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  1. Depends on the dealership Ive found Mercedes Hull/Grimsby to be exemplary - to Lexus standards in terms of customer care possibly because they don't get a huge amount of customers in the first place. Sorted out a panoramic sunroof rattle on son's car under warranty with no fuss at all. Weirdly, theyre under Listers group, and as most of us have experienced, Listers Lexus i.e. Cheltenham, Lincoln etc have extremely poor prep and customer service standards compared to other Lexus dealers.
  2. I agree with the prep standard from Lexus Cheltenham. Its utterly ******* to be honest. With my RX they basically delivered a car with paint missing from the rear 3/4 bumper and a chunk taken out of the front bumper. I rectified it all at my expense as they werent willing to pick up the car and have it done. They wanted me to drop it off down to Lincoln which is 1.5 hours away from me (the closest Lister Lexus) I would say Lexus Bradford and Lexus Stockport have never let me down in terms of the standard of their vehicles Oh and Lexus Chester too. The vehicle I bought from them was absolutely immaculate despite being 2 years old.
  3. Needs a full refurb, theres no touch up for wheels
  4. Doesnt appear to be a huge issue I think the relative rarity of the 4RX may have something to do with it - plenty of CTs and older RXs to take them from.
  5. It's not for me, for the wife. And she typically keeps her cars for 7-8 years give or take anyway
  6. There are ways to get around it fortunately
  7. UX300e Although I suppose the trade in argument is applicable to both. Both are £30k cars brand new if your accountant knows what he's doing
  8. The closest colour match is Toyota Phantom Grey - 1E3 The wheels dont have a specific colour code. Unfortunately, it either has to be touched up by eye or painted a whole new colour altogether.
  9. BTW, i'll let you know of my impressions when it arrives 😉 Its going to replace the IS300h and will only cost me £30k for a brand new car so theoretically could trade it in after a year and make a profit.
  10. Does anyone buy these things as a private buyer anyway? 100% FYA makes it a bargain - think about £11k off in taxes taking into account 20% personal use. Only 50 coming to the UK
  11. My son has had 3 German cars now Fortunately, all of them have been relatively OK 1) 2006 Polo 1.4 petrol with 47k on the clock when bought at £2700 - radiator leak at around 55k - fixed for £200. 2) 2008 Golf 1.4 TSI with 63k on the clock when bought - obviously an undeclared accident damage car as some panel gaps were a bit big and the paint was ridiculously swirl free and polished to perfection presumably by a detailer before sale but was cheap at £3400. Whoever repaired it missed a seal in the drivers door window costing £10 which i did myself. Car itself needed only a new ABS pump, very common on these at a cost of £300 altogether. Took a remap very well with no issues at all too. 3) 2015 W204 C180 Coupe - 57k on the clock - currently on 74k with no mechanical issues and is running a remap and K&N filters. Panoramic sunroof sticking so Merc replaced everything no questions asked under warranty. Honestly, my son thinks it broke because of him. He opened it accidently with the key on a frosty morning and it made a cracking sound so Im surprised. Merc Grimsby were very good in all honesty, up to Lexus standards for sure. Either way, the german cars havent been too bad to him at all
  12. The whole appeal of the hybrids is to waft in comfort Now considering you have what looks like the worst engine ever put inside a Lexus, I don't think there's any real justification for saying an RC300h sounds weedy...... 🤣
  13. Worth bearing in mind that everything is taking twice as long right now simply because of COVID restrictions. What would have been a 2-3 day scratch fix will easily take 2 weeks if not more
  14. The 0-60 times don't show much. The torque and mid range acceleration in the 300h are amongst the fastest in the class
  15. Just an update. Tyres are doing well but I caught a pothole and it cut the sidewall on the driver's side. Luckily no damage to the wheel but as it was close to home got the car in the drive and it was hissing. A day later and had to get Kwik fit mobile tyre through to fit an asymmetric 5 No difference between the 5 and the 3 as far as I can tell tbh
  16. Oils are a waste of time on modern leather. They simply sit on the surface of the coating and attract dirt. All you need is a cleaner and a sealant. No conditioner is even going to penetrate the coating on top anyway
  17. NX450h+ uses the same power train. Release 2021
  18. Had the same issue with my RX Turned out to be a fly in the end
  19. I really like that - I think they've got the stance spot on. Its a huge shame they're not bringing it to Europe - I can see these selling very well. Id be first in the queue!
  20. Theyve been brought forward like in the RC If you look at the touchpad, the most forward cupholder is in line with it. In our 3rd generation cars, its a lot further back which means our elbows go into it when sitting in the passenger seat. So in that regard, I think Lexus have listened to the customer base and pushed them forward so the passenger can put their elbow on the armrest
  21. There is 1 electric version of every model to come from what Ive heard. The GS is supposedly coming back as a more premium 4 door coupe to compete with the A7 and CLS. The UX300e is available to pre-order now. I suspect price will be around £47k for the Takumi. They went with the 54.3kwh battery simply to keep costs down as research generally show those who buy EVs tend to use them as city/town driving anyway with low mileage. i.e. they expect 1 week out of a single charge. Im considering this for my wife as she doesn't do high miles and with the 100% allowance, its a good buying proposition. There is yet another SUV coming to the Lexus lineup - the concept came out a while ago but its more premium than the RX and supposedly going to have around 600hp (LC-F powertrain), to compete with Porsche Cayenne Coupe and BMW X6M
  22. Im sure you wont find a 300hp NX450h+ plug in underpowered 😉 As for various posts regarding Tesla model 3 and their sales - lets not forget that many of these sales are simply down to the cost of the vehicle being relatively reasonable and 100% allowance on company car users. Problem is, Ive seen more model 3's on the road than the new 3 series! I think most of us are here because we don't want to drive the same grey car as everyone else, and many Lexus buyers who won't necessarily go on forums or are any kind of enthusiasts, are the same. From what I know, and the models that are coming soon - Lexus have got some new models up their sleeves (including the return of the GS......)
  23. The photos are real. Just a comparison between the old and new IS in terms of the C pillar. Quite a stark difference. As is the fuel filler cap. The shoulders look a lot more curvy
  24. The date has been amended to June 15th now Quite clear from the little teaser that the mirrors and wheels are different. C pillar is definitely different to the current IS including the fuel filler cap.