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  1. What model is it, SE, SE-L etc - do you have the option for cooling? Also, what airbags are installed on the seats?
  2. I replaced my battery last week as it died. It was off the car for a couple of days - when i connected it there were the usual things to reset, windows, radio, clock etc but the screen demister is fine as i had this on yesterday and it works as expected without any resetting etc. Does the light on the switch come on when pressing the demister?
  3. There should be no reason that you cant just top up the expansion tank as it is part of the system - water will circulate through it - remember to use the correct coolant. How low is it or is it actually empty. If filling it up it might be an idea to note how much you need to fill it by and keep a record of further top ups - it should not disappear
  4. Yes it does (+1 to Tobys answer) You usually hear it from the foot well but i would question why it is being lost - is there a white crust around the water pump?
  5. Badging on the other side of the battery all states Toyota / Czech also. Bosch battery fitted tonight and all good and back to normal, car seems to be running better than before..
  6. I thought the only alignment on these was through the self levelling system unless it does not have HID's Local garage to me, that i have used for years, put an advisory on mine for a de-laminating rear number plate which is fair enough but i told them to let me know if there was any issue with it before recording it to let me know and they didn't and for the sake of £20 ..... it was still within its MOT period so could have sorted it before it was up. They also, which i think was a genuine mistake, added almost 60k miles to the cars mileage!! Dont know why i checked it on the GOV site when i got it back but a good job i did really.
  7. Quite conceivable that the PS warning would come on as thats where the issue is being reported - you could plug in an OBII reader on the off chance there is an error code stored that relates to the steering issue ... worth a go .
  8. Left car standing for 4 days and came back to a very sluggish start. Left it running for around 10 minutes then turned off overnight. In the morning it would not start - turned over but not enough juice to get it to start. I thought it may have been the original battery on the car (2006 model) but after taking it out tonight i have found that its a Toyota fitted one from 2014 (according to the date stamp on the label) Another one is on order (Bosch S4) - used before and happy with them. The battery is off the car as i am charging it to see if it has had it - is 6 years a premature failure for a battery, i doubt i will use it but will see what it is like when charged (on trickle charge with one of those smart chargers) • How can i tell if the battery is goosed - will it lose its charge quick when not on charge? • Is there any connection method for putting a new one back on (positive first or negative first?) i know these are full of electronics so want to be careful putting it back on. Picture of old battery below ...
  9. It is just the cold as stated above - you can actually see this when you select the display for the gear it is in when you are first driving it - the display will show 5th gear while in auto until the ECU gets the signal that it can move to 6th. A1 to the info given above and it is right. I would not worry about it.
  10. Plus 1 for the Castrol A5 Magnatec - Halfords had it on offer before Christmas at £15 for 4 litres, not sure if it is still available at that price. Filters i find from Eurocarparts for around £8 (think the brand is mann or crossland) not had an issue. Air filter i have used is an oiled K&N and had that for years now,just clean it every year or so.You will need a special tool to remove the oil filter housing but the work is really easy to do and everything is accessible. Cabin filter worth doing also. Gearbox is not worth the hassle in doing unless you are getting error codes
  11. Got to ask, are you sure all the power leads are connected?
  12. As far as i believe, on the 250 at least (can see you have a GS but it is probably the same) The radio aerial is integrated into the heating element and i an sure it is the element that is the middle vertical one. You will probably find that the elements have dried up and flaking off the glass if the radio reception is going.
  13. To be honest i would find the time to do it myself - £850 is a rip off. £200 to £250 for the parts and about an hour or so job to do. £600 saving and its an easy job. Failing that and you dont have the time then i woudl imagine it woudl cost around £300 from an idie if you supplied parts
  14. Stab in the dark but are your calipers siezed?
  15. Have seen other owners reporting this from time to time and they have, most of the time, found it is the tyres rubbing on the felt arches - easy to see if you check the arches for rubbing marks.