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  1. 1 hour ago, Jayw13702 said:

    Those bloody cup holders!!

    I know it may seem like a small point but I’ve lost count how many people complain about the location of them

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    Theyve been brought forward like in the RC

    If you look at the touchpad, the most forward cupholder is in line with it. In our 3rd generation cars, its a lot further back which means our elbows go into it when sitting in the passenger seat. So in that regard, I think Lexus have listened to the customer base and pushed them forward so the passenger can put their elbow on the armrest

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  2. 8 hours ago, dutchie01 said:

    Now that is a scoop! what other models are in the pipeline Rayaans?

    There is 1 electric version of every model to come from what Ive heard. The GS is supposedly coming back as a more premium 4 door coupe to compete with the A7 and CLS. 

    The UX300e is available to pre-order now. I suspect price will be around £47k for the Takumi. They went with the 54.3kwh Battery simply to keep costs down as research generally show those who buy EVs tend to use them as city/town driving anyway with low mileage. i.e. they expect 1 week out of a single charge. Im considering this for my wife as she doesn't do high miles and with the 100% allowance, its a good buying proposition.

    There is yet another SUV coming to the Lexus lineup  - the concept came out a while ago but its more premium than the RX and supposedly going to have around 600hp (LC-F powertrain), to compete with Porsche Cayenne Coupe and BMW X6M 


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  3. 4 hours ago, dutchie01 said:

    Cris i fully agree. I really would like to stick to the brand but i left already currently driving a Volvo. After an IS250 and 300H i wanted to stay with Lexus but did not want another 300H and could not find another model to my liking. Tried the NX but found it underpowered, tried an XC 40 and that was that. Now again in 1.5 yrs it will be time to change vehicle and yes i would like to come back to Lexus. But what model? The position in the market has changed for Lexus. 10yrs ago the 250 was a car that stood out from the competition with buildquality and especially NVH. Those were the usp of Lexus but no longer. Apart from beeing exclusive i struggle in finding what Lexus stands for nowadays, what does it offer the competition can or does not offer, no idea really. As i dont like the German brands i will be eying Tesla as well.


    Im sure you wont find a 300hp NX450h+ plug in underpowered 😉

    As for various posts regarding Tesla model 3 and their sales - lets not forget that many of these sales are simply down to the cost of the vehicle being relatively reasonable and 100% allowance on company car users. Problem is, Ive seen more model 3's on the road than the new 3 series! 

    I think most of us are here because we don't want to drive the same grey car as everyone else, and many Lexus buyers who won't necessarily go on forums or are any kind of enthusiasts, are the same. 

    From what I know, and the models that are coming soon - Lexus have got some new models up their sleeves (including the return of the GS......)

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  4. 3 hours ago, mpls said:

    Video looks real, but i think the two photos looks fake. looks like the rear of the Pre 2017 IS (before facelift), notice the rear lights

    The photos are real. 

    Just a comparison between the old and new IS in terms of the C pillar. Quite a stark difference. As is the fuel filler cap. The shoulders look a lot more curvy 

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  5. 27 minutes ago, mpls said:

    Fine for now, but they are treading on thin ice. Norway bans the use of the term Self Charging.. Slow product development for Lexus ( behind Toyota) will not sustain Lexus for all the reasons mentioned in previous posts.


    I don't think they care to be honest. They know Germans are mass market. And Toyota as a brand is like that 

    Lexus was all about exclusivity and for the American market. Actually it's all in the name 

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  6. 27 minutes ago, mpls said:

    For those who haven't seen, the RAV 4 Prime ( not sure if it will be in the UK) looks like a fine machine, this is the kimd of powertrain that should  have be on their saloons..T The ony saving grace for Lexus if at all possible is if Toyota woild be the first to develop a Solid state battery and that lexus would be the fiest to use them, and if they ever do they should be re-releasing the GS/IS as EVs, now that would be cool. Just saw video where Clarkson drove a Tesla X, where he commented it was a fast heavy car ( though batteries were at the bottoms for low centre of gravity). There is a limit to Lith-ION and maybe Toyota don;t want to invest heavily in current tech batteries, though I think they are losing out in not even dabbling in EVS for lexus with Lith-Ion batteries. Surely the most profitable car company in the world has all the resources at its disposal to keep Lexus relevant and in peoples minds! Otherwise prepare to be run of the mill company that fades away... might as well throw in the towel now and shut down Lexus division, concentratrng on Toyota  only, if making money is the only objective...

