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  1. Fuel Injector Pipe Leaking Diesel

    Hi I Own a IS220D it has covered 102k on a 07 plate and the car has had the following problems, I received the car with 22k on the clock and it went straight in for warranty work on the EGR valve, 5th injector replaced and clutch ( i think) as it wouldnt accelerate away from a junction there was also an amount of clutch judder and was dangerous. At Lexus Canterbury. Then it went to Lexus Tunbridge wells beacuse it was playing up with over heating, they fixed the problem and also sorted a new set of alloy wheels as they were corroding. At 45k (Summer 2010) the engine was over heating so it went back in for 6 weeks and had a complete engine rebuild with a new block etc oh and a new EGR valve again! (all under warranty). The car also splutters if lift off the accelerator which they have said is normal as it is the car burning off fuel in the CAT well, my Skoda superb or my AudiA4 never did that. If you get stuck in a traffic jam the car also likes to leave a cloud of smoke behind if you accelerate and i ahve been told this is unburnt fuel and is normal......Come On!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In December 2011 the car broke down with engine management putting the car into safe mode so it went back in and i was told it needed a service, so thay releaved me of about £300 quid did a filter change and decoke the cat and EGR valve and i took it home, well 300 yards up the road no accerlation and so it went straight back. This time they changed the EGR valve (again) the pipework to the valve and releaved me of another £400 quid, I also had to pay for it to be transported to them from essex and hire a car, so it cost me around a £1,000 merry christmas. they delivered it back to me at my office and all WAS well apart from annoying dour coming in from the engine bay, which I thought maybe the car in front type of thing. Having been getting headaches now for a while and remembering that i travel around 2k a month with work I thought enoughs enough it has to be my car with odour so i checked under the bonnet and because it cold outside i can see a spray coming from the fourth injector and a worring black mass between the second and third injector. it goes into lexus to check to see if the fault is their handy work on friday after which i am going to compalin to Lexus Head office about the build quality and unacceptable problems with the car. So in answer to your question has anyone else had issues OH YES the car is a DOG hence why Lexus/Toyota have just done deal with BMW to supply them with Diesel Engines in exchange for Hybrid Tech. It is also why they have dropped the power of the new IS 220D from 174 - 150 and that a fact!!
  2. P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    Hi I may have some bad news! last year my 2007 is220d went into Lexus at tunbridge wells kent with 45,000 miles on the clock. 3 weeks later it came back out having had a new engine block, egr valve and components to rebuild the engine after a major over heating problem! Lexus repaired the vehicle free of charge and provided me with a hire car. I have been informed that this is a real problem with this engine and that a partial (as stated lower down on this forum rebuild) is not the best way to fix the problem. anyway you will be alarmed to know that my lexus has just gone back into the garage today with the VSC light on including the engine management light and traction control light. the car also went into limp mode! the car has now covered 97,000 miles and if it turns out that it is an engine problem again then it will mean that my car will need a new engine every year or 45,000 miles. so i have a couple of concerns 1) if the problem is the same as last year what is the likely hood of lexus rebuilding it again? very very small! 2) does the engine really have a 7 year 100,000 mile warranty???? 3) does the warranty roll over or start again at the point of repair, i doubt it. 4) if the fault is the same as before then really lexus should repair at no cost even if the service history is imcomplete, mine has been serviced 3 times since the repair. personally i think/hope there is another issue with the car this time as i cant believe it would need 3 engines!!!! could be a build up of fuel additive in the head from using different petrol stations or when then rebuild the engine they didnt clean the head and it had clogged up. either way if you have one of these cars get rid!!!!!!!! im glad i have done the christmas shopping early but will post again with out come of my very sick lexus