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  1. The PCS you mention was an added option - on the earlier cars it will be very very rare to find. Most obvious way to see if it installed is if the front badge is made of a acrylic - the sensor lives behind it. Head unit - putting a sat nav unit in a non sat nav fitted car - dont even contemplate it, you would be better buying an SE-L with the ML system already fitted. Engines clogging up?? Some experience carbon build up - more so experienced and reported on in the USA. Maintain the car and it will look after you. Best look for the spec with the sat nav installed. SE-L has the best spec of this age.
  2. Use the ramps - safer than the stands. I changed my exhaust from the middle to the back (including the boxes) when i made it for my last IS with no issue. Obviously would be better on garage ramps but who has these in their drive. Make sure for added safety to chock the front wheels.
  3. post a picture of the seat controls - they are located on an SE-L beside the cigarette ash tray. Its either left for cooling and right for heating or the opposite way around, cant remember and its too cold to go outside to check... but either way there is an indicator light to tell you they are on. Unless you are doing the miles in this car, other than a "sniff test", have you thoroughly researched the issues with these diesel models?
  4. ...... and dont forget to grease the rear calipers also - these seem to fair worse compared to the fronts
  5. The top pin has a rubber bush around the end of the pin - the bottom one doesn't - i am pretty sure it was placed on the pin to stop rattling ... saying that, your caliper should not be loose if the bolts have been put back on tight? Make sure you are using the correct grease - a lot of recommendations to be had here but i use the Toyota red rubber grease from Lexus at £8 per tube (or it was when i bought it last) and make sure to grease the pins at least once a year, again, differences of opinions, i do mine every 6 months and never had a seized caliper Get a cotton bud into the pin recess when changing the grease to make sure all the bad stuff is out before adding the new.
  6. Your next MOD should be to wire the door handles with LED's so that they come on like the puddle lights do when you are close to the car with the key.
  7. Could they have accidentally been wiped - are they placed beside any strong magnetic fields? To test them maybe try and open the boot using the small button on the remote?
  8. You can also turn them off if no luck with finding the issue - the function key is located by the wiper stalk on the dash accessed by the left or right controls on the button.
  9. I presume its an automatic .... just place it in neutral - make sure steering lock is off, steering will be heavy If it wont go into neutral (N) then hold the shift lock button down and try then.
  10. I know, found it last year when my old one was written off, had done 25k then. Mint car still. More impressed that it has a sunroof !! Have not long changed jobs so mileage will not be added as much and also going part time next year so daily commute will be 60 miles a month so it will be a good buy for someone when i sell it. Probably get my cycle back on the road so wont use it as much next year either so its going to sit idle .... dont want my wife to drive it as it will get wrecked ..😉 So unsere whether to keep and get a smaller car although the convertible IS is tempting ..
  11. Yes, i checked on the Gov web site when i found out - you have 28 days from the date of the MOT to go back to the garage who performed the MOT for them to update it - after that you need to go directly to the DVLA.
  12. MOT time again and another pass - no history on this car of any failures still and it is almost 14 years old 😊. But, had an advisory on it this time for a deteriorated rear number plate but still readable (plate is starting to de-laminate) .... bummer....., a bit harsh , and there goes the clean history, at least its not a fail !!! Also, i dont know why i checked, i checked the info on the Gov site and it stated the car was on 85k miles, i dont think so... its only on 35k so i took it back to be updated - i am amazed at how easy it was to do. Good job to check the info after an MOT to save a lot of hassle in the future.
  13. Also check the how to guides on the forum - there are a few instructions of how to strip the caliper down to grease the pins.