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  1. 2 hours ago, rich1068 said:

    I don't pretend to follow it all but am I correct in thinking you're in the medical profession Rayaan? I do understand the herd immunity argument but isn't that extremely dangerous for the vulnerable in the short term? Until herd immunity is established? 

    Yes you're correct.

    See I think the whole situation has been mismanaged. The vaccine is still a long way away, the latest estimates are the end of the year.

    So really instead of discouraging or banning large social events they should be encouraged and the vulnerable I.e over 70s, immunocompromised encouraged to stay indoors. 

    That way herd immunity develops quicker in the population not at significant risk 

    What's actually happening is that we're delaying the spread so therefore it takes much longer for this immunity to become useful in the community. We know most of the population is going to get COVID-19 at some point but I think the main reason for delaying is to reduce the peak of it in healthcare provider settings. 


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  2. COVID-19 has similiar symptoms to influenza. The issue is we don't have a vaccine so the vulnerable i.e. older people, immunocompromised are unlikely to do particularly well. 

    The majority of people will fight it off within 7 days.  Remember that children are carriers and are asymptomatic so limiting the spread of COVID-19 is actually quite difficult as theyll be the ones spreading it more than adults. Personally, I wouldn't put any restrictions at all and establish herd immunity quicker.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Britprius said:

    Thanks Rayaan.

    The Merc I had was indeed a diesel "C" class, but with all the bells, and whistles. I had to come back from Birmingham to North Hereford on Thursday night, and found where previously they had worked the headlamps would not go to high beam. They are LED lights.
    The only way to get them to come on was to hold the operating stalk in the headlamp flash position. If held for more than about 1 minute they went out. After about 30 miles I was driving through a village on dip beam when the lights went to main beam on there own dazzling oncoming traffic until I could cancel them having taken me by surprise.
    They then worked normally for the next 20 miles. That is turning off below 20 mph, and turning back on at about 20 mph with the theatrical curtain opening type turn on. The strange thing is if you flash the headlamps they go strait to full strength main beam without the delay, and curtain effect. 
    The dipped headlamps were possibly the best I have ever used while the main beam were possibly the worst.
    The engine did not seem matched to the 8 speed gearbox. Unless you used the paddles to hold the car in a low gear with the engine revving with lots of drone when following slow traffic like tractors the ability to overtake quickly when there was a short opportunity was not there. The car would be in 5th or 6th gear with the engine running at about 1000 rpm. Flooring the accelerator did nothing until the turbo spooled up and the gearbox changed down.
    Perhaps I am spoiled by the GS450H instant power. On the move the transmission was always changing gear on the rural roads where I live with the forever changing drone from the engine. Perhaps on a motorway it is fine, but that is not where I do 95% of my driving.

    The other major thing for me was inability of the suspension to deal with uneven road surfaces where the car would hop sideways on hitting a bump even in a straight line. Ok I was using sport mode to try to get rid of the turbo lag, but I was not in sport plus nor did I try it. Normal mode was not noticeably any better.

    The electric parking brake works well, but the operating switch is out of the way, and difficult to find even when you know where it is. It is true I never found a use for it as it generally comes on, and off when needed automatically.

    The good points about the car apart from the dipped beam headlamps was the cruise control with physical breaking to hold the set speed. You could if you wished drive the car "quite safely" once on the move  just using the cruise control from the steering wheel. This having plus or minus 1 or 5 mph speed increments on the same button.
    The birds eye view parking facility on the central display was very good. Perhaps erring on the over safe clearance warnings, but very effective. A pity the screen seems to be stuck on the centre of the dash like an afterthought or aftermarket addition, but this does not detract from it's functionality.
    The TPMS worked well displaying the actual tyre pressures, and on which wheel rather than just a low pressure warning.


