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  1. Hi Colin, All fuses are OK? Do you know of any particular fuse to change that may be causing the issue? Thanks
  2. What sort of money is a new ECU?
  3. Is it only Lexus I can get a new ECU from? Can a dealership tell previously if there is issues with the ECU i.e. In December 2017 when the dealer in question fitted a new gearbox free of charge after months of asking them to!
  4. @ColinBarber have tried a few including the one some of the big rescue companies use
  5. @ Hadrian Bsttery OK according to volt meter see original post, also tried jump starting from a new battery this didn't work either
  6. I get into the car, turn on the ignition, when the car displays check complete on the dashboard the car actually attempts to start and then just doesn't quite get there and then the fan starts going and then after that there is just nothing every time I attempt to start it, it does not attempt to start or click the fan just comes on and the P/S Light comes on. Any help appreciated!
  7. Do you mean the red security light that flashes on the dash?
  8. Just to add car has 86k miles on it with full Lexus service history. It also just got a new gearbox in December 2017 free of charge from Lexus dealer, but has not been used since new gearbox went into it as I stopped using the car last June 2017.
  9. P/S Warning light Hi Guys, Went to turn over my GS and the car would not start? P/S warning light came on? Disconnected negative battery connection left it for a while then when I turned it back on the same happened again but now the outside temperature gauge in the car is not working and displays "E". Outside temperature gauge is minor issue, why is the car not starting and P/S warning light coming on? I have the car on charge since its been sitting up since June its on a Banner Accugard-Car 1.8A Power Charge System Battery Charger. I have driven it a few times since its been off the road, I was only driving it 2 weeks ago and all was OK! It doesn't even attempt to start up it seems to start and then the fan comes on and the P/S light appears? I got multimeter and battery all good @ 13.5volts All fuses look OK I got a few different OBD's and all could not even connect with the engine management system to see what the fault is? Radio, fans, aircon and all controls still work OK. So essentially car is not starting and engine fan turns on as soon as you attempt to start car and P/S warning light is coming on?? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi Guys, Trading in my 2006 IS250 Sport for a 2005 GS300 with very low mileage. The GS has the original 17" rims but I'm looking for 4 x 4261130B20 18" GS300/GS430 rims, see pics of the OEM 18" rims I'm looking for. Thanks David
  11. The VSC light came on my 2006 Is220d yesterday evening(traction light & engine light), Im living in Ireland but my car is originally from Lexus Norwich, I dropped it into the Lexus dealer it has had its last 2 services in, they reckon it needs a new engine and they will do it under warranty as good will gesture!!! even though it was originally an English car, The mileage has just hit 70k miles. I'll keep you posted.