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  1. 53 minutes ago, Wallace said:

    Here's my thoughts.  We have had an IS200S, an IS250 Sport, an IS 300h and now have an IS300h Sport and this will be our last Lexus because we are going EV.  Neither Lexus nor Toyota make a 100% electric car at the moment.  We have driven "reserved" a Kia e-nero and also "been allocated" a VW First ID3.  We see the market taking off this year with sales of EV's.  We had to "reserve" the Kia 6 months ago because they had sold all of the 2019 allocation in the early part of the year.  It is a very very good car to drive and as we have solar panels it kind of makes sense to go EV.  The VW ID3 looks a very good car on paper, and VW obviously can see which way the market is going.  I still cannot believe that Jaguar did not see the slump in the sale of diesel cars coming.

    Anyway it will be sad to leave this club, as we saw it grow from the 1990's to what it is today.  Good luck all.

    Well they do it's called the UX300e and order books are open so.....

  2. On 1/17/2020 at 5:25 PM, Roberto71 said:

    Hi all. New poster here from Dublin. 

    I'm currently in a 2019 Merc E220d AMG spec. But am looking seriously at Lexus for my next car as I like the designs and the hybrid engines. Prior to the Merc I had about 6 BMWs in a row. So it would be a big move away from ze Germans. Lexus are popular over here and well regarded, (I've noted a strange thing on YouTube; the UK reviewers, they don't seem to ever rate any Lexus highly, it seems weird). 

    I'd be looking at an RC or ES, (maybe RX450h 2nd hand at a stretch). I like the look of the ES a lot and the interior is more modern than the RC. 

    On the spec levels, I'm torn between the Takumi (called Premium spec over here) and F Sport. I like the exterior look of the F Sport and the tacho but I think the interior of the F Sport is a bit bland? I wouldn't go for red seats and the black interior seems very black indeed even with the sunroof. The interior of the Premium/Takumi looks a lot more interesting with nice colour combos and better seats and leather.

    Whats the feeling on these two spec levels? Is the ML sound system as good as they say? And are there any Sonic Titanium owners here? it seems a really interesting colour.





    I think the ES looks brilliant in F-Sport guise. Remember that you can actually add the Takumi pack to the F-Sport in order to get you the best of both worlds.

    Having said that, for what you are looking for in terms of comfort, the Takumi will probably be the better option


  3. C

    21 hours ago, dutchie01 said:

    Interesting article in Carbuzz.com today with the header  - Teslas biggest threat could be Toyota -.

    last year sales of toyotas hybrid vehicles increased by 28.7% in the US while lexus hybrid sales rose by 43.1%. Toyota sold a grand total of 274,550 hybrids in the US in 2019. To compare, Tesla sold about 200,000 vehicles in the US last year. Toyota offers non hybrid versions of its most powerful cars but customers are opting for the hybrids in droves.

    makes you think... 

    Another bombshell in the EV world made public today. In Holland the Ionity company ( high speed chargers in highway petrolstations) announced an increase in price valid as from today. The average price to charge your batteries to full was about 8 euro to full. This is going to forty seven ( 47 ) euro .....


    Currently it is cheaper to run an EV not taking cost of purchase into account.

    I can imagine as more people jump on the bandwagon, the government will start hiking road tax as well as duty on electricity 

  4. On 1/2/2020 at 6:42 PM, Jayw13702 said:

    6 years isn’t bad from one of those batteries, I’m waiting for mine to start giving issues.
    One way I used to be able to tell on the Prius was the traction battery used to discharge quicker when the 12v was on its way out, did you notice that with your IS?

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    Not really laid attention to it. Once the AA guy came and charged the Battery I wouldn't say it's any different to be honest.

    I'll probably get the car priced up for a new Battery at the local dealer. See what they say but I'm expecting around £300

  5. So, 6+ years later, the first issue arises with the IS300h. Ours is a 63 plate, so one of the early ones

    Admittedly, one that I diagnosed before the car was even started by the way the door mirrors opened.

    Yep, you guessed it, duff Battery. AA man recharged and car is fine. It was left for 2 weeks as we were on holiday. A relatively simple and cheap fix so Im very pleased to be perfectly honest. 

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  6. 50 minutes ago, JBPRX400h said:

    My 2017 Gen4 RX450h has just developed its first foible.

    When the rear hatch is opening it judders slightly but opens fully and then closes smoothly. It has been doing this for a few weeks now but doesn't seem to be getting any worse (or better!)

    Took it into Lexus Milton Keynes this morning and they have tried lubricating the struts (do the struts contain the motor?) and all seemed well when I left. However, when I opened the hatch this afternoon the judder was back again. They did say to bring it back if it started playing up again so will try again after Christmas.

    Has anybody else experienced this?


    Mine is still smooth. However, I do remember there was a recall involving the rear hatch and ECU as well as the motor so perhaps it's related. 

