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  1. Flat battery - happenned to me a few months ago - same as yours in that everything fine one day, dead the next. Starting the car sounds like a machine gun. Battery replaced and all now good. About the right time for a battery to go also...
  2. Can see it better now - it looks like the centre box has actually been replaced as part of the ss system you can see where this has been joined by a pipe adapter at point 0:29 in the video. Reason why these manufacturers/fitters of the ss systems do this is because they would need to replace the two cats on the centre section (car has 4 cats in total with two on the exhaust that you can see in the video) but as you can see in the video at the same point 0:29 the manufacturer has kept the spring expansion joint which is good if it is as per the original spec. The shop that done mine years ago just cut that off and welded it together so there was no expansion joint. In that case, if the jointt is fitted to the exhaust as per spec, then, if it was me, i would replace the back boxes as the first step to see how that helps. It may also be good for you to keep the centre box if you can as thats the point where a lot of original exhausts rot, just there the gasses escape from the box so if it is an ss box then it will last a lot longer than stock.
  3. May be worth a go getting intouch with powerflo as mentioned above - think you may need a reciept unless they took the car detail to act as the guarantee but they may be able to resolve it cheaper than the replacement. It looks like from the last picture, on the left side of the image of the exhaust, that they have kept the original centre resonator .... looks like the ss exhaust has been joined onto the system after the resonator? There is what looks like a black sooty mark also on the join unless that is a shadow? I can remember wire wool being used in the past to quieten exhausts down (bunging the boxes up with it but it does not last and this may create a lot of back pressure and interfere with the exhaust sensors
  4. Ebay item numbers 172832886475 - this is the centre section 163085024957 - this is the rear section Taking it back to stock you would need to replace these sections - chances are that the car has had a cat back system fitted which is from the centre resonator to the exhaust boxes - the company that fitted the ss exhaust may have chopped off the flange needed to connect the centre to the first part of the system so before doing any buying you will need to see if that is the case, if it is then you will need to buy a straight pipe adapter to fit centre to existing pipe. Fitting would best be done at an exhaust garage and best to take it there first to see what they can offer. I would suggest replacing the boxes first to see if you could cope with that noise reduction then the centre section next but i would imagine the whole lot would need replacing.
  5. yes, its an aftermarket, stainless steel. They do create a drone as you are experiencing and its at motorway speeds around 70mph. Theres no easy work around for it Had it on my last IS when i moved to a stainless one and it killed the car - my only work around reducing the noise was to drive it in manual mode using the gears (paddle shift operation - 4th and 5th seemed to work well but revs remained high so i did not like driving it like that) Replacing the central resonator helps as i butchered it eventually and made my own. Replaced the central resonator with an IS200 resonator which fitted good but still needed a bit of fettling but it helped but not quiet enough to stock. Best to source a mild steel one if you cant live with yours - sure someone on ebay will enjoy the noise yours creates. Cost would be in the region of £300 to £400 for a full system
  6. Wife had this issue on her Vauxhall - it would either work fine, flash eratically or not at all. After a bit of investigation i found the connection to the bulb was corroded and while it looked ok when i tried to clean it / bend it a bit, it fell out. It was the long metal strip within the bulb socket. I fixed it by soldering a bit of wire to the holder and to the connection. Its not happenned since. Not saying it is this but worth a look see.
  7. Might be worth you buying a few as they are always popping off
  8. Have a look in the manual to see if there is another component on the same circuit as the boot sensor and check that is working...
  9. There is a sensor in the boot under the carpet on the left hand side next to the spare wheel which controls the remote opening of the boot - check signs of damage or connection is ok - you will need to gain access to the boot to check it tho.
  10. Search for the thread Autobox oil change on this forum I started to have my autobox oil changed back in 2017 but not long after the car was written off (accident) i started to post the process up but then stopped as i didn't have the car after the accident. I had the garage, which is no longer in business so cant ask them any advise for you, take a picture of the old v new oil - pictured below ... there was also a burnt smell from it as i can remember. I had the car for quite some years and was looked after - have a look at the post above as theres some good info on there ... The bag of dark oil is the old stuff - the red one is new
  11. I would have to agree with Odd Alf (nice user name !) i have read on here that the box holds over 7 litres also. A change via dumping the oil by the pan would require a few continual changes before it was kind of replaced. By the info you have been given by the garage i would tend to question how they have stretched 5 into over 7 litres. Its a tricky job to change the oil in these and all sorts of parameters need to be met before during and after the change - certain temperatures need to be met during changing it etc ... Could the box be overheating? The box shares the engine coolant, check the condition of that to see if its ok as an easy check.
  12. What model is it, SE, SE-L etc - do you have the option for cooling? Also, what airbags are installed on the seats?
  13. I replaced my battery last week as it died. It was off the car for a couple of days - when i connected it there were the usual things to reset, windows, radio, clock etc but the screen demister is fine as i had this on yesterday and it works as expected without any resetting etc. Does the light on the switch come on when pressing the demister?
  14. There should be no reason that you cant just top up the expansion tank as it is part of the system - water will circulate through it - remember to use the correct coolant. How low is it or is it actually empty. If filling it up it might be an idea to note how much you need to fill it by and keep a record of further top ups - it should not disappear