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  1. To be fair, i think if you have all the parts from the broken bit of the bumper then this should be an easy fix if you can get the bumber off?
  2. Does anyone know of any issue in removing the plugs - my IS is 13 years old and almost at 37k miles. Is there a stipulation in the service for these where the car reaches a certain age and they are done or is it 60k and they are done. It has a full Lexus service history up to 2017 at 25k miles So at 12 years when i bought it woudl the plugs have been changed under the service requirements or does it actually have to get to 60k until Lexus woudl change them. I am just wondering with the age of the car and them possibly not being replaced would they have rusted in place it at all possible? Nothing wrong with it, just a question regarding the possibilities
  3. Mike, I have used ATS, only because its my only real option around here - nothing else is local. I used them to align all 4 wheels when i went from 17's to 18's as i noticed a bit of wear on the inner edges on the fronts - that was a year ago and to date have had no issue. I am pretty sure it was around £30 and they did have to adjust them.
  4. Special offer on at the moment on Castrol oil (5/30 A5) at Halfords £17.50 each for a 4 litre tub. Get it while its still available
  5. .... also, you could have a blocked cabin filter thats not allowing air movement in the cab
  6. How would you put a value against this car. 2006 IS250 SE-L (13 years old) - the only issue with it is a stone chip and a scratched alloy wheel. Service history to 25k miles and receipted service items after that. Currently on 36k miles.. Car is auto, has the ML system and has a sunroof and is metalic blue/grey. Everything works and drives like new. MOT history shows it has never failed an MOT or even had any advisory issued in its 13 years life. We have not long bought a motorhome and the car, while i have been putting 1k miles on it a month for the past 6 months will be sat for a while now as i have just changed jobs also and this monthly mileage will be down to 65 miles. I am not going to get the use out of it so am toying with, at some point next year, looking to trade in two cars (this one and the wifeys) and look for an SC to share driving with the wifey. I will probably change my mind when it comes to it but what woudl you think the value would be bearing the following points in mind Its 13 years old (14 by next year) Low mileage (expect it to be around 40k miles) Absolutely spotless (apart from above) Part service history and full receipted I am guessing the age of the car will be the deciding factor?
  7. Wasn't it a case in the "good old days" that the smell of eggs coming from the exhaust was an indication that the head gasket was on its way out?
  8. My eldest lad is interested in buying an IS200 (he is 28) - i had one years ago and it was my first Lexus. I have a few questions as i cant remember what the costs were...he is after a manual one (i had an automatic) 1. Whats the tax per year? 2, Whats the MPG (approx) 3. Anything to consider when buying the manual version - clutch etc Pretty sure thats all.... thanks
  9. Good luck - nice to see owners placing feedback on issues they have faced and the work they have done to resolve them.
  10. Got to agree with Paul - have experienced this when the battery has been disconnected on both IS's i have owned - the car turns over and nothing. Starting again it turns over, starts but runs rough for a few seconds then comes to life as if nothings happenned. Looks to be battery related or a weak earth connection possibly?
  11. Thats the exact spot that my first IS exhaust went at. Bought a stainless one after this and regretted it ever since. However, i did do a good repair on the broken part as i was using the car as a daily runner and i coudl not get a replacement for it quick enough. When the exhaust was off the car when they were putting the stainless one on i had a look at it and the repair was absolutely solid. No doubt it would have gone again at some point but it was a good fix. If you have enough pipe where the break has occurred then you could add a flexi exhaust extension -i have had a look through the documents i have as i am sure i took some photies but cant find any but i am sure i put it up in the forum how to do it ... anyway, the image is along the lines of what i used. Clamp one end over the bolted joint and shove the other end into the resonator. Gum it up or weld it ant it will last you a while. Not sure of the length i used but it was shorter than the one in the image.