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  1. its 4 years old come december. But if it were the ball joint, it shoudnt make a diference if i brake or not, should it??
  2. Hi, When i turn left at low speed, such as when turning into a parking space, and i brake gently at the same time, I get a knocking noise from the driver side brakes/suspension. Any ideas? It doenst make a sound fro the left side, and i have to be braking at the same time.
  3. they are rubbish. buy a pair of 'xenon white' LEDS, great wee addition for about £10
  4. I did the same thing. From IS300 to IS250. The cars are really chalk n cheese. I have had a few problems which Lexus have sorted out, but in terms of looks and 'toys', they are incomparable. The IS300 is sportier, there is no doubt. And has more poke. I always liked the button gear change. But the IS250 is classier. And has better MPG
  5. No-one seems to be shocked by this! I thought the Err3 had been sorted. Or have we just come to accept it?
  6. Hi, The CD changer in my mates '57 IS250se packed in. The dreaded 'Error 3' message came up. He was ragin'. All his CD's stuck inside. I told him not to use copy cd's, which is what his changer was full of. It was the first question the Lexus dealership had for him when he phoned up. It's going in next week. I thought the Error 3 message was a thing of the past as well................
  7. The last time I bought online I purchased using the finance deal. So if it didnt work out, I would claim through the company. Suppose I could do the same wit my credit card, but the finance co. seemed safer. My Omega was spot and I saved about £300. It just didnt come with an Omega guarantee, so if something went wrong, I couldnt take it to a dealer. But it was ok. Just wondered if anyone had used any similar companies. Cheers
  8. I scuffed the front bumper of mine parking it in the garage about a month after I purchased it. I got it resprayed and it isnt a perfect match. The bodyshop (and Lexus dealership too) told me the silver was the most difficult to match for the Lexus. Theres about 15 different shades of the Argento Ice, from those with a blue hint to those with yellow tint. Mine isnt 100 %, to be honest.
  9. You may carry a FOLDING POCKET KNIFE which has a cutting edge no greater than 3 inches in length. If the knife locks into place, the length of the blade is irrelevant. The length of the blade is also irrelevant, if the knife is presented at a person. In such case it would become an offensive weapon for the purposes of the legislation.
  10. Hi, Looking to purchase a Tag Heuer watch online. There are a few companies online such as PrecisionTime, SwissWatches or AAtime. They sell the genuine thing ( I bought an Omega a few years ago online from Blitz Watches) for about 15% cheaper. Anyone else bought from any other online company? Thanks
  11. It was stuck on with a blend of 3M tape and 'windscreen bonding sealant', oddly enough.
  12. Hi, I finally purchased and had painted/fitted my spoiler - see below. I know its not a good pic, shadows etc. Those are genuine bright spots from the sun no editing done there. That was after a couple of coats of BH Autobalm. Rear windows tinted too. Cheers
  13. Which Dodo wax would you suggest? - my car is the silver one in the banner.
  14. Thanks for the replies. Hwen I got the car back in August, I used a clay bar, then a sealant (Klasse?) and have been applying wax ever since. I generally use Meguiars, but as I said, variation is good! I have looked at both Victoria and Dodo waxes which I liked the look of. But Collinite always comes up as good VFM. My car gets polished/waxed every other week, so the long lasting protection isnt a major consideration. But shine is, which is what I am looking for. Thanks
  15. Hi, been looking to invest in some new wax. Bored with the old stuff. Some old threads refer to Collinite. Its cheap enough, but looks like a tin of wax from the 70's! There are also two versions - can anyone recommend? Or shall I look elsewhere? Regards
  16. Got the car baqck yesterday. New steering rack under warranty, with a rear brake caliper and set of pads. The engine rattle is to be fixed when they get the parts in. Must be costing the brand an utter fortune. Thank god I gave that 220d courtesy car back. Sorry guys, but what is that all about. 38mpg, I get 31 in the 250. As for the 6th gear............
  17. Is that because of technical superiority or because the way games are developed though ? I think your "simple fact" is about the way games run, not about what's possible from the hardware. There is some truth in that yes - the difference is this: xbox has a more traditional hardware approach of a very mature dedicated gpu and a good cpu. So you can throw all your rendering stuff at the gpu (hence better out-of-the-box anti-aliasing and higher resolutions) and leave the processing stuff to the cpu (animations, physics, ai etc etc.) The PS3 has a very quirky architecture with a more powerful cpu but a rubbish gpu. However the cpu is meant to take on some of the rendering work - so you have to be smarter about where you are going to spend your cpu time. The "fact" above, you're right, is that right now all cross-platform games look/play better on x360 because devs are more comfortable with the traditional gpu/cpu approach. And most cross-platform games are developed on PC platforms (same architecture as xbox) then ported to PS3. This will change as PS3 coding matures and people learn "tricks" to get the best out of it but even with that it is unlikely that PS3 will ever be able wipe the floor with 360. There is no clear "better" console and I'm not suggesting that there is. Ultimately when you factor in all the pros and cons of each they are very very similar. But the idea that alot of people have that PS3 is some kind of super-computer and x360 is out of date is just wrong. Hando, I take it you are a computer guru to trade ? Loving the indepth knowledge.
  18. Yes, but only after the vehicle has been sitting for a few days. Not when it is warm. My car was in at Lexus Edinburgh this week. They have confirmed the engine rattle and have ordered the parts to fix. They did state that the TSIB only related to US vehicles (?), but that Lexus Uk were aware. They also sorted some brake and steering recall issues. Lexus warranty still wont cover the dash rattle though.
  19. Don't do it! Xbox 360 is the only one for gaming. The PS tries to be too many things. Plus the online gaming is appalling compared to Microsoft. IMO.
  20. I'll let you know when my car gets back from the dealership....... Central Scotland? Whereabouts?
  21. Yeh, ok I get the picture - they look crap. I wont purchase...............
  22. Can't see why not - its a recognised fault, albeit not mechanically based. In the same way that the pitting of alloy wheels doesnt affect any mechanical workings of a car, but they would be quick to replace them.
  23. Hi, My car is at lexus Edinburgh as we speak for a variety of issues. They tell me that squeaks and rattles are not covered by the warranty (mine has an extended warranty provided by Lexus UK). They will pay for parts, but not the labour. Is this right? Ta
  24. Hi, Does anyone have these? What do you think? Cheers
  25. Yes, but only after the vehicle has been sitting for a few days. Not when it is warm.
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