  7. 6 minutes ago, olliesgrandad said:

    Strangely my touch badge tailgate lifter now works fine. I couldn't find anything in the settings menu. Something else I learned this week was that you can stop and start the tailgate height from the button in the bottom of the tailgate as well as in the menu settings. 

    I think it's in the dials menu not the large screen menus. The sensitivity is much better on max it opens up very well 

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  8. On 11/29/2019 at 10:07 AM, i-s said:

    Toyota are still sticking with the hydrogen fuel cell fantasy, and it doesn't help matters when they say stupid stuff like:

    No demand.... that's why the Tesla 3 is outselling the LS, GS, ES and IS put together in the USA. However, toyota ARE working on TNGA-e, and hopefully they won't fall too far behind. 

    But I don't think that it's the shift to battery/EV that is the thing that's going to hurt/kill legacy automakers - it's software. 

    Tesla own all of their software - they've ended up making their own pieces of hardware (seat controllers, infotainment, active suspension units, drive units, etc) in order to own the entirety of the software stack. This way they can update everything through over-the-air updates, while other car manufacturers are going to be trying to deliver a piece of bosch engine software through a visteon canbus system from a garmin infotainment system. They can integrate control of the car (eg suspension and motor control) with autopilot (whereas other driver assistance systems come from third-party suppliers - eg Nissan ProPilot and Volvo PilotAssist are both from Mobileye)

    In this area Ford have a big advantage over many other legacy makers, as they are taking much more ownership of hardware and software (Sync 4, as in the new Mach E, is developed in-house by what used to be Research In Motion (Blackberry), which Ford acquired in 2017). VW are starting to take some of this in-house also. 

    Toyota are correct. Relatively speaking the demand just isnt there. Tesla model 3 - 2018 had 173 new registrations, thats all models. BMW 320d had over 2000 new registrations on the 320d model alone which shows the vast majority of the public just aren't buying them. 

    Things work differently in the US. They're patriotism is over the top so you get an American brand like apple for example and they'll be all over it.

    On 11/29/2019 at 9:27 AM, Gliderpilot said:

    Toyota/Lexus have so for been way ahead of the rest of the bunch but lately IMO have dropped the ball. They could have easily brought out PHEV versions of all their cars not just the Prius, which proved they could do it. They will get left behind. They are behind, even Ford get it with the new Mustang Mach-e.

    UX300e was announced a few days before your comment.....

  9. 4 hours ago, NemesisUK said:

    I was surprised to find that a full 4 wheel alignment check as standard on full service on my RC (it's listed on the service check sheet, any required adjustments would be additional charge), on my 2016 RC final service it was noted that the inner edges of the rear tyres were showing wear. This was normal for my model, according to the service manager.

    Does the RX also benefit from a full 4 wheel alignment check at service time?


    1 hour ago, Lager shandy said:

    They will only ever look for abnormal wear or steering pull issue .remember these are money making group own franchised garages .and they will not move your car to another ramp to do a 4 wheel alignment unless your paying extra for it and remember the mech would have only been on a days in house training course and won't really remember how to sdjust everything properly .i would always recommend going on say piston heads forum and ask who they use and you will get a lot of good advice on who to use and who to avoid .lexus service equals only oil and filter change a look over and maybe air filter / pollen filter and brake fluid change .how many dealers have a glass viewing wall of there workshop so you can watch them ?? 

    Yes, full 4 wheel alignment check should be done at service time. 

    And as with my dealer, they send  video of the vehicle and its alignment test paperwork taped to the front bumper lip whilst the car is in the air. 

    Inner tyre wear isn't a known issue on the RX so most likely its an alignment issue, or a vehicle that spends a lot of time in towns going over the humps where the inner side of the tyres scrub

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  10. 1 hour ago, Farne said:

    Unless I dreamt it and I believe I read it on a US site, there is an EV version of the NX coming soon to Europe.

    Yep the UX300e been revealed and will come out next year 

    The NX should get a full refresh next year with an electric powertrain

  11. 14 minutes ago, Newfie said:

    She had filled before her trip and I asked if she had put diesel in by mistake and to check her receipt even though the nozzle size would make it hard work but these things happen. 
    In the old days it was so easy to get in and work on problems but now it’s like a walking computer. 

    I presume the fuel was correct in the end then? 

    Any further news on it then. I'm interested to find out what it was

  12. Agree with the kick plates. They're quite a poor design in my opinion and not very hard wearing. 

    With regard to the screen, the anti-glare coating rubs off no matter what you use. Even a damp MF cloth seems to mark it. In the end I removed the screen and used an alcohol based cleaner to remove the entire coating and it looks perfect with barely any difference to screen viewing


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  13. 45 minutes ago, Mindthegap said:

    Thanks again for all the replies. It's good to see such an active forum! For my budget I seem to be looking at 2011 cars. I could probably stretch a bit to a 2012 facelift model. Apart from a couple of small changes and a sport mode there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference though? Do you think it's worth it or just get the best I can find whether 2011 or 2012?

    I would probably go for the newest model you can get. The infotainment system was much improved with the facelift too. Worth considering.