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  1. The pins should be cleaned and re-greased at least once a year
  2. Its an old post - had mine done but only partial as per the previous post from 2017. I didn't get the benefit from it really as 3 months later the car was written off. I can remember noticing a difference in the gearbox, the changes were smoother especially when cold. Oil will break down - the oil taken out of mine was black, certainly saturated with broken down oil - the question over the claims from Lexus is how long do they determine your car to last - look after it and if can be a lifetime- dont and it wont be long before it needs attention. Can be proved by ownership problems from these where the calipers are not looked after and sieze. The gearboxes in these get hot, they are cooled by the engine coolant system so it is important to look after them else the oil is going to start to breakdown. There were a few issues reported (not seen any lately) and i had it myself with the box solenoid throwing out a sporadic fault code which interpreted to a condensation issue. That and oil dont mix .... Mine had been looked after but i have no idea how it was cared for for the first 60k miles before i bought it - got to agree with sourcerer (John) above, if you want peace of mind and continued reliability then it is a good idea to get the fluids etc done when you buy a car, only to know they have been done.
  3. There was no change to the chassis on the facelift so there is no reason yo think this will not fit. It it does require tweeking then an exhaust centre will be able to do that with no problem. If anything it may require a bit of "tweeking" on the box hangers as its not an OEM part but thats a simple weld job for any exhaust centre
  4. Have you tried a normal music CD - it wont work but if you think the heads are not working on the reader you will either hear them thrashing about trying to read the CD or not which will prove the reader is both spinning and trying to read the disc.
  5. Never heard of a chain going in all of the years i have owned one of these. People on the forum with twice your mileage with no reports of issues with chains.... Would only put it down to the car not being maintained and the chain has stretched a bit Since you replaced the sensor have you reset the ecu?
  6. If the caliper is in that position there are one of two things: 1. The pin has freed from the caliper mounting itself (it is bolted on) but i cant see a way if it is free like that for you to remove it 2. The pin is free in the housing and needs a bit of rocking back and forward to ease the caliper off. Heat may help but be careful not to damage the rubber boot. Try tapping the caliper with a metal hammer to see it it will budge but not too hard but I suspect from the picture and what you have described that if the bolts loose then its a garage job - more than likely a new caliper To get it to that position was it tight? Did it feel like the pin was undoing? I am not sure how these are threaded, whether they are reverse threaded - maybe someone will shed some light on this... if reverse threaded then you might be lucky and manage to get it removed with a bit of force. You should be greasing these at least once a year - its a known issue with the calipers (do both front and backs). If not done then this is the result.
  7. Removed the backing from my old IS (see picture) and updated the grille. Have removed it from my current one also as it does improve the airflow. Cant say i have noticed any issue with heat...cant say due to the removal of the backing either that i have noticed any more debris entering the engine bay (i thought i would but not noticed) Not removed for any performance related issue - just wanted the grille to match the lower one so never re-fitted the cover back with the new grille.
  8. To be fair, i think if you have all the parts from the broken bit of the bumper then this should be an easy fix if you can get the bumber off?
  9. Does anyone know of any issue in removing the plugs - my IS is 13 years old and almost at 37k miles. Is there a stipulation in the service for these where the car reaches a certain age and they are done or is it 60k and they are done. It has a full Lexus service history up to 2017 at 25k miles So at 12 years when i bought it woudl the plugs have been changed under the service requirements or does it actually have to get to 60k until Lexus woudl change them. I am just wondering with the age of the car and them possibly not being replaced would they have rusted in place it at all possible? Nothing wrong with it, just a question regarding the possibilities
  10. Mike, I have used ATS, only because its my only real option around here - nothing else is local. I used them to align all 4 wheels when i went from 17's to 18's as i noticed a bit of wear on the inner edges on the fronts - that was a year ago and to date have had no issue. I am pretty sure it was around £30 and they did have to adjust them.
  11. Special offer on at the moment on Castrol oil (5/30 A5) at Halfords £17.50 each for a 4 litre tub. Get it while its still available
  12. .... also, you could have a blocked cabin filter thats not allowing air movement in the cab