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  1. Ofc does depend on what car it is too. I have greater faith in the RX as the mechanical parts are bomb proof and been going on since 2009 relatively unchanged. The IS300h leaves more of a doubt as its a more recent setup, although still reliable. At that mileage, Id probably be going for a diesel anyway though with a longer service interval
  2. Just received confirmation earlier this week from my dealer that Android Auto and Apple Carplay will be available on all Lexus from now on as the EU licensing has been sorted out. They are currently working to try and make this available to older cars via software update too so hopefully it'll surface
  3. I should probably add Ive been running a number of Lexus vehicles outside of the warranty period. My 05 RX I had for 8 years with no issues, the 12 RX for 5 years, again no issues out of warranty, my wife's IS300h is 6 years old, no issues as of yet and finally my current RX's warranty ran out in January and I didn't bother renewing. As you can probably guess, I don't think the warranty is worth it!
  4. Sounds like there might be a faulty sensor which usually throws up these kind of messages.
  5. Looks good that does. is it a separate difuser or stuck on to the factory one?
  6. Unfortunately the CT200h is quite harsh riding in the grand scheme of things Possibly the best way to go forward is smaller wheels, more sidewall
  7. 1) With regards to towbars, there are plenty of options out there for your particular vehicle as it is a 3rd gen RX. The 4th gen RX has issues with towbar availability. A quick google search should bring up plenty of options. 2) The 3rd gen RX doesn't suffer from battery issues like the 2nd Gen. Mine never had an issue in 5 years of ownership leaving it to stand for 3-4 weeks. Best thing to do is invest in a trickle charger just to be safe. 3) Relatively speaking, no they are not harsh on tyres. 26-30k on a set is achievable. Obviously thats for the fronts, the rears should last longer. Michelin Latitude Tour HP were very good on this vehicle. 4) I would leave the vehicle to its own devices. Contrary to what you would think though, keeping momentum, accelerating hard to a set speed and then coasting is the best way to achieve good economy.
  8. You pay the excess initially and then claim it back from the third party insurance company 9 times out of 10, they pay up almost immediately as it means they've settled - usually at a much reduced cost to them compared to if you went through a company like Auxilis
  9. The NX is screaming for something like the 450h setup to be put inside. I suspect they won't do it simply down to the fact it'd stop people moving up to the RX. The 200t was a good engine in the NX, quite punchy, however, we live in a day and age where economy seems to prevail above everything else and therefore these didn't sell very well so this option was removed. Ive never found the infotainment that bad on Lexus - seems to be similiar to Merc to be honest. Having said that the OP is comparing a 4 year old design to a Brand new BMW, seems a bit far fetched. The infotainment system in the son's 2015 C class is of similiar frustration
  10. The 200t engine is pretty good in the 4RX tbh. Much better than the 201hp 3.0l in the RX300 was anyway. It has similiar torque to the RX350 in the states, and a much lighter front end.
  11. You shouldn't need to be topping up - Ive never had to on any Lexus. Or actually, any car unless its eating through it or losing it from somewhere
  12. Yep, MK3 size. I doubt there would be any significant ride quality or fuel efficiency differences.
  13. If you want 255's go for 255/35 r18. These are a more popular size and the sidewall thickness will match front and rear
  14. Mine was intermittent. It wouldn't do it sometimes. The injector was faulty but not all the time.
  15. Sonic red with the red interior looks good I like the ochre - maybe on the white too
  16. Not read through everything but - My RX450h started to shudder and vibrate. It was like the car was shivering almost. Awkwardly, mine is a Lexus Cheltenham supplied vehicle LOL No codes were thrown up so I took it into Lexus Bradford 2 days out before the end of 3 year warranty - they took a look and said try a fuel cleaner like redex which didnt work So I had it booked in after a week and they diagnosed and replaced injector 1 - solved all issues for me
  17. Just to add - the press video says "Android Auto and Apple carplay availability may differ depending on market etc"
  18. As always if you go to the bottom of the page on the Lexus GB blog on the new RX - it says full specification is still to be announced Unfortunately that does mean carplay and Android auto may not make it Similiar to how the active stabilisers didn't make it to the UK for the 4th gen RX
  19. Generic pictures. Note the LHD vehicle. Doesn't suggest anything right now until full specs are revealed.
  20. I dont know if trying to source some 2015 onwards 4th gen RX F-Sport seats would work? or GS F-Sport seats. They're much better in terms of actual support. Obviously all of this needs to be disclosed to the insurance company you're with as its a significant modification to the safety of the vehicle regardless of whether you think it is or not Additionally, leather seats shouldn't be slippy so I would assume they havent been cleaned properly in a while?
  21. Yes £250 extra but if its not your fault, you claim all of this back.
  22. Yep, poor repair. Clearcoat shouldnt be peeling even if you have stone chips. Im with Admiral but always insist on using my own bodyshop - i.e the one that the local Lexus dealers use
  23. Fourth generation RX's are 2015 yes, but the earliest models are 65 plate onwards There have been no changes to the interior or exterior since then.