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  1. Had a nice surprise tonight - checked oil before going on a long run to find that it is relatively clear. The last oil change I made was in August last year and have done just over 5000 miles since. Car is now on 33k miles and is a 2006 model. Very happy with that. My last 250 at this stage would have blackish oil by now after 6 months but it had over 100k miles on it. Going to still carry on with the engine flushes and oil changes on a 6 monthly basis though.
  2. You don't need to remove the door card to see if the po-40 is installed as you should see it (if one is fitted) below the electric window switch control panel. Removing this panel will save you time and a whole lot of effort. I cant remember how the switch panel comes off - pretty sure it is levered out but cant remember (getting too old) Maybe someone can shed some light - its only a 5 minute job to check so better to do this than the whole door card to be honest .... just saying
  3. If theres no obvious fault that you can find, you might want to check the space under the window control switches (take the unit out) to see if it has ever been fitted with whats called a PO-40 unit which allowed the mirrors to automatically close when the car was locked. You would see a box marked up as such if you removed the control panel. Its possible, if its fitted, that some wires may be loose or the unit is faulty. Depends how it was installed. Worth a check if all else fails. The box is, from what I can remember, just a bit smaller than a cigarette box and black in colour.
  4. They will always find fault - my old one went in for the airbag recall last year and came back with below operation calipers but I know they are fine as I regularly grease them - there was no issue with them and the car passed the MOT a few months later. Calipers are common issues and its an easy issue to keep on top of it you have the time and the basic tools needed to grease the slide pins. Not hard at all and takes about 10 minutes per corner to do. Front pad shims missing ..... don't these just prevent squeal? Not sure these are required to pass the MOT as they don't perform anything other than as mentioned? Oil leak from a pipe - to be honest, see where the leak is coming from - if it is actually the pipe then buy a replacement and replace it - a picture would help of the issue Condensor issue is not common although I guess with age and how it has been used has a bearing on the life of it. As for the washer, I think this needs to be operational as the headlights are HIDS that require the wash jets to be operational. As you are probably aware, these failing is just a one off...
  5. Definitely not an SE-L - Definitely not equipped with the ML system .... buying it would be a long term investment for someone buying it I guess ..... there would be no real future re-sale value I think.... Have seen a few SE models for that price with no accident damage on ebay
  6. Not posted for a while as nothings gone wrong with it !!! but this is my car and what it looks like with the G Spider wheels on....
  7. Good video - interesting about the oil When I had my last IS I compared two oils, Castrol Edge and Magnatec and the Edge didn't perform as well as Magnatec. The car would, I could only presume, use the oil (burn it) as the level did not stay constant as I needed to top it up through use of the car, not regularly but it was noticeable. The Magnatec did stay stable - have stuck with the Magnatec since and its always been stable. I do the oil changes on a 6 monthly basis also. I guess using a catch can would prevent the discolouration of the oil a bit also.
  8. Has anyone else encountered this error and can help with setting this up... I am trying to use my phone in the car (2006 IS250) - it worked fine in my old 2007 IS250. The phone is an android HTC. The phone is connecting to the Bluetooth system fine - when dialing the number the message comes up on the screen "PLEASE CHECK MOBILE PHONE". I am guessing due to the message that its an issue with the phone. The Bluetooth is on and the pass key is entered onto the car system - this I know is ok as the phone connects to the Bluetooth in the car. I cant figure this one out especially as the phone worked in my other car but not this one - has anyone had any experience with this issue. Everything else works fine.
  9. Here is a further document that I found a few years ago maintenance schedule is250.docx
  10. Check that the sensors that you replaced are tight and have not worked loose (worth a check) as this could cause an error and could cause a smell of fuel... You can, only if the exhaust is cold, but your hand over a tail pipe and see if the noise gets louder or the engine stalls (with the car in park) - you may need 2 people to do this on both exhausts at the same time. If the car runs on with the exhausts blocked then likelihood there's a hole in the exhaust. It the hole is small in the exhaust it may cut out or it may struggle to hold the revs.
  11. You are not really going to gain anything from replacing the OEM with drilled rear discs - the rear brakes are not utilised as much during braking. You will probably find that the pads are the original ones so you can see the rear braking does not take a lot of the braking strain. If you want to do the discs then replace with OEM but while doing so do the drum shoes and the pads.
  12. A couple of things .... check the rear screen demister wires are all intact. The wheels are not standard for the car. It should be on 17's and placing 18's on it will mean the tracking may need doing so check the inner of the tyres for wear (don't know when the wheels were added) One last thing that looks odd are the last two stamps in the book - is this a foreign car as the stamps seem to be foreign?
  13. That's an average price as there are a few around these days - you can also look on Ebay and find them there. One thing you don't want is a part that requires any alterations to the flange where it connects to the centre piece of the exhaust as it is more than likely that the centre section will go next - look (if you can) around the centre resonator for rust around the pipes into and out of the box as they will generally go there due to a lack of a good support in that area. You wont get an exact replacement for your Lex, quality wise, as the exhaust systems installed on them are a higher grade of mild steel, the ones you will see being sold are of a lesser grade but serviceable none the less. Noise wise, ask the seller or manufacturer of it but generally a mild steel one will absorb the noise. Your other option would be a SS one which is dearer but would last the life of the car usually but be noisier than the stock one...
  14. I have circled the air sensors and the approx. location of the air/fuel sensors in the engine bay - would give you a pointer in where to check. see image below ....