    Lexus sales in Europe are going fine to be honest. 

    The NX450h+ is a plug in and will use the RAV4 prime drivetrain. It's coming next year

  7. Apparently the Lexus IS isn't coming to Europe or the UK according to an Autocar. They say the ES is outselling the IS 2:1. 

    The issue I have with that argument is they're essentially comparing a 2013 vehicle to a brand new one so surely the figures are going to be slightly skewed

    Id welcome a new IS tbh, the small executive saloon market is still alive. 

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  8. On 5/8/2020 at 1:21 PM, Dave400SE said:

    A car for sale in Bradford.......the general rule is "avoid, avoid, avoid" although I'm not sure if that extends to a Lexus main dealer

    You realise that most Lexus approved used vehicles are actually purchased from the Lexus network or through BCA Lexus/Toyota auctions right?

    On a side note, most of my cars have been from Bradford. Have to say, the prep and conditions of vehicles were much better than those from much bigger/well known Lexus dealerships

  9. 1 hour ago, olliesgrandad said:

    I had all 4 wheels refurbished on my 2015 RX450h as a goodwill gesture by Lexus due to corrosion around the wheel centres. 

    I have had one wheel on my 2017 RX450h replaced under warranty for the same reason. 


    If they were diamond cut then my statement doesn't apply as it happens across all brands on diamond cut wheels

    I'm talking about standard painted wheels

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  10. 14 hours ago, Jayw13702 said:

    I admit to being a little heavy on the brakes, my drive home is 20 miles of really nice twisty A road and I’m known to enjoy the road quite frequently emoji6.png

    The wheels are original paint but the paint has lifted really badly, especially around the Lexus logos on the wheel centres.
    I have 3 toyotas previously and they all went the same way. Mind you at 150k they’ve seen there fair share of salty roads so a refurb is in order soon

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    I suppose that explains the brake issue!

    Hmm, I believe it was a problem on earlier Lexus/Toyota. All of them post 2012 have had new alloys which don't corrode. I certainly haven't had any corrosion on 3 of my vehicles since then, 2 of which suffered from kerb marks. I wonder if they have been refurbed in the past by the previous owner before sale?

  11. 52 minutes ago, Jayw13702 said:

    Last night my IS300h racked up 150,000 miles


    Im the second owner and have done 91,000 miles in the last 23 months. I have all of the previous service history from new so I though I would share some stats:

    So far its had 12 services (one every 12.5K) ever since I have had the car I have been changing all the filters on every service and it has only been run on 0W20 oil, it has has 2 sets of denso plugs replaced and is now on its 3rd set. 

    Its had its EGR cooler cleaned out. I bought a secondhand one and cleaned that out, then on a weekend I replaced my original with this one. What a nightmare of a job that was!! But one that I felt was required

    I have paperwork for 7 complete sets of tyres, although they were not all replaced at the same time and in my ownership I have suffered 2 punctures that rendered the tyre useless, one of them on a tyre the had only done 800 miles. The car has been run on either Continentals or Falken tyres and since i've had the car I've only ever run the tyres at 39psi and they wear pretty evenly. Ive never had to have the tracking or alignment done and the car still tracks true.

    Ive done 2 diff oil changes and one gearbox oil change, the engine antifreeze has been changed. currently I am considering changing the inverter fluid  but I have heard horror stories about getting airlocks in the system and bleeding is supposed to be a it difficult. 

    All of the suspension is original, there are no rattles or squeaks and the ride is still very comfortable, everyone who travels in the car is impressed with the ride quality.

