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  1. Good video - interesting about the oil When I had my last IS I compared two oils, Castrol Edge and Magnatec and the Edge didn't perform as well as Magnatec. The car would, I could only presume, use the oil (burn it) as the level did not stay constant as I needed to top it up through use of the car, not regularly but it was noticeable. The Magnatec did stay stable - have stuck with the Magnatec since and its always been stable. I do the oil changes on a 6 monthly basis also. I guess using a catch can would prevent the discolouration of the oil a bit also.
  2. Has anyone else encountered this error and can help with setting this up... I am trying to use my phone in the car (2006 IS250) - it worked fine in my old 2007 IS250. The phone is an android HTC. The phone is connecting to the Bluetooth system fine - when dialing the number the message comes up on the screen "PLEASE CHECK MOBILE PHONE". I am guessing due to the message that its an issue with the phone. The Bluetooth is on and the pass key is entered onto the car system - this I know is ok as the phone connects to the Bluetooth in the car. I cant figure this one out especially as the phone worked in my other car but not this one - has anyone had any experience with this issue. Everything else works fine.
  3. Here is a further document that I found a few years ago maintenance schedule is250.docx
  4. Check that the sensors that you replaced are tight and have not worked loose (worth a check) as this could cause an error and could cause a smell of fuel... You can, only if the exhaust is cold, but your hand over a tail pipe and see if the noise gets louder or the engine stalls (with the car in park) - you may need 2 people to do this on both exhausts at the same time. If the car runs on with the exhausts blocked then likelihood there's a hole in the exhaust. It the hole is small in the exhaust it may cut out or it may struggle to hold the revs.
  5. is200 Newbie

    Rear Brakes

    You are not really going to gain anything from replacing the OEM with drilled rear discs - the rear brakes are not utilised as much during braking. You will probably find that the pads are the original ones so you can see the rear braking does not take a lot of the braking strain. If you want to do the discs then replace with OEM but while doing so do the drum shoes and the pads.
  6. A couple of things .... check the rear screen demister wires are all intact. The wheels are not standard for the car. It should be on 17's and placing 18's on it will mean the tracking may need doing so check the inner of the tyres for wear (don't know when the wheels were added) One last thing that looks odd are the last two stamps in the book - is this a foreign car as the stamps seem to be foreign?
  7. That's an average price as there are a few around these days - you can also look on Ebay and find them there. One thing you don't want is a part that requires any alterations to the flange where it connects to the centre piece of the exhaust as it is more than likely that the centre section will go next - look (if you can) around the centre resonator for rust around the pipes into and out of the box as they will generally go there due to a lack of a good support in that area. You wont get an exact replacement for your Lex, quality wise, as the exhaust systems installed on them are a higher grade of mild steel, the ones you will see being sold are of a lesser grade but serviceable none the less. Noise wise, ask the seller or manufacturer of it but generally a mild steel one will absorb the noise. Your other option would be a SS one which is dearer but would last the life of the car usually but be noisier than the stock one...
  8. I have circled the air sensors and the approx. location of the air/fuel sensors in the engine bay - would give you a pointer in where to check. see image below ....
  9. In your post you have stated that you have replaced the sensors ... Have you replaced all 4 or just 2 of them.. The Air/Fuel sensors are in the engine bay, the air sensors are on the exhaust. Highly unlikely the exhaust sensors have been damaged from the install of the new ones. My experience of a failing sensor is that it will initially go pending (will light up and can be removed) after a few days it will come back again and may be removed but after that it will come on and stay on, makes sense if its on the way out as it probably wont fail immediately. If you can, I would get it to the likes of ATS or somewhere and ask them to do an exhaust check - should only cost a few quid. If this is the original exhaust then it is ripe due to the age and mileage of the car. I would still get the fuel cap seal checked out as mentioned above as that's easy but for piece of mind do the exhaust as well. If the readings in comparison from both sensors, the air/fuel vs the air sensor are the same or the air sensor reading is higher then theres an issue with the cat or the exhaust between the sensors as the air sensor should have a lower reading than that of the air/fuel as the cat should be working right. The air/fuel sensor will adjust any anomalies with the reading from the air sensor until it reaches preset band of errors - if it cant then theres an issue. I cant find one at the moment but if you look at the mountings of the exhaust - I don't think they are sufficient - should the exhaust fail and drop at that point I would hate to see the damage that would cause.
  10. For some reason I thought the fuel cap fitting issue was specific to the diesel where the system would lose pressure in the tank - maybe wrong - wait to see if any diesel owners chip in...
  11. Take a look at the following web site - it will give you possible causes. See if you can narrow them down It does sound like an exhaust issue up towards the sensors and the only way you are going to find out if it is, is to get it up on ramps to see any indications of cracks or rest/soot marks. A lit warning on the dash is an MOT failure.
  12. I have Khumo's fitted on all 4 feet of mine on 18's. I bought 4 alloy wheels from Lexus with the Khumo's on and was told that's the tyre they were using at the time. As for experience with them - have used them from new for over a year now and have had no issues with them. I don't do a lot of miles so I cant help with any indication of wear but over 7k miles, the wear is not noticeable
  13. Does B have legal cover - also any witnesses or any note of any cars in the area at time of incident that you can possibly ask to see any dash cam footage. Do you have a dash cam fitted? Agree with all above - inform the police. You need to inform police and insurance - insurance will establish who is at fault in a round about way.
  14. Anyone know if the engine oil acts as the lubricant for all of these pulleys (internal shafts etc) - I am guessing it does?