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  1. Interesting solution. Would the wedging issue be solved by pulling the cable out of the side rather than the front of the lid?
  2. Maybe but plenty of German cars around the same price bracket do not have lumbar support, instead is an option. For example BMW charge £265 for lumbar support on the base X3 costing £39k. This is still true of the X3 Xline at £41k and even the £43k M-Sport version Lumbar support on the NX is F-Sport and above by the looks of it, but Ive never found the standard seats to be uncomfortable on any Lexus
  3. Seats are definately subjective. Perhaps you're used to flat seats? fairly typical in german cars without lumbar support. Ive been in loads of these cars with and without lumbar support and haven't found the seats to be an issue in any of them. Usually I would suggest reclining the seat a bit more rather than sitting up completely straight Also worth remembering that seats do wear and will loosen up though this can take a few months. Classic example is the Lexus F-Sport seat bottom bolsters. You have to climb over them when the car is new because they're so bloody hard but once worn in they have much more movement in the foam to allow easier getting in and out of.
  4. It never fills the screen from the ones Ive been in but yes, there are 2 options. The wider one being useful for reversing out of car parking spots as you can effectively see around the corner somewhat.
  5. https://blog.lexus.co.uk/new-lexus-rc-uk-grade-structure-and-pricing/
  6. Almost all dealers have stopped giving discounts on service plans apart from when taking out at the point of new/used car sale from instruction of Lexus UK something to do with making it all transparent.
  7. Its no different to any other main dealer though - its their labour charges at £140-150 an hour that bump it up Merc want £800 for an A service and transmission fluid change next year Should clarify the website actually says £645 not £700+ like the 6 cylinders but either way, still near enough £700
  8. Drove one a while back, honestly just felt the same to be honest. I much prefer the looks of the facelift though compared to the pre-facelift. It looks so much better in person
  9. Well that depends on how much you value Lexus full service history As you're car is listed as 2013, its over 5 years old, you may as well go for Lexus Essential Care like Ive done with my wifes car
  10. spark plugs are changed at 60k not 40k The 60k service is the big one including spark plugs hence why its £700+ The £495 will include all the filters and oils at Lexus standard price which is probably around £100 in total. Then the rest will be due to visual checks with labour being set at £140-150 an hour which is the normal main dealer sort of labour charge
  11. I wouldn't buy a base CT. The ride on the CT is awful even on the base models without F-Sport suspension. Footbrakes are fairly simple to operate to be honest and I doubt youd have an issue with it but make sure the ride is OK. Personally I found it stiffer than both my RX and IS on sport suspension
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    Finally got one from Carwow
  13. You say that but my son's Merc C class - 2015 doesnt have a proper one either. It gives you an estimate based on current fuel consumption rather than average mpg so when you turn the car on first thing on a morning, it shows 100 miles on a full tank LOL
  14. I believe the belt is one of those "additional" items that arent included in the service plan. Everything else should be covered however.
  15. Worth noting that Lexus will highlight any issues no matter how small. They are very thorough on their inspection as Ive been told it can come back to bite them if they dont report on everything seen. The quote I believe is generated automatically. Replacing the arms is easier than removing the bushes hence why the quote is so high. A decent mechanic should be able to change the bushes with a press machine. As the car is 6, nearly 7 years old, its not unheard of to have rubber perishing. Mine was 5 years old when I sold it and it did not have any bushes crack so I would personally change them out.
  16. Mine was exactly the same since new so nothing was done about it. I just thought it was a feature of the car The wheels look good, suit the colour of the car perfectly, and the front grey strip on the bumper.
  17. Well its fairly simple. Taking the deposit contribution back is legit if you're not in a contract. You're not in a contract if you cancel within 14 days. The dealer can say what they like, the fact of the matter is it wasn't in writing so you wouldn't be able to argue against them anyway.
  18. So you're bothered about paying £240 to settle than the £1000's in interest and the £2000 deposit contribution? 🤨
  19. In the 3RX the camera is quite slow to switch in to be fair. I had the same thing from new when I had the 3RX
  20. On all automatics I've owned, you can drive the vehicles with the parking brake on providing you are happy to hear some squeaking
  21. A couple of inches in the direction of incline is normal once putting the parking brake on.
  22. Pretty simple to be honest. All you have to do is go on nav, select destination, and then go on the 2nd page in top right corner of the nav screen and click on postal code. Job done.
  23. Urm it's been like that for years with Lexus. You have to ask for hard copy manuals but they're free