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  1. Clunk when steering

    What size of wheels are fitted on the car?
  2. Same colour as mine - wasn't sure at first but I like it now ... the grey interior is quite nice also.
  3. A local garage fits mine - been going there for years and always had good prices. I asked them to match what was on the car but they couldn't this time - they did put a Kumho Ecsta on but it was a newer version. £65 fitted - they are £62 on Black circles. Can you find a small tyre business and ask them to get the tyres in and fit...alternitavely, have your choice of tyres delivered to a centre to fit.
  4. On mine at the moment are a set of Kumho's. The alloy wheels and the tyres were supplied by Lexus new and they told me its one of the brands they now use or have done in the past. They are 18's though. I have just replaced a front one due to a pot hole at £65 fitted.
  5. What did you use, where bought from ..... any link
  6. I must admit I still use the steering lock - my justification for this is that it will hinder the thief (they will probably manage to remove it anyway) but it will not make it easy and during this time I presume the alarm will be going off so it will raise awareness....
  7. Possibly only that dealer after realising they have not fitted it as per the instruction?
  8. All this money the government is taking from the motorist - for what ..... The privilege to drive on less than 3rd world roads in most cases ... ridiculous !! Pot hole heaven !
  9. is 250 rattle on start up GONE

    Have a look at this link - it explains and shows it well
  10. Always a good time to do them after the winter - but when is that these days?
  11. Damage to side panel

    Paint marks usually come off using an IPA liquid and not damage the paint. Do the car parks have liability in this instance?
  12. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    I have used the red rubber grease (pink grease in a tooth paste sized tube) for years - I actually am about to finish a second tube of it I have used it that long. Admittedly I do change the grease twice a year and a lot of the time its fine , some times its getting discoloured. I have had no issues with the rubber boots expending or the pins seizing (maybe as a result of the rubber protectors staying intact from the use of the grease) Is this Molycote or the proslip compatable with the rubbers .... would you still clean the pins on a regular basis if using this? The Proslip grease does not really state its a high temp grease which I would have thought it needed to be to cope with the temp of the calipers during braking. Should the red rubber grease be used in the pistons when doing the pins to preserve the rubbers on them and also helping lubrication?
  13. What type of grease are you using and do you grease them twice a year or just check them
  14. IS250 Auto - Not Starting Today

    If you have a second key try that - could it be an issue with the immobiliser? If you have an OBD reader try to see if theres any codes stored Failing all that I would reset the system by unplugging the battery - leave for 20 mins and try starting again
  15. Looks ok - again, to get an idea on how the cars been looked after ask for the reg then check this against the MOT history at Remember, if you are looking at it, at the end of the day its a 13 year old car so the basic checks apply. The plugs should have been changed at 60k on this so check these have been done - the garage states that the disks and pads have been done which to be honest is not a big job. Ask them if they have done the brake shoes (on the rears) and if they state it does not have any then do check the discs have been done as the shoes live inside the discs and quite evident to the person replacing the rear discs (Have heard of this before before where the garage has said brake discs done have been replaced and said it did not have shoes? gotta question if they really done it) Another thing to check is the rear screen heater for hanging wires on the window - found this on mine though plan to fix but if not used for a while then on an old car they can become brittle and fail and I think the radio ariel is part of that system. Consider the exhaust system will be due for replacement so if you can get it looked at for rust These things are bargaining chips - let us know the reg if you get it
  16. The Toyota red grease goes on in a light red colour - over time it will turn black but you will only notice this when cleaning the pins. It should not be dry and "clumpy" when changing...
  17. Its not so much a fact that the slide pins fail - its initially down to the rubbers failing which creates an opportunity for the weather and dirt to get into the recesses where the pins slide and then from there it rusts the pins up or creates a think gloop of grease which makes if difficult to remove them. Water will get in and I would say the rubber seal on the boot to the caliper is not brilliant which emphasises the use of the correct compatible grease that will not attack the rubbers making it loose its elastaciity. Its important to make sure the groove on the caliper where the boot slips into is always cleaned when you are re-greasing the pins as it gives the rubbers a better chance of securing to the caliper. If they are not secure within these grooves then they will pop out and will definitely let water in and they wont last long. Possibly why some people that let the garages do them see their calipers sieze prematurely as do the garages really take car to that extent to ensure the boots are on correctly all the way around the groove....
  18. Spoilers fitted (roof and boot) at the weekend along with a good clean (wash, clay'd and wax'd) has come up all sparkly !!
  19. Spoilers

    I had asked this prior to purchase and it has had no effect on the policy at all. I done the same with the last car with the same notification. Seems if you let them know it is fine ? Guess it would be a different story if these were expensive additions...
  20. Its worth a check regarding the size of the socket on the pin as I have an old rear caliper carrier in the garage with the pin attached and it is definitely an 8mm allen key or an H8 key socket. There are two different sizes of calipers on the 2007 model for some reason - one has vented discs and another has solid resulting in different calipers - sizes of the bolts may vary....
  21. It is a 19mm socket for the top bolt (the one that's shrouded in the rubber boot) Its an 8mm or H8 key for the bolt (was on my old 2007 model).... make sure tho before you buy as I am sure around 2007 the rear brakes were upgraded. You may need to apply a bit of heat to remove the bolt it it wont budge - carefull in and around this area if doing so. Don't go gung ho and use a pair of pliers in the pin unless you know its moving. Have you got the grease sorted? Nows a good time to also clean the two brake pad securing pins that slide through both the pads. Its not a hard job - let us know how you get on
  22. Spoilers

    +1 to the above Use the paint code.
  23. This one is in Liverpool but not sure on model ...
  24. Spoilers

    There's a few out there - I stuck to the one I had before as I had no issues with it - fitment is very good - application is via 3M adhesive tape. The seller is from Taiwan. Lead time is approx. 3 weeks and expect to pay around £25 on top of the price for duty - Search on ebay for the link below Painted For LEXUS IS250 IS350 ABS OE ROOF + TRUNK SPOILER WING 06-12
  25. Spoilers

    Its an ebay store - "OEM thing" I had them on my last car - good quality - nothing wrong with them up to the 5 years I had the last car and a brilliant paint match