    The high beams are automatic units which can be turned off in the menus. The parking brake is electronic and turns off automatically when driving, you shouldn't have to press anything 

    I think a lot of that is to do with the engine. Ive recently driven the C300, petrol turbo. Didn't seem to suffer from much turbo lag

    I think some of the issue is with driving a hybrid for a while, the ability to drive a normal automatic is impaired. For example in my son's C class I can change gears by modulating throttle pressure. Worth remembering these gearboxes are "smart" too so if you drive it like you stole it, it'll hold lower gears than previously 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Blisteringblue said:

    Our modern thinking company have said a blanket no to full electric cars for now.  Haven't even quoted for a Lexus this time, I'm leaving for the new Volvo XC40 T5 Twin Engine Inspiration (PHEV).  Quoted 22 weeks by Lex Autolease.

    I've loved the drive of the IS, hated the infotainment and it will be a shame to move on, but quite looking forward to the XC40 PHEV and Android Auto finally 😝

    Well I mean it's been a few months since the UX300e was revealed and is actually available to order from March onwards. And it comes with Android auto so it seems you're slightly behind in terms of what's actually going on 

  5. The Michelin LTX premier is an all season tyre which is available in 4RX size. However, its £260 each. 

    Ive had the Bridgestone duelers on from factory and theyre also very quiet. No complaints bar the wear rate and only about £150 each

    The fronts were gone after 16k miles, The rears are on 4mm at 30k miles currently, the same as the new fronts. So they tend to last anywhere between 15k-20k on the front which is reasonable for the weight of the vehicle.

  6. 42 minutes ago, First_Lexus said:

    ^^ I guess so, although when it needs to be taxed over the first three years the bill will still be a shock and will need to be paid by the owner.

    As much as I love my NX, I do wonder whether the price premium for a Lexus - or any premium brand - is really worth it over (say) a Mazda or even a Suzuki Vitara. After discounts, a top spec 1.4 AWD Vitara is only £21k, and should be pretty reliable even if it doesn't have the solid feel of a Lexus. That's almost half the price of the UX Takumi!

    It won't make much difference to me as I'm planning to keep my NX for a number of years. It's all about priorities.


    Road tax will be in the 5th year on that particular plan so will be £450. From year 6 that will no longer apply and itll pay the £140 or however much the standard rate is.

    I suppose you could say that for anything though. Is £120 on a bottle of Aventus Creed worth it compared to another fragrance at £40-50? 

  7. On 2/7/2020 at 5:37 PM, First_Lexus said:

    As far as I can see, in 2017 over 80% of new cars were bought on PCP deals where the road tax is an issue, although I agree buyers should build this in to their calculations. The number of cars bought on PCPs may have dropped slightly - I can't find accurate figures at this point - but I don't think it isn't true to say that "pretty much all cars" are bought on lease, unless you include PCPs.

    As for the competition, a comparable sized and better specified Mazda with AWD can be bought for £35k before discounts. 

    I really liked the UX (apart from the plasticky door trims) but can't get my head around paying over £40k when my NX Luxury was only £37k list.

    On most deals they appear to be built into the monthly payments though

    For example the NX300h F-Sport Takumi Pack/Panroof deal is £4263 + 47 x 453.70 inc vat. Road tax is fully included. 

  8. I also had one recently as a courtesy car when my RX went in for service. Was pretty pleased with it, handled better than i thought it would whilst retaining a lot of comfort. 

    I think people are getting hung up too much on the £40k list price.

    Pretty much all cars are on lease nowadays and its built into the monthly payments. Additionally, the competition are similiarly priced anyway 

  9. 57 minutes ago, hockeyedwards said:

    Sooo, had drivers side mirror glass randomly crack *cries in Lexus*, gone all blue and black on the crack which now obscures some of the view 😞, got quoted over 300 squids for a new one from Lexus parts, almost had a heart attack! Unsure whether I can claim it on warranty, wasn't an impact, just happened during de-icing with the mirror heater function. I want to remove it to inspect the back, but don't want to break it further, any idea/ downloadable file on best practice to dismantle the wing mirror? Also, any links to potential vendors for a new one would be greatly appreciated, luckily have use of another car, so it is just gonna sit on the drive whilst I try to find solution.

