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  1. Have been looking for a few days for another 250 - have seen a few ... Does anyone know any history on this one - whether its a previous owners? WU60 0WC - White IS250 F Sport?
  2. Its a gonner £5200 to repair !! Shame as I looked after that car. Not long serviced and just taxed !! Hoping to get the wheels back tomorrow though as they were brand new !!
  3. Car spec

    Does this have the same spec as the SE-L? Just looks a bit "sporty" with the wheels and spoliers?
  4. Does anyone know what the difference is in the spec of a 2010 250 SE-L and a 2010 250 F Sport I know the seats are not full leather in a lot of cases in the F Sport (suppose that depends on the initial buyers choice) but whats the benefit or not between the two models?
  5. Yes you should If the insurer recommended you take it to one of their repair centres then you should go through the insurer, also, doesn't insurance work have a guarantee period? Although its fit for purpose its not repaired to spec and the insurer should take some flack for this and deal with the repair centre themselves.
  6. Well, so far so good... car collected today and a hire car dropped off (2016 BMW 3) Will find out about mine on Friday / Monday regarding the inspection recommendation for repair or write off. The guys that collected it were sure it would be repaired as its not as bad in the pictures - bumper / boot lid and the panel behind the bumper was lightly bent in - hoping for it to be repaired but its in the back of my mind that its going to the metal yard ! Been looking around for something similar just in case - found 2 but the SE-L is quite scarce at a pre 100k mileage but hope I wont need to go down this road. Early days but the insurer has been fantastic - I carefully say "early days" I have a dash cam pointing forwards - no witnesses.
  7. Who is the insurer and do you have legal cover?
  8. Was thinking that - at least no one was injured. The other car had bald tyres ... !!!! Insurance going through ok so far - hire car Lexus CT coming tomorrow. Will keep informed on how things go with the insurance co. I liked the car although 11 years old now and at 107k miles. Might be time to upgrade ?
  9. Lexus v Skoda Think I came off the better for this one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stationary at a junction in a 30 mph zone - smacked in the back by someone, speeding? or in a hell of a hurry to move on? Damage - to mine: Bumper / boot lid / boot floor / underside panels / exhaust diffusers both knocked off - not bad considering damage to the other No damage to the exhaust or light which is very surprising considering. The driver of the other car could not even open the drivers door it took that big a hit Any ideas on costs ?
  10. Do you keep having to top up the air in the tyres?
  11. Apologeees for the spelling !!! You should expect a professional job - you have paid for it with your insurance policy - you should expect your car to be repaired to the standard you expect from a proffissional and not to have any issue - it you puit it into a popcorn shop they I would havbe expected a crap job out as a result, You have put it into a respectable repairer so expect a good job back in return I would not be happy with this - what happens to resale value when you come to sell? Insists on a better job from the insurer - I done this with my wifes car a few years ago and got the insurer to put right a repair that was not up to standard - they actually replaced a front headlight with another model headlight thinking we would not notice but we did and they soon replaced it with the correct one (think it was a replace part from ebay !!!!)
  12. Pressing down the track forward controls on the steering wheel for a second allows you to forward the CD or radio station track on to the next but if you hold it down for a few seconds it will move the disc on to the next disc. Pressing the two buttons on the head unit (up / down) keeping your finger on the respective button allows you to fast forward or reverse the tracks in play in CD mode within the track itself.
  13. Possibly? If you have the fan on and the motors struggling with whatever mode the blower is in (re-circulate or circulate) and cannot open or close the flap but I would expect this to be the case after the filter was replaced as the flap is quite delicate and wont last that long if struggling to operate. A twig or something in the fan blower? Have you tried operating the fan at different settings to eliminate this? Does the sound go up/down with the engine or is it more constant? At what point during the drive does it happen? I also believe, on the gen 2's at leat, that there is a small fan on the radio Do you have a video of the sound?
  14. If you are in Cheshire do not consider Cybrand In Birkenhead as they made a pigs ear out of mine when it went - bad welds and noisy.
  15. Gs450h engine rattle on start up, tappety, help?

    I am not sure for the GS as to where the pump is - the rattle will only last, at worst, 1 second. After the oil changes and flushes mine now possibly does it once? a year around Christmas time when its cold outside and its started for the first time after it has sat for around a week or so, even then, the rattle is for less than 1 second but once you have heard it you are tuned to recognising the noise. I am convinced the regular oil changes and engine flushes have all but cured the issue although it is I think mechanical, the flush has helped a lot. No lights have ever come up on mine and I have not heard of others who have had this issue with the lights coming up either. But, it does not run rough during the rattle, it has never done this while driving, always when stationary at start up. I would be a bit concerned if it done it when hot. If you define the rough running as more of a "shiver" to best describe it, then you could have an issue with carbon build up, again , this is something that can be managed with regular fuel dosing or using the higher octane fuel for a while?