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  1. My 2012 RX had 55k miles on it with 40% remaining on the pads! I wonder if someone could eek out 70k miles on one set of brakes lol
  2. Possibly by ensuring less energy is drawn when the car is stationary for example through the alarm system which is usually one of the only things on in a vehicle when it's switched off
  3. I think the self healing paint is on every new model Lexus after 2012 or so. It debuted on the GS 4th gen
  4. Didn't read this earlier but you don't need a heat gun A hairdryer will work safely, takes a little longer. Its pretty quick on Lexus paint as I believe the self healing clearcoat is activated by heat. This is what I did on my son's car. You need to do it within a week otherwise the marks become permanent over time. Car wasn't even washed, just warm water in a jug used to soften the bird poo, wiped away with QD and then hairdryer. Took less than 5 minutes I've done this to multiple cars now with no issues. It will not damage the paint as the paint gets no hotter than on a warm sunny day
  5. Pretty sure they're an arm of Fish Brothers - i.e. Lexus Swindon so I would have no doubts regarding technical knowledge or getting incorrect parts
  6. Also I believe only the first 6 "gears" are used most of the time. The rest are for motorway cruising and overdrive to eek out maximum economy.
  7. Are these not synthetic gears from the multistage transmission? Something which I suspect would have been very obvious from a test drive? The V8 LC500 is the one to go for. Doesn't make sense to go for the LC500h whatsoever unless its for a company car.
  8. Some of this information is quite outdated. Apple carplay and Android auto are now available on the facelifted RX and is expected to roll out across the range. This was due to eu licensing issues. All new models will be going back to touchscreens with the availability of the touch pad. I suspect eventually the touch pad will be removed entirely.
  9. Id measure your existing blades, then just search through wiper blades on ECP without putting your reg in and buy the correct size. By going on what you're saying, you need the 24" and 19" blades
  10. You do realise that Lexus tend to test their vehicles more than any other manufacturer for reliability right? Its not a case of lets build it and hope it does OK, then we'll sort it out later if anything goes wrong. Look at the Audi e-tron - already having issues, clearly shows not much testing was done before it was released. I believe Lexus test their vehicles over 1 million miles before they're released.
  11. Yep, classic. The mechanical brakes don't get used as much on hybrids hence the noise A few emergency stops from 60mph usually cures the issue for a while
  12. Only on cars with memory seats and mirrors
  13. The interior on mine wore very well. It had 55k on the clock when I sold mine with no real wear on the interior whatsoever. Of course, these are usually used to ferrying kids around so the wear may be due to children. From the auto express article: "Comfort The RX’s ride is firm at the best of times. On 19-inch wheels you’ll probably find it uncomfortable, especially for long journeys" ^^well thats just utter ******* isn't it!
  14. Last time I checked, light aircrafts used oil derived from mineral oil which is natural oil and to top it off have much higher viscosity. They don't use fully synthetic oils. Mineral oils start getting thick below zero. Fully synthetic oils don't. Any decent mechanic will tell you that a modern car doesn't have to be warmed more than 30 seconds. Cars nowadays even have rev limiters which go up the warmer the car gets nowadays
  15. It's fairly common knowledge nowadays that idling a car from cold to optimum temperature does more damage to the engine. Idling should be no more than 30 seconds, then it needs to be driven off as the oil has circulated around essential components in that time and will then warm up much quicker than being idled. Most automotive oils are synthetic and show resistance to thickening at even -40 degrees and the viscosity of oil in Lexus vehicles is usually 0W-20 Warming up a car is outdated and not recommended. It's even written in the manual. It goes back to an age when cars had carburettors.
  16. That's not true yet, maybe in the future but currently there will be the option of E10 and E5 at the pumps especially as some cars before 2011 are not suitable to run it.
  17. Well they will know when they have 3 different fuels to choose from at the pumps with different labels include Es and Bs. It's quite well known E10 doesn't give the same fuel economy. If everyone has to use 10% more fuel to travel, surely it'll outweigh the intended CO2 reduction they're trying to achieve as everyone will use 10% more fuel
  18. Not too sure on transmission oil change, its supposed to be sealed for life but if people do change them, tend to do them at 100k miles. Lexus spark plug change on the GS is 60k.
  19. I think its also been mentioned that E10 will give reduced fuel economy by circa 10% so on a car doing 40mpg real mpg, itd be getting 36mpg. Now, the real question is, is there any news on how much its going to cost? I can't imagine the general public using it initially for a few reasons: 1) its new, people don't like change, its human nature and are more likely to use something they're familiar with 2) reduced fuel economy 3) general scaremongering The above can only really be offset by reduced cost and a period of a few years to get used to it.
  20. Yes you can providing its not under Lexus Extended Warranty. Just remember to take it to the dealer for the £59 annual hybrid healthcheck
  21. Hes not getting in, so that won't happen. But I mean generally speaking, the fuel tax duty is ridiculous, and we pay VAT too. Fuel tax duty and VAT amount to more than the cost of actual fuel per liter which I always thought of as downright odd.
  22. Just a straight swap. Takes less than 30 seconds after you've done it once or twice
  23. Same thing could be said of animals. How often do we hit those? Unfortunately, could be argued that it is a legal requirement, since if there is a frontal collision involving a pedestrian, it's almost certain you'd be "uninsured"
  24. Probably a bad battery to be honest. I cba going to the dealers for it so just ordered maxell ones which last well, had no issues. Only bought 2 though because they have a short expiry date but we have two Lexus so they get used up in 2 years anyway
  25. possibly, but the fuel costs are ridiculous nowadays anyway The solution I have in my head is, tax on emissions and class of vehicle i.e flat rate of £0 for electric, £100 for everything else. Then add based on the size of the vehicle and its emissions. Of course, it probably wouldn't generate enough residue so the government would never allow it lol