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  1. Just serviced mine today - I change the oil and filters twice a year as only small miles done. Use Magnatec, always have done as its a brand I trust although if I had the opportunity to buy 20 litres I would as it would make a lot of sense doing so. So, oil, oil filter, air filter, brake discs (front), brake pads (front) and greased all slide pins front and back took 3 hours. All the parts cost me £98 which I am happy with ..... what would the Lexus labour charge be? I also replaced the standard paper filter with a K&N oiled one. It does make a difference and its noticeable on cold starts - have had one in all cars owned and as I tend to keep the cars till they die so it makes sense to me as they can be cleaned and re-used. MOT next month which is the first time for me with this car so want to make sure it passes as it has done on all previous ones. The 3 hours taken included cleaning the alloys (inner and outer and waxing them) It was April this year when I cleaned and greased the pins but this time I noticed the drivers side one was a bit stiff (one with the rubber washer on it) Usually re-grease these every 6 months and I think this time around if I had left it a year until checking it would be seized as the existing grease in the pin assembly was black and the pin was quite hard to remove from the slide assembly. Came out though, cleaned and went in easy.
  2. Shoot me down on this one but I would think that the better purchase would be from a private seller as they would have looked after the car, knowing the issues associated with it and looking after the running of it, batter than in some cases what can be found from the dealers?
  3. The easiest way is to connect an MP3 player to the Aux jack (3.5mm) in the armrest - select Aux on head unit - job done. The Aux socket is pretty useless where its located in the arm rest as there's not a lot there so fix it so its permanent so your MP3 is accessible near the head unit to flick through tracks.
  4. Just on the same theme regarding batteries - Hankook do batteries but not sure it they are the same spec as the Bosch or Panasonic ones but the battery type is 068 and a lot cheaper than the Bosch ones
  5. Not a bad price I suppose and with a bit of piece of mind although beware of a bit of sales tactics if they give the car a "health check" Make sure they reset the windows but its quite easy to do yourself
  6. +1 to the notifications above that its probably the battery. A dead one like explained above will initially charge but will discharge very quick. The car does use power for its systems but not to an extent it will drain it over night. A dead battery will throw up a lot of spurious faults also that will lead you on the wrong path in looking for the fault. If yours has a Panasonic fitted then best guess its the original one and 9 years for a battery is not a bad lifespan for one. Like everyone else on here has said, the 068 is the correct one - also replaced one myself to my old 10 year old car and that was a replacement from the original one.
  7. You can easily check the MOT history online through the DVLA portal
  8. Generally, any of these cars with obvious electrical gremlins from the word go when you look at them, I would steer clear of. There's plenty of them on the market at the moment to have a look at. Mileage or age would not put me off but obviously look for the best deal you can get with the PX car and money to put to it you have. If you had a 250 before moving to BMW then you will know what they are like ... there are no new issues appearing with the 250's since. The screen, while they can go, is not a common issue. When you turn the car on then you should have the warning screen - pressing the "I agree" button on the screen will allow you access to the system. Did it not work at all ? There is another option on the same screen which lets you select the language "GB" should be shown ... did you try selecting this option and did it open another menu?
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    Thanks for the concern anyway
  10. is200 Newbie


    Still here - nothing to report as car is running well. Mud guards recently fitted and am due to do an oil change and grease slide pains next weekend ... at least that's the plan (will probably rain) Not washed car for a while either so that's on my list
  11. I fitted one to my last car but it was written off a while ago. I still have the instruction manual for the fitting and I am sure there is a wiring loom that goes with the electronic box. There are a few ways to wire depending on the wiring in your car - the wiring is not all standard across the range. When you are asking about the unit also ask about the wiring loom if one is still available for the Lexus. I will be interested in the response and may even try them myself in a few days also.
  12. I had tried contacting Ash countless times a few months back but did not get a reply through his contact details or his company Not sure if he still does the boxes. I do believe he was unwell a while back ... I believe the company behind the manufacture of these is but I have not gone down the route of contacting them.
  13. is200 Newbie

    Mud guards

    Just fitted the fronts - they look ok to be honest, wasn't sure at first but they do look good. Easy to secure, took 5 minutes each side, if that. Will do the rears next week as its a wheel off job to drill two small holes.
  14. Anyone else fitted the OEM Toyota mud guards to theirs? I have been given a set and look ok when put up the car but not too sure?
  15. is200 Newbie

    Fitting DRLs

    Will be good if you can let us all know how you get on with the install - some pictures maybe?