    Thoughts and prayers also appreciated 😛


    Yep theres no difference between the GS-F mirror and standard GS-F

    Also the IS and pre-facelift RC have the same mirrors

  10. 23 minutes ago, rich1068 said:

    Nah, not having that. A £75k car that makes that noise on the factory fit wheels and tyres and mainly seems to affect rhd vehicles? I'd park that in front of the showroom doors, put a disklok on it and leave it there until someone agreed to take it back. It's wholly reasonable to expect your car not to make that noise when you park. It's fashion over engineering, proper lowest common denominator stuff and the manufacturer/dealer should be held to account.

    Although most manufacturers do recommend winter tyres which removes the problem during the winter which is when it happens most.

  11. 53 minutes ago, Wallace said:

    Here's my thoughts.  We have had an IS200S, an IS250 Sport, an IS 300h and now have an IS300h Sport and this will be our last Lexus because we are going EV.  Neither Lexus nor Toyota make a 100% electric car at the moment.  We have driven "reserved" a Kia e-nero and also "been allocated" a VW First ID3.  We see the market taking off this year with sales of EV's.  We had to "reserve" the Kia 6 months ago because they had sold all of the 2019 allocation in the early part of the year.  It is a very very good car to drive and as we have solar panels it kind of makes sense to go EV.  The VW ID3 looks a very good car on paper, and VW obviously can see which way the market is going.  I still cannot believe that Jaguar did not see the slump in the sale of diesel cars coming.

    Anyway it will be sad to leave this club, as we saw it grow from the 1990's to what it is today.  Good luck all.

    Well they do it's called the UX300e and order books are open so.....

  12. On 1/17/2020 at 5:25 PM, Roberto71 said:

    Hi all. New poster here from Dublin. 

    I'm currently in a 2019 Merc E220d AMG spec. But am looking seriously at Lexus for my next car as I like the designs and the hybrid engines. Prior to the Merc I had about 6 BMWs in a row. So it would be a big move away from ze Germans. Lexus are popular over here and well regarded, (I've noted a strange thing on YouTube; the UK reviewers, they don't seem to ever rate any Lexus highly, it seems weird). 

    I'd be looking at an RC or ES, (maybe RX450h 2nd hand at a stretch). I like the look of the ES a lot and the interior is more modern than the RC. 

    On the spec levels, I'm torn between the Takumi (called Premium spec over here) and F Sport. I like the exterior look of the F Sport and the tacho but I think the interior of the F Sport is a bit bland? I wouldn't go for red seats and the black interior seems very black indeed even with the sunroof. The interior of the Premium/Takumi looks a lot more interesting with nice colour combos and better seats and leather.

    Whats the feeling on these two spec levels? Is the ML sound system as good as they say? And are there any Sonic Titanium owners here? it seems a really interesting colour.





    I think the ES looks brilliant in F-Sport guise. Remember that you can actually add the Takumi pack to the F-Sport in order to get you the best of both worlds.

    Having said that, for what you are looking for in terms of comfort, the Takumi will probably be the better option


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  13. C

    21 hours ago, dutchie01 said:

    Interesting article in Carbuzz.com today with the header  - Teslas biggest threat could be Toyota -.

    last year sales of toyotas hybrid vehicles increased by 28.7% in the US while lexus hybrid sales rose by 43.1%. Toyota sold a grand total of 274,550 hybrids in the US in 2019. To compare, Tesla sold about 200,000 vehicles in the US last year. Toyota offers non hybrid versions of its most powerful cars but customers are opting for the hybrids in droves.

    makes you think... 

    Another bombshell in the EV world made public today. In Holland the Ionity company ( high speed chargers in highway petrolstations) announced an increase in price valid as from today. The average price to charge your batteries to full was about 8 euro to full. This is going to forty seven ( 47 ) euro .....


    Currently it is cheaper to run an EV not taking cost of purchase into account.

    I can imagine as more people jump on the bandwagon, the government will start hiking road tax as well as duty on electricity