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  1. It's one of the biggest sellers in the US. It's definitely coming.
  2. Toyota are correct. Relatively speaking the demand just isnt there. Tesla model 3 - 2018 had 173 new registrations, thats all models. BMW 320d had over 2000 new registrations on the 320d model alone which shows the vast majority of the public just aren't buying them. Things work differently in the US. They're patriotism is over the top so you get an American brand like apple for example and they'll be all over it. UX300e was announced a few days before your comment.....
  3. Yes, full 4 wheel alignment check should be done at service time. And as with my dealer, they send video of the vehicle and its alignment test paperwork taped to the front bumper lip whilst the car is in the air. Inner tyre wear isn't a known issue on the RX so most likely its an alignment issue, or a vehicle that spends a lot of time in towns going over the humps where the inner side of the tyres scrub
  4. When they say 2021, they mean 2021 MY. So I would say around March/June announcement and first deliveries in December 2020 I expect the new NX to be revealed in due course..... Only a few more months away
  5. Yep the UX300e been revealed and will come out next year The NX should get a full refresh next year with an electric powertrain
  6. I dont have any engine vibrations, its silky smooth. The two issues I have had is the rear door seal coming off. It was replaced with a newer version which is a lot stickier and since then no problems. The second thing was it developed an intermittent misfire. They changed the faulty injector and had no issues since.
  7. I presume the fuel was correct in the end then? Any further news on it then. I'm interested to find out what it was
  8. Quite unusual, bad batch of fuel can cause this though. I remember a friend who fairly recently put some fuel into his brand new BMW. Fuel had condensation in it, the car wouldn't start, spluttered and was recovered. Fuel removed, fresh batch put in and it started
  9. Agree with the kick plates. They're quite a poor design in my opinion and not very hard wearing. With regard to the screen, the anti-glare coating rubs off no matter what you use. Even a damp MF cloth seems to mark it. In the end I removed the screen and used an alcohol based cleaner to remove the entire coating and it looks perfect with barely any difference to screen viewing
  10. I would probably go for the newest model you can get. The infotainment system was much improved with the facelift too. Worth considering.
  11. Ive switched it off, prefer to do it manually in the RX Nowhere near as good as the one in my son's Merc.
  12. I had a 2012 F-Sport and thought it had the best balance of harshness to handling. Felt the others leant too much around roundabouts. Hence, the 4th gen I have now is also an F-Sport
  13. At this time of year I cant be bothered waxing the car so Ive been using spray on rinse off solutions Stumbled across Turtlewax dry and shine, just spray on a wet car and rinse off, will leave it beading very well. Must say it seems to be working on the reversing camera too
  14. The only thing I can expect to cause and to trigger apart from faulty wheel sensors or abs sensors are the tyres. When the vehicle is very new, we're talking less than 1000 miles, the tyres will be fairly fresh and won't have their optimum grip levels. 3 months in I'd expect that to be unlikely however Are we 100% sure it's the abs? Or is it pulsing of the brake pedal?
  15. Have to say a lot of these comments are off topic. Stick to 2016 RX tyres please as most of the suggestions arent available in 235/55 r20 size
  16. Vehicle itself is recent but the mechanicals are 4 years old now. Most likely I'd expect a wheel sensor to be a bit oversensitive.
  17. So after Lexus released their EV concept LF-30 it appears they will reveal their first EV next month No idea what it is but the UX300e nameplate was patented in Europe a year ago, so most likely we're looking at a fully electric EV In the meantime, enjoy some fancy pictures and videos of the LF-30 with 536hp, 700nm of torque and 0-60mph in 3.8s. They're also looking into wireless charging for a more luxurious experience. Unlikely it'll make production but we'll see:
  18. Most likely the auto dimming feature is turned off Will be in the screen menu somewhere where youll also find contrast and brightness settings
  19. Think it looks more similiar to the RC than an IS. The lights are straight up from the RC. On the 2 series GC and 8 series, it appears they've copied the Jag XE/e-pace
  20. Too hard to tell unfortunately. In theory it should be a simple software update. Whether Lexus offers it to owners of cars which don't have it is a different story. They might not, purely because it's a reason to upgrade to a newer model
  21. Ah so perhaps android auto and carplay are not too far away. They might be brought out as a 2020 MY update
  22. Dont think the manuals are specific to Europe to be honest. They're the same for the US too so most likely from that. Lexus has sorted the licensing issues in europe as its available on the RX now. So i presume it'll come on other models soon. Whether its through software update or when a refresh comes out is another story
  23. Halogens are bad on any car nowadays. The nightbreaker unlimited are good, but they last around a year.
  24. I wouldn't worry. 4-5 inches is not much, anything coming up to sill level should be okay.