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  1. Yep I would second that. Spark plugs degrade over usage, not time. They just sit there when not used. The dealers are not flexible in the servicing. For example, a 6 year old car with 25k on it will have its 6 year/60k service. Ideally, there should only be Lexus Intermediate and Lexus Full services with additional work at the required time rather than having "mileage services" as such. One of the reasons why I went with Lexus essential care for my wifes car as hers is going to be 6 years old with only 20k on it and they want to change the spark plugs! lol
  2. When you lock the doors yes unless you've left a reading light on. In which case it will stay on until the car detects low battery and then everything will turn off.
  3. rayaans

    Buzzy vibrations

    Usually near the seatbelt height adjuster. In most cases the b pillar plastic needs to be removed
  4. rayaans

    My 2nd RCF!!?

    Looks like its ready for winter with those steelies on
  5. rayaans

    Lexus300h nx

    Well i think the whole system is a bit of an attempt to help drivers who can't guess the correct speed limit of a road. The older system on my RX was much better. It was just built into the sat nav system and would get speed limit info from there.
  6. rayaans

    Buzzy vibrations

    More than likely to be the b pillar. Check that first
  7. rayaans


    The orange suits the car I think
  8. Cars of this nature are usually stolen to order. Lexus probably ranks amongst the lowest on the stolen list tbh. The German cars are in high demand, especially the S, RS, M and AMG models. Id stick with the faraday cover and call it a day tbh. If I had an LC, it'd be a different story.
  9. The guy who did my son's Golf said he can do most Lexus vehicles. The IS250 would see minimal gains however. The IS200t on the other hand can push out 270hp on a stage 1.
  10. Tyres, wheel balancing and bearing would be the first things to check. Also check the brakes. Sticking calipers can cause vibration at high speed.
  11. rayaans

    Lexus300h nx

    The speed camera recognition only seems to work for extremely obvious signs. Mine is hit and miss. It pops up on the HUD to tell you what the speed limit is when it changes. It then goes away as it presumes you'll remember it until it changes again. I dont find the function useful tbh.
  12. Only works on vehicles with memory seats and mirrors as they need to know which position to revert back to I'm pretty confident the executive model doesn't have it.
  13. rayaans

    Lexus UX prices

    Worth remembering that prices of almost every car have gone nuts right now. Bloody Ford Focus cost £25k+ nowadays. We can blame PCP for that as list prices don't tend to matter anymore to the general public, just the monthly prices. I can remember when the RX used to cost £35k for a top spec one, now its £60k. My wage certainly hasn't gone up by a similiar percentage lol.
  14. Sounds like something is either draining the battery, or the battery itself isn't up to it. I'd probably replace the battery to be honest, most likely to be it.
  15. rayaans

    NX wanted

    Utter crap to deal with and have a set 30 minute of optional extra and accessories that they try to sell you. Additionally, I would check the service history of those particular vehicles. Evans Halshaw vehicles always tend to have atleast 1 service missing.