault code help

    Good info to know. Does anyone have a link to TS sw for IS220d? Mine has petrol only options - US ver?
  5. Brake Shudder

    Sure your pins are free and greased? You need red rubber grease
  6. Replacement Shocks

    Changed the fronts too, but wish I stuck with the old Toki shocks which were giving a great ride with the new rears. KYBs a bit more crashy. 85% as good but less than half the price.
  7. Loud Creaking Noise When Braking

    Brake caliper sliding pin has a rubber bush which deteriorates and causes too much free play and the groaning noise - weird.
  8. Update: couldn't remove pulley in situ or even when I took the compressor off the car! Bought a new compressor in the end after cutting my hands twice! Ridiculous - all because of worn rubber bits that can't be replaced.
  9. Noisy Clutch

    Creaking clutch is probably a worn clutch fork pivot ball. Can try greasing, but it'll come back ! Clutch pedal free play adjustment needed to help with release bearing noise
  10. is220d MPG

    I get low to high 40's depending on the mix. A few mid 50's even, when driving like a saint. Avg 47mpg over 70K and 7years with 118 fill ups. MFA indicates 48mpg as I have a EcoTune tuning box - indicates 44mpg without (less than actual!). I cruise in 6th when the dials turn orange to warn me I'm speeding (indicated 75mph, actual 70mph).
  11. Loud Creaking Noise When Braking

    Same here. Changed my ball joints, but it still does it slightly. Will change the links next as they are cheap and seemed quite "loose"
  12. Replacement Shocks

    Changed the rears on mine - failed (leaked) withing a month of each other. A bit of a pig of a job really! It should be far easier to change a shock! I got KYBs as they are considerably cheaper than the Toki
  13. I bought the belt and it does fit - thanks! I then proceeded to take the damn air con compressor "clutch" off - this is a pig as there isn't any info available. I believe the compressor to be a Denso 6seu16c but with a strange clucth mech. Unlike older units the bit at the end which looks like a bolt is not a bolt and the pulley is fragile plastic! Anyway, put the original bet back on then jamn the pulley with a bit of wood, insert some 90 degree pliers into the hole and then you can spin off the cover plate in an anti-clockwise direction. This leaves the clutch and pulley etc in place still and so I believe you then need to get some strong thread locking compound and then put the plate back on, let the compound set and then redo the above, this time taking the clutch with you. Unfortunately I didn't know this and so I hacked mine as you can see! The pulley pulls of easily after that and the rubber "cushions" too. Mine looked in good shape and so I was a bit bemused as to why the metal on metal noise was happening. On the compressor there was a bit of movement, but not much so the tolerance must be tiny. I think the new parts needed are:
  14. Is 250 Brake Calipers

    My OSR had seized and the disc was only half getting clean. I took it off, applied some heat to dismantle, cleaned up the rust and re-lubed. Not aesthetically pleasing, but they now work a treat.
  15. Dmf And Clutch

    I've never been able to find much info on this, but I think the flywheel and release bearing are different. If I keep mine for another year I will try getting a flywheel from Central Europe for about £450.