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  1. Might be in the passenger side footwell in that case, worth a look
  2. I just get my tyres fitted by Lexus nowadays - haven't had any scratches on any of them. Seem to have a lot more time to do the job and those fancy machines which are fully automated. Cant complain at £10 a tyre +VAT either.
  3. Shouldnt go far wrong with avon ZX7 - quiet, cheap and rated very well for efficiency and wet performance
  4. Yes it happened to me also, I presume when changing over to Lexus Link and allowing service history to be seen whereas in Lexus link it wasnt before
  5. There is a 3 month wait on them. Not many have made it to the UK yet. The managers specials are the demo's or cancelled orders
  6. The leather will rip, its too soft. I put a folded towel or similiar underneath with no issues
  7. That can be repaired quite easily by a trim expert as the leather is still there albeit hanging off. They'll glue behind the bits hanging off and fill in the gaps.
  8. In our 2013 IS, it comes on when you release the parking brake
  9. Either way, insurance companies are also well aware of it. Wouldn't risk it for the sake of a carpet
  10. Shape didn't change but the clips did. Wouldn't advise driving with loose mats, Lexus recalled these vehicles for unintended acceleration simply because of mats getting stuck between the accelerator pedal. Also likely to be a big insurance issue.
  11. Ours recently did this too just last week. All were showing 32psi. Inflated back to 36psi, drove around the block and it cancelled itself.
  12. Mine is a late 2013 - no creaks to date. Its dead quiet inside now, especially with the new Goodyear tyres
  13. Been covered before by myself and nothing appears to have changed from a few years ago. Michelin Premier are the best tyres for the vehicle, unfortunately they're not freely available and are over £200 each. Bridgestone Duellers are currently the best choice at the moment. Its an odd size, not many manufacturers use it. I bought mine online and used Lexus to fit - it was £25 to fit two tyres including VAT Prices are higher because its a bigger tyre - nothing to do with competition really. £160 for a premium 20" tyre with huge sidewalls is not bad at all
  14. Had issues with supermarket standard fuel from sainsburys a while back, stopped using it and then I got 6p off a litre this year voucher. Thought why not. Used it in my car and lawnmower. Lawnmower hated it, car wasn't the same. Had a word with the lawnmower service guy and he said not to use it unless going through a tank fairly quickly. There are barely any fuel stabilisers in supermarket fuel which is why it tends to go "off" within 2 weeks. Never had an issue with branded fuel like BP, Shell, Esso in the tank even after 4-5 weeks Son's Merc doesn't like supermarket petrol, runs rough with a higher idle and very prominent lag over 3k rpm. Most people won't notice this as they hardly go over 3k rpm anyway. Petrol engines also seem to be more resistant to crap fuel.
  15. My 2012 RX had 55k miles on it with 40% remaining on the pads! I wonder if someone could eek out 70k miles on one set of brakes lol
  16. Possibly by ensuring less energy is drawn when the car is stationary for example through the alarm system which is usually one of the only things on in a vehicle when it's switched off
  17. I think the self healing paint is on every new model Lexus after 2012 or so. It debuted on the GS 4th gen
  18. Didn't read this earlier but you don't need a heat gun A hairdryer will work safely, takes a little longer. Its pretty quick on Lexus paint as I believe the self healing clearcoat is activated by heat. This is what I did on my son's car. You need to do it within a week otherwise the marks become permanent over time. Car wasn't even washed, just warm water in a jug used to soften the bird poo, wiped away with QD and then hairdryer. Took less than 5 minutes I've done this to multiple cars now with no issues. It will not damage the paint as the paint gets no hotter than on a warm sunny day
  19. Pretty sure they're an arm of Fish Brothers - i.e. Lexus Swindon so I would have no doubts regarding technical knowledge or getting incorrect parts
  20. Also I believe only the first 6 "gears" are used most of the time. The rest are for motorway cruising and overdrive to eek out maximum economy.
  21. Are these not synthetic gears from the multistage transmission? Something which I suspect would have been very obvious from a test drive? The V8 LC500 is the one to go for. Doesn't make sense to go for the LC500h whatsoever unless its for a company car.
  22. Some of this information is quite outdated. Apple carplay and Android auto are now available on the facelifted RX and is expected to roll out across the range. This was due to eu licensing issues. All new models will be going back to touchscreens with the availability of the touch pad. I suspect eventually the touch pad will be removed entirely.
  23. Id measure your existing blades, then just search through wiper blades on ECP without putting your reg in and buy the correct size. By going on what you're saying, you need the 24" and 19" blades