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  1. Can anyone please help as I am at a loss. Whenever I get in my car (64 plate Premier) my phone connects ok and I can make and receive calls etc but it says unable to transfer contacts (or something to that effect). Used to work fine but last few months I get this problem. Like I say phone works ok but makes it more tricky when trying to phone someone as can't get the contacts up. Also some incoming calls just come up as the number and no name. When I am in the wife's car (16 plate Premier) it uploads my contacts straight away when I connect and all contacts appear on the screen. Any ideas what's could be going on? Cheers
  2. Thanks, I'd rather ask people who know about the various facelift and model upgrades etc rather than buy a dud. So to get the 6 speed facelifted car should I be looking at 55 plates and newer or 06 plates onwards?
  3. Thanks so much for the info, glad I asked now. I'm pretty clued up on many Lexus models but admit the SC I know very little about. Dodged a bullet there then I think.Cheers
  4. Haven't noticed a deep purple one anywhere during my search as yet. What are your opinions on this car? MOT history seems pretty solid. Anything I should be wary of? Seems ok 430&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=LEXUS&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=sponsored&page=2
  5. well i've had black for the last 3 Lexus's and I keep swearing never again. You just cant keep them clean. Wouldn't mind a lighter colour for a change.
  6. I haven't confirmed anything as yet, still looking at what's on the market at present. Can't make my mind up what colour looks best.
  7. Hey everyone, looking for advice from you good people. So on my 7th Lexus and seriously looking at a SC for my next. Any advice on the year I should be looking at and any other info regarding facelifts or extra equipment etc? Do they all have ML and sat nav? Are there different trim levels? Also how much is the tax on them? Be grateful of anything I should know from people who actually have owned them. Many thanks indeed.
  8. That is the exact problem I had with mine, one side went up and the other wouldn't move. Anyway the upshot was it needed a new rear blind unit for £1100. Fortunately I had warranty. So not a cheap fix unfortunately.
  9. Hi everyone, I am buying a 64 plate CT from a Lexus dealership in a few days. I have a query about the MOT though. I see it is due on 5th Sept 2018. Should I ask them to pop a new one on there or is 7 months quite normal? Just assumed being from Lexus they'd sell all their cars with brand new MOT's on there (as quite a few independent garages seem to do these days). Thanks!
  10. Hi folks. Last couple of weeks I have been flashed at by other drivers. This is happening regularly when driving in the dark and today alone I was flashed around 6 times on my way home from work. I have checked the lights and they look fine to me. Main beam is not on just normal dipped lights. Front fogs are not on. Being the GS Premier I assume they are Xenons of some kind and are definitely adaptive lights. Are these lights really that dazzling to other drivers?? Weird I have so many people taking issue lately. Starting to think I'm going mad. This is a daily thing.
  11. Took the GS450h to Italy twice and no issues at all. Lexus advised no adjustment necessary for European driving as it is a flat beam.
  12. I understand that the CT was revised in 2014. I have owned a 2011 version but I am wondering if the changes made in 2014 made a big difference to the car. I have done some research and obviously the front was redesigned and also the powertrain remapped. My wife is thinking of getting a CT and I am wondering if it is worth the extra cash to get a post 2014 model or whether the differences are so negligible then I may as well save the money and get a pre facelift one?
  13. Hi everyone. Had a weird noise start up this morning which I have never had before. It is coming from behind the clock. Initially thought a CD was jammed as it is a loud whirring but I ejected the CD and the sound remained. I have attached a quick video of it. Please bear in mind that the engine was switched off. It disappeared around a minute or so after I turned off the engine. Car is under warranty so not too worried but just didn't want to take a trip to my dealership if someone can tell me it is something simple.
  14. Interested to know why you say the hybrid having a CVT is is "compromised". Having driven a MK3 GS450H, CT200H and now a MK4 GS450H (along with non Lexus hybrid models) I would say in my experience the e-cvt transmissions on the hybrids are superbly built and smooth. Just my opinion. Test drive one and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  15. Vauxhall Nova Rover 414 Vauxhall Carlton Austin Montego Ford Escort Peugeot 206 Nissan Almera Lexus IS200 Nissan Primera Lexus IS250 Lexus GS450h Mk3 Lexus Ct200h Lexus GS450h Mk4