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  1. rayaans

    IS got side swiped!

    Ooohhhh I forgot to update. I got the excess back from the third party insurance company within 2 weeks so it's all sorted. Third party is best yes. They sorted out the claiming back of excess as quickly as they could because they knew I didn't have any extortionate hire car fees
  2. rayaans

    Miles and depreciation

    Or condition of the car itself? and spec level?
  3. rayaans

    Auto Express luke warm about the ES

    They're always lukewarm about anything Lexus. Fact of the matter is though that Ive already seen 2 ES300h's on the road and they look absolutely stunning. Thats more than the number of GS' ive seen in 6 months!
  4. There's a button In the general settings which says "auto screen change" or something Needs to be off for the screen to stay the same
  5. Yep will do. Hopefully should sort it all
  6. More info here https://lexusenthusiast.com/2019/01/14/introducing-the-lexus-rc-f-track-edition-updated-2020-rc-f-coupe/ Says power is increased but I wonder if Europe will get the filter in the exhaust which reduces power?
  7. So the car went in today. Parts are being replaced under warranty on 24th but I don't know which ones. Will update further when I have more details
  8. The rubber inserts will be Lexus/Toyota ones made by denso. I used to buy them on eBay from Lexus UK and fit them myself before I knew about the denso wipers on ecp. I wouldn't say there's any difference in changing rubbers Vs buying new complete blades apart from feeling like better value for money when buying the whole unit
  9. So the issue is still there today so Ive decided to take it in tomorrow. Will update in due course
  10. Theyve identified its cylinder 1 misfiring. I put redex in this morning just to see. Im driving about 10 miles today and 10 miles tomorrow but Im still going to take it in on Monday to see whats going on.
  11. Osram nightbreaker Unlimited are very good bulbs. The longevity is fine, 12months+ if installation is done with care i.e. with protective gloves on. If you start going into Osram Nightbreaker laser and 130%+ bulbs, the longevity will be 8-10 months at best.
  12. They can't diagnose it because it hasn't put any lights on. Now I do recall my 3RX used to shudder in the cold a bit too and once warm it'd be okay. It's a similar case here. I'm going to put some redex in before Monday and just see if it helps. If it sorts the issue I'll use BG44K from now onwards
  13. No it doesn't occur under load. Rather the opposite. It only seems to occur when the engine is cold. No idea why or how they suspected it but they say it's injector 1 that's misfiring intermittently.
  14. This misfiring only seemed to occur starting end of November last year. Now it is intermittent and the dealer couldn't find the fault properly as it's not stored so I don't really know what's going on. They know about it though so said if something is to happen they'll do it under warranty even though it runs out on 14th Jan. Can only has 22k miles on it so very unusual indeed. I wonder if it's just a duff spark plug