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  1. Approved Used Car MOT

    Hi everyone, I am buying a 64 plate CT from a Lexus dealership in a few days. I have a query about the MOT though. I see it is due on 5th Sept 2018. Should I ask them to pop a new one on there or is 7 months quite normal? Just assumed being from Lexus they'd sell all their cars with brand new MOT's on there (as quite a few independent garages seem to do these days). Thanks!
  2. Hi folks. Last couple of weeks I have been flashed at by other drivers. This is happening regularly when driving in the dark and today alone I was flashed around 6 times on my way home from work. I have checked the lights and they look fine to me. Main beam is not on just normal dipped lights. Front fogs are not on. Being the GS Premier I assume they are Xenons of some kind and are definitely adaptive lights. Are these lights really that dazzling to other drivers?? Weird I have so many people taking issue lately. Starting to think I'm going mad. This is a daily thing.
  3. Took the GS450h to Italy twice and no issues at all. Lexus advised no adjustment necessary for European driving as it is a flat beam.
  4. 2014 Facelift

    I understand that the CT was revised in 2014. I have owned a 2011 version but I am wondering if the changes made in 2014 made a big difference to the car. I have done some research and obviously the front was redesigned and also the powertrain remapped. My wife is thinking of getting a CT and I am wondering if it is worth the extra cash to get a post 2014 model or whether the differences are so negligible then I may as well save the money and get a pre facelift one?
  5. Hi everyone. Had a weird noise start up this morning which I have never had before. It is coming from behind the clock. Initially thought a CD was jammed as it is a loud whirring but I ejected the CD and the sound remained. I have attached a quick video of it. Please bear in mind that the engine was switched off. It disappeared around a minute or so after I turned off the engine. Car is under warranty so not too worried but just didn't want to take a trip to my dealership if someone can tell me it is something simple.
  6. Interested to know why you say the hybrid having a CVT is is "compromised". Having driven a MK3 GS450H, CT200H and now a MK4 GS450H (along with non Lexus hybrid models) I would say in my experience the e-cvt transmissions on the hybrids are superbly built and smooth. Just my opinion. Test drive one and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  7. lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    Vauxhall Nova Rover 414 Vauxhall Carlton Austin Montego Ford Escort Peugeot 206 Nissan Almera Lexus IS200 Nissan Primera Lexus IS250 Lexus GS450h Mk3 Lexus Ct200h Lexus GS450h Mk4
  8. You made a good point about reviews nowadays seem to be focussed on how a given car would perform on a racetrack. They even did one with a CT (which as we all know is the last car you'd take to a track). Wish they'd concentrate on real world driving more.
  9. No need to apologise. All the issues you mentioned above they seem to have rectified. The mileage was verified and they gave me evidence of that. No wires hanging anywhere. And knocked even more off the price so in the end it was a gift. 30 day trial (change of mind) and the 1 year Lexus warranty so I figured if I don't like it or there are any issues I have insurance. Overall the car is mint.
  10. so as promised a quick assessment after now owning the gen 3 and gen 4 models. It's still very early days and I've hardly scratched the surface of this new car. The newer model somehow feels much larger when driving it (and being a bus driver myself this says something). It seems to have far more presence. Performance wise very similar. The huge screen is very impressive and rear heated seats and control panel will keep the kids entertained I'm sure. Took me ages to work out how to take off the parking brake to even drive off until I read it's automatic and there isn't one! Has the ML system like my old one (and my CT as well) but seems to be only 1 CD and not an autochanger? Unless I am wrong. Also doesn't seem to the have the hard disk drive to download songs onto either which my CT had? First car I've had with the radar cruise control and haven't has an opportunity to use it as yet but looking forward to trying it out. The keeping in lane system seems handy as does the blind spot detector (when I work it all out properly), Got the auto main beam set to on but no idea what that's all about as yet. Reviews reckon 15-20% better fuel economy from the gen 4 model as it is now an atkinson cycle but far too soon to comment and judge on that as yet but I'll be keeping a keen eye on it. Had to give up my CT as I missed the performance of the GS though so fuel economy is not too important. Overall the car is a beast and no regrets. 5th Lexus in a row and I'll be hanging onto this one for a long time. It certainly turns heads and attracts lots of comments and questions from people.
  11. delighted to be back as a GS450h owner. Bought today from Lexus Sidcup and they're delivering it to me on Thursday (all the way to South Wales). It's the Premier model. Can't wait!!!
  12. So after changing my 2009 GS450h for a 2012 CT200h only 6 months ago I am now accepting that I miss the power of my GS. I went for the sensible approach for what I needed the car for in downsizing to a CT but I can't get on with it at all. Nice top spec car with the ML system etc etc but you just can't replace the power of the GS. Engine feels (and sounds) extremely strained at the slightest acceleration. A case of heart was over ruled by head but just have to go back to the GS. Am looking for a facelift model to what I had last time which is the GEN4 I believe 2012 onwards. Have looked at the IS300h and the GS300h but still think I'd find them underpowered compared with what I had before.
  13. Just browsing as I do and I smelt a rat. This surely can't be right. An IS300h for under 6 grand?? Looking at his other items seems like he sells lots of other top cars dirt cheap too!
  14. New CT Owner

    Many thanks. Yes it has the ML system. Just picked it up tonight, well happy with it. Looks lovely in mesa red.