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  1. is200 Newbie

    Castrol Edge 5w-30 fully synthetic

    Been using the Castrol brand for years - Magnatec and now the start stop brand. I did use edge a while ago and I did not like it as it didn't seem to last long (went dirty quicker than the others) but overall the Castrol brand is good. Usually comes up on offer in ASDA for around £22. Cant see what the issue is in using a good brand if its cheap...its the distributor that's taking the hit on the cost, nothing to do with the quality of the oil.? Other users use different brands but again, as long as they are compatible and don't give issue then theres no problem, personal preference I guess. I do the oil changes twice a year and have done for years but will, when a tub of it is on offer, buy one so I have them there when it comes to changing the oil next time. Castrol is on offer for £23 at the moment at ASDA
  2. Pretty sure the aerial on these are within the rear screen - within the wires layout that you see that heat the rear screen when its frosty. Check the wires have not been damaged or the adhesive to them has dried up - especially in the hot weather we have had.
  3. I was going to post a question about removing the door card .... don't need to now. Did you experience any issues when removing it? When my drivers side window is wound down and back up again it comes back up (on the inside) with a light smear of grease or something? just above the window etching and its a big "smudge" (door handle location side of the glass) and I was wondering how to take the card out to see what's causing it.
  4. Good write-up - one of the few people to do this. It was on my list but the car was written off before I got a chance. Good reason not to do it
  5. is200 Newbie

    suspect warped front discs

    Some things to check as its unlikely that the Brembo discs you have bought and fitted are warped. 1. Make sure they are genuine 2. Make sure the mating faces (disc to hub) are clean and no dirt or rust remains 3. A sticking caliper will apply heat when driving and could cause the discs to warp when stationery with brakes applied - have you actually checked the caliper piston movement 4. If theres a vibration through the steering wheel then the issue is with the front discs - if its through the seat then its the back discs 5. Check the ball joints are secure - worn ones will cause a vibration when braking and possibly slow speed 6. Check your tyre pressures and for corrosion (with tyre off) on the INNER wheel as if there it could cause a slow puncture and a vibration when pressure is low.
  6. is200 Newbie

    Need help urgently

    If you cant get the codes read then my suggestion would be to disconnect the battery for approx. 10mins then re-connect and see if the issue has resolved itself. Any chance it has been sat out in the sun for a lengthy period of time as it has been hot in some areas - possibly had an effect on throwing the car into error mode. The other possibility could be a weak earth connection from the battery but I guess the RAC would have checked that?
  7. Not a very good introduction from a new member - remember, when your car packs in you will be back here asking us "idiots" for advice !
  8. is200 Newbie

    IS got side swiped!

    I had the option after asking myself if it could go to Lexus when I reported the accident but I had to ask. There was a bit of pressure I felt to take the option to go with Auxilis but i had a feeling the car was going to be written off so I went with the easier option. There definitely is the option to go with Admiral but you will lose part of your no claims and I think your excess but check first. When you are involved in an accident you feel like the companies are firing questions and options at you when all you want to do is get it sorted with no hassle. I guess different situations are dealt with differently from different areas - I had a good experience with Auxilis, was given a year old BMW 3 series M Sport and had it for a month before it went back. I had no real issues other than chasing for the second and final amount from the company. They even let me remove parts from the written off car before it was destroyed so in this case I was a happy customer. Don't intend to be in the situation again but who knows but my no claims is intact and with a renewal quote just through my insurance has not changed.
  9. is200 Newbie

    IS got side swiped!

    ... and to be fair to the van driver - he did stop so credit where its due but still.... should be more carefull
  10. is200 Newbie

    IS got side swiped!

    Mine went to Lookers to be assessed then they came back a week later to say it was a write off. If you go with Auxilis then I am pretty sure it will be repaired through their network. If you go with Admiral you can specify who repairs it but you will loose a no claim bonus. You don't with Auxilis so its kind of a gamble - if you know its going to be a write off then go with Auxilis, if its not and you are happy to lose the excess and no claims then go with Admiral but can have the repairer specified by yourself. On the one hand, like you say, Lexus do not have a body or paint shop, but knowing a good one and using them will come at a cost but maybe a better job...swings and roundabouts and something really your insurer should be on your side about repairing your car as its not your fault.
  11. is200 Newbie

    IS got side swiped!

    oh.... and I forgot ... the ambulance chasers will be on your case ... leave your phone off at night !!!
  12. is200 Newbie

    IS got side swiped!

    I was with Admiral - just cancelled with them tonight as their renewal quote came in at £300 dearer than a renewal quote. When I had my accident in February, non fault 3rd party to blame. I used the Auxilis service and was quite impressed - hire car turned up next day - it went back almost a month later. My car was written off and Auxilis dealt with the issue from start to finish. I must say though that two payments were made ... one almost immediately and I have just this week had the second which is 4 months later. I had the excess back and was not left out of pocket. What you will get though are a bombardment of calls from the other drivers insurance stating they will take over the claim as their hire car costs are cheaper... stick to Auxilis as its less hassle and its all dealt with by them. I know what you are going through but at least its not written off but all the same, you will know its accident damaged. Good luck
  13. Maybe on other cars where you can reach the oil filter from the top of the engine then this pump would be useful but you need to change the filter from below on the IS (cant be done from the top) - isn't it easier and quicker while doing so to drain the oil while under the car doing the filter? Can this pump effectively drain all of the oil and if using it are you proposing to keep the old oil filter in the car? Would keeping a residue of oil in the engine, quite conceivable 1 litre in using the pump reduce the life of the new oil you are putting in? - Maybe 1 litre is a bit excessive but theres a bit in the filter and in the pan itself - do you know the pump can remove this residue?
  14. What is it you are looking to buy - an oil filter tool or a new housing? Who serviced the car last? The space to remove the filter cap is limited and requires the use of the specific tool along with a socket wrench. Don't know what the garage has used but best to find one that can do the job with the correct tools. The filter cap socket is not expensive and can be found easily on ebay. There have been reports on a few users having the oil filter caps replaced too tight after a service and when trying to remove it the housing cracks. One of the reasons I do my services myself (no use to you I know but its an easy job to change the oil) Might be worth you buying the filter removal tool if you are using the same garage in the future. Have them try and apply even pressure using a long bar using the correct tool. Make sure you have available a source where you can get the oil housing from before trying to remove the cover.
  15. I have always cleaned the interior glass with the cloth I have used to buff the car after waxing it - I have never had any issues with streaks or swirls since doing this and in using this cloth its not applying wax really, just the residue it has wiped off.