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  1. I got to know Jack when he was driving Indy cars. My son lives in Indianapolis. He was offered the Lexus drive and it was too good an opportunity to turn down.. He's a good lad, very down to earth and a very good driver. i think he wants to 'conquer' America first!!
  2. I would question his description of Lane Keep Assist (LKA) - it sounds more like the Blind Spot Monitor - the 2 are separate.
  3. For the condition and mileage it's a very good price. Have been looking for one for a long time and sods law just paid more for one but with less mileage. Had I not I would have been very tempted by this.
  4. In the background is a GT3 spec RC-F which - as far as I could tell - was the genuine #14 car from the IMSA Weathertech Series. It most certainly was and it's British driver Jack Hawksworth was also at Silverstone.
  5. Bugger..... Missed the last post ... Ignore the above.. Thanks John
  6. Peter Any chance of a link to where you bought them? My son lives in the USA and I may get him to get me a set - and I will collect when I visit in July!! Thanks John
  7. They just need re initialising. Just go to each individual window go all the way down and hold for a second then all the way up and hold. they should work by the drivers side now :)
  8. Found this on the site... That's right. Underneath the TRC/snow button the bulb is located. Turn it (maybe 1/2) turn with a screwdriver and the bulb will pop out. The replacement bulb you need is part no. 84999-10490, order it from your local Lexus dealer- I paid £3 for a replacement bulb- you might be able to get the same bulb online cheaper- I don't know? Hope it helps...
  9. Had the same problem - I just bought a cheap ipod of eBay.... Sound is perfect but the selection (and display) of tracks using the steering wheel controls could be a lot better. I spent £30 on the ipod - just leave it in the car connected.....
  10. I'm guessing it may be an ipod connector - without pictures though it's only a guess :)
  11. Just a thought, j8pfc, but could you not offer to sell your disc to dellbrowne for, say, £25? That would be of benefit to both of you. In saying this, I am assuming that the disc can be used for more than one vehicle - if it can be used only once, then forget what I have said. No, unfortunately the DVD has to remain in the car!!
  12. I bought the latest map dvd from a seller in Poland on eBay.... The advantage (to me) is the ability to programme the route while moving... It was a genuine disc and cost me £50. You can buy the genuine discs online (or from lexus direct) but they would have cost £130 and I wouldn't have used 3 of them :)
  13. Del I always have my wheels refurbed at the wheel specialist in Nottingham. They do a brilliant job and I have never had any complaints. Google it and give mark a call I am sure he can sort you out. Small parts - you could always check out eBay for someone who is breaking a car or even the part itself? Otherwise try the main dealers. Can't help you with garages I'm afraid... John
  14. You won't regret it :) Fitting takes about 30 minutes... Enjoyment lasts as long as you own the car :)
  15. My son lives in Indianapolis, so I ordered one and had it shipped to him... Then collected when I visited. Performance gain - negligible Sound- absolutely brilliant when you 'accidentally' press down hard with your right foot.. I consider it money well spent - but it is expensive and there are cheaper alternatives....