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  1. I dont use tfr. Don't see the point of using a stronger wash when I'm going to use a tar remover anyway? Just means I need more products And much prefer using tar remover on each panel rather than washing the whole car in a stronger wash affecting the rubbers and plastics etc
  2. The brown stuff on clay is usually tar deposits. Tar remover will remove all of that if used properly so the clay should theoretically be clean which for me it usually is. I've never needed to use a stronger wash. Shouldn't really need to in any circumstance in my opinion unless you're working on maybe a 10-15 year old car
  3. I don't worry about fairy liquid on paint. It's the rubber and plastics it tends to dry out.
  4. I wouldn't worry about it tbh. Just use the shampoo you're using currently
  5. The AG tar remover is quite poor, especially the bottle top - takes too long to work as its designed for the consumer market i.e. needs to be idiot proof and not stain plastics etc. A more potent tar remover like Powermaxed Tar off is probably what you need as tar literally runs off the panel
  6. I've been a massive fan of DetailedOnline products really - very effective and good value for money. The main things you need are tar remover, fallout remover and claybar - you may or may not need lube depending on the product. I use Bilt Hamber medium clay with water. Tar remover - only do one panel at a time, leave to dwell for 1-2 minutes and wipe with microfibre, then rinse off. It also bleaches plastic so be careful.
  7. So essentially S-flow means the air only comes out through the front vents if the front 2 doors are opened. Priority being given to the driver if no passenger is sensed to be in the car. If the rear ones are opened, or the car senses someone is in the seats i.e. through fastening of the seatbelt etc, the S-flow will switch off automatically so that all passengers can have some air flow. The s-flow switch is in the infotainment system, theres no physical switch.
  8. Advise is correct regarding bedding the tyres in - they take a fair few miles to become "normal" and can feel skiddish before that. Tyre inflation is fairly easy to check so do that first
  9. GFV moves around loads depending on who you get your car finance from etc. Its not accurate at all. When enquiring for finance just to see what the figures were like, the GFV on my current RX was something like £25k after 3 years. The car is 3 years old and they're selling for £33-35 and WBAC are giving around £30k. The dealer was actually saying the best way to PCP a car from Lexus is to pay the final payment and then trade it in lol
  10. 6 years old in September - no issues yet, not even a rattle at 18k miles
  11. New one out in a year or so based on the new RAV4
  12. Are you sure? The LC500 is definitely @wendle's car. I wasn't aware he'd got himself a GS-F too!
  13. They do wear quick. I ran a set on another car. Rears were worn in less than 10k miles
  14. Yep 255/40 Black circles have them for £151 Inc fitting. There is also a further discount of £10 if buying 2 so they'd be £146 each fitted
  15. 3rd or 2nd Gen IS? 255s on 3IS and on 2IS but on 3IS they're 255/35. Of course you can chop and change but bear in mind the sidewall depth is different so if you've got 225/40 on the front, the rears will have a thicker sidewall giving an appearance mismatch on 245/40 and 255/40. Less so on 245.
  16. Yes sensor sounds faulty. Picture doesn't really prove anything so no use to anyone other than being a visual aid. Ive used Lexus Stockport for servicing and sales multiple times, never had any issues. They are actually the 2nd best rated Lexus dealer in the UK according to customers after Lexus Stoke I believe However. I know they do get extremely busy - I used to book services atleast a month in advance just to get the date and courtesy car that I wanted.
  17. Thats pretty shoddy that you can't hold prices. Other brokers can do it - for a whole 30 days in fact. Why cant you?
  18. The 18" do handle slightly better. They are staggered however, bear that in mind. The 17" are the same width all around so you don't have to go searching extra hard for matching tyres front and back. Ofc they're also cheaper to change.
  19. If you bought the services separately, it would total £955. So £800 for 3 years is not bad at all
  20. Dont think any Lexus models have a heated windscreen? The ones from VAG are decent to be fair, all others ones really annoy me due to the wires. What do you "really" want the 360 camera for? I suspect its useful on a low coupe like an LC but my RX doesn't have it and its not exactly a struggle to park with a reverse camera, sensors and a few mirrors
  21. In that case, maybe an IS or NX would make more sense? Bear in mind the NX is almost as big as the third gen RX?
  22. Think it may be to do with the fact its hauling 2 tonnes around? Thats why I was thinking diesel estate if you need the space at that mileage. 40-50mpg would be quite cost effective I would think?
  23. Adrian Flux are a disgusting company in my experience. To be perfectly honest, I don't even know why Lexus Owners Club allow them to be on here. Maybe they should set up something with Chris Knott instead
  24. An owner removed all of it before using a window cleaner and cloth. Then had a piece of antiglare laser cut to dimensions and stuck it on. Essentially said it made little difference so could have got away with just removing it and leaving it be
  25. Can't get cream leather on the F Sport model. It's either red or black. Don't really think red goes with the blue very well though With regard to the screen. The Matt finish being lost is due to using cleaners on it. It removes the antiglare coating.