    Brakes, this is one area where Toyota/Lexus always seem to suffer, and my IS is no exception, its on its 3rd set of front discs, 5 set of front brake pads, 2nd set of rear discs and 3rd set of rear pads. It currently has EBC grooved discs and EBC pads on the front and genuine discs and pads on the rear. in the last 5000 miles I have replaced both rear calipers as they were seized and the fronts have had new slider kits fitted.

    The interior is spotless, mine is the SE spec so only has the half leather, the seats are still supportive even after a 500 mile round trip to London, on the cold mornings I do miss heated seats though. I know the infotainment system gets a slating but its not that bad, I have the premium stereo with the mouse controller and it takes a bit of getting used to but ive now got the hang of it although the sat nav can be a bit hit and miss with its routing at time, and the stereo gives good sound quality.

    Mechanically its still brilliant, it uses very little oil between services, it has a very small weep on the crankshaft front oil seal and this is the reason for the oil use. I can still get over 55mpg on a run and 45 mpg around town. It still pulls like a train, especially in sport mode.

    The Hybrid battery appears to still be in good condition, I have recently acquired techstream and am interested in interrogated the battery to see how well the cells are holding up

    Air conditioning is ice cold, its never been recharged  


    There are only a few niggles I have, one of them is there is a rattle from the passenger seat when there is no one sat in it, I have a feeling there is. wire looks in the seat.

    The front bumper is absolutely spattered with stone chips and needs a resprayed at the same time the leading edge of the bonnet would benefit from a bit of paint as well. that aside the overall paintwork is in really nice condition.

    The wheels are typical Toyota/Lexus quality, the paint is flaking and the wheels now need refurbishing.

    The front edge of the O/S chassis leg was found to be quite rusty, this has now been rectified by a bodyshop after Lexus decided they would not do it under their body warranty.


    So that's the first 150,000 miles, I reckon I will see 200,000 miles in about 13 months time. Would it recommend one? Yes, Would I have another one? Very possibly, but would prefer a GS300h next time as they have a slightly larger boot which would work better when doing airport/ferryport runs, but if I can't get on e at the right price/mileage then ill happily have another IS300h






    extensive write up

    Few things I find unusual however 

    1) You mention heavy use on break discs and pads. I find that quite remarkable actually as the 3RX I sold was on 50% wear at 55k miles. Mine is currently on 30% at 31k miles and the IS is on similiar levels. Ive found the hybrids to use  the mechanical brakes less often unless using the brakes in very slow traffic

    2) The alloy compounds since around 2012 is quite difficult to corrode even with significant kerbing. Are you sure the paint is original on the wheels? Likely poor refurb I would assume.

  12. 2 hours ago, rich1068 said:

    I don't pretend to follow it all but am I correct in thinking you're in the medical profession Rayaan? I do understand the herd immunity argument but isn't that extremely dangerous for the vulnerable in the short term? Until herd immunity is established? 

    Yes you're correct.

    See I think the whole situation has been mismanaged. The vaccine is still a long way away, the latest estimates are the end of the year.

    So really instead of discouraging or banning large social events they should be encouraged and the vulnerable I.e over 70s, immunocompromised encouraged to stay indoors. 

    That way herd immunity develops quicker in the population not at significant risk 

    What's actually happening is that we're delaying the spread so therefore it takes much longer for this immunity to become useful in the community. We know most of the population is going to get COVID-19 at some point but I think the main reason for delaying is to reduce the peak of it in healthcare provider settings. 


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  13. COVID-19 has similiar symptoms to influenza. The issue is we don't have a vaccine so the vulnerable i.e. older people, immunocompromised are unlikely to do particularly well. 

    The majority of people will fight it off within 7 days.  Remember that children are carriers and are asymptomatic so limiting the spread of COVID-19 is actually quite difficult as theyll be the ones spreading it more than adults. Personally, I wouldn't put any restrictions at all and establish herd immunity quicker.

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