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  1. Silver car with cream leather ---eww. I prefer this New&onesearchad=New&make=LEXUS&sort=distance&model=IS 250&radius=1500&transmission=Automatic&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=ch11sg&page=6
  2. Far more to hifi sound than number of speakers, the DSP is huge above the normal one, as is the subwoofer system.
  3. Well sometimes autos either don't recognise a kickdown or they kickdown too much for what is required, which is why I prefer manual ovverride. A lot of the time in my current car I use the paddles to upshift it earlier because it doesn't change up quick enough. Can't do that in a Lexus but its not a noisy 4 cylinder diesel so might not matter.
  4. Yeah I only want an SE-L and I only want ML + the touchscreen, sub 80k miles, ideally that "Cavandish Grey" colour? (is that the right name?), only want auto. And I only want to spend £6k max really. Don't care age. Lexus Cheshire Oaks have a 2012 for sale I went to look/test drive it today but couldn't find the dealership, found it now on Google maps so going again tomorrow. The one they have seems very overpriced.
  5. thesmileyone

    Exhaust on

    For resonators and drone don't mess around with adding them to disrupt airflow, this just increases backpressure. You need to use helmholtz and this is very precise. Works on any car, obviously the flow rates and EGT's will differ.
  6. My only gripe with the IS250 is why didn't they bring in the IS350? Also the gearbox, it seems to go into whatever gear it wants on upshift for example if I tap it into 5 when it is in 2nd it wont go into 5 until it wants to but when it does it wont go into 6th? That's what I got out of the test drive. My current car is dual clutch and it goes into whatever gear you tell it to.
  7. You can actually cut out any of the airbox (for more sound) on the cold side of the engine bay, so the front and front left as you look at the airbox from the bumper. On my 330ci people were selling kits for £300+, I just grabbed a hand saw and cut the whole of the front out of the airbox, one big square, and then gutted the inside of it. Sounded just like my friends simota cone but with none of the heatsoak you get in traffic in the summer! If I buy a 250 it will be the first thing I do! A friend bought a 1997 golf 16v gti and he actually cut the whole airbox in half ha ha, so the bottom half of it was missing completely. Being quite far from the engine and only used in the summer (no puddles) this was no problem, the throttle response seemed a lot better and the induction roar was immense for a 4cyl!
  8. Not been to see it, its 40 miles a way, but I don't know where and don't have my mobile activated yet (moved from Cornwall to Cheshire/NW yesturday). I have noticed not many IS' for sale in the NW? Most seemingly London etc. Are there not many dealers up here?
  9. I used to run Goodyear Eagle F1's, I find they need replacing after just 8k, they are noisey despite being "69db" etc. Then my mum bought a TT with 19" TT RS wheels from factory, which on Avon ZV5's were much quieter than my eagle f1's on 17's, suffice to say I save money by going for Avons all the time now, My a3 has zv5's on the front and zv7's on the back (zv5's replacement) I managed to get them buy one get one half price at National. They grip really well, taken some corners (I just moved to North Wales) I have never been round before too fast and not a problem, the eagle F1's had soft outer walls so they would squirm if you went too fast. I really think these sites like mytyrereview etc are all paid off by Goodyear and Michelin etc.
  10. All a heater is a basically a heat exchanger, it takes heat from the engine and exchanges it to heat up the cabin. The LS might have its own heater for the cabin (which heats oil) but the other models won't. So yes you can expect this. My 330ci used to heat up in about 3 minutes (big 3.0 engine in tiny engine bay!) my 2.0 tdi a3 takes about 20mins realistically.
  11. thesmileyone

    Exhaust on

    Hmmm you live near me, does this system bring out some of the v6 noise in the otherwise muted is250? I do quite a lot of exhaust mods, and know a great way to eliminate drone (helmhotz resonators - hardly anyone in the UK seems to understand how these work!). It's quite hard to get an exhaust made for a car that sounds like a standard golf r32 for example, most turn out like boy racer exhausts even if you ask for quiet!
  12. Hello! Long time! So I am considering an is250 next, found one for sale really close to me, an SE-L in great condition... but... it has these door rubbing strips on it... they look TERRIBLE. Do these just come off or require a bodyshop? New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&aggregatedTrim=SE-L&sort=distance&postcode=ch11sg&maximum-mileage=100000&price-to=7000&minimum-badge-engine-size=2.4&make=LEXUS&model=IS 250&page=1 Also it says it is an SE-L but I cannot see any front parking sensors? Or any rear ones for that matter. Nor headlight washers... Is it an SE-L? Is there anything to look out for on these cars? I know it's a random choice but I have the following marked down as potentials - Is250, GS300, RX300/350. Golf mk4 R32. Audi a3 3.2. I currently have an A3 2.0 tdi, and have had 4 A3 s-lines with a mix of engines and gearboxes but kind of bored of Audis. Also do SE-L's come with xenons or just HID's And how easy is it to install the later headlights which had LED DRL's in the bottom? I have only seen the threads on US forums. Thank you.
  13. Probably also worth looking at your Nurburgring claim. 7:14 was the special LFA Nurburgring package car. £408,000 The LFA itself actually did it in 7:38, in the dry. £343,000 Merc SLS AMG : 740. £160,000. So more than double the price for 2 seconds faster.
  14. Actually this is what you said. Direct quotes from yourself. Part about badge snobbery^ A load of acheivements by so called Lexus with no actual proof to back it up, just your opinion yet you claim that everything an S Class or 7 Series has done is surpassed by Lexus. I am still waiting for you to explain how any Lexus model is better than its competition. Your words, not mine.
  15. You have summed it up perfectly. My point about the S320 CDI was that he decided to do a like for like comparison with a brand new LS 600h vs a Merc S320 CDI and a 2004 based S55k. (without the k according to him, just spec but no supercharger). Which is a ridiculous way of comparisons. Then he states how I need to be model specific because I compared an S Class to an LS. Again, I am being model specific, LS and S Class are both models. Both have different engines within the models. The big thing about Merc's in the UK is business lease. Most people in the position to buy an LS are MD's or higher... most MD's or higher have the sense to lease a car that depreciates rapidly, and they don't have to worry about reliability either. Merc's and BMW's can be leased all the time... it is hard to lease an Lexus let alone an LS. But he seems to state it as fact that people only buy a Mercedes for the badge...wrong. For the record Noby76, I have driven the following extensively. LS 430, LS 600h. Owned a 1992 Lexus LS400, very good car! Mercedes: S600L (2005), S65 AMG, S63 AMG, S500 (latest model), CL500 and numerous others. Vw Phaeton (very under rated car, depreciates way too quickly unfortunatly). BMW 750iL, 760iL, 750i, 740i, 728i (underpowered). Audi S8 v10, Audi A8 W12, I could go on. So before you condescend me because I used to drive a Passat, perhaps you should have asked me if I have driven one rather than just assume I haven't.