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  1. Sorry didnt realise i had to be a licensed toyota/lexus tech to post a comment/advice . ive been at audi for 8yrs , porsche for 11yrs and now 2yrs spent mapping performance cars , does that count ? hope so
  2. Im a vehicle technician so will try to give you some advice . the codes found in ecu as already said could be from previous faults and not erased from memory . the way we test this is to clear all codes and get customer to drive for a few days to see if any re-appear . the random misfire code could also be a cause of headgasket failure due to coolant in bores and this could also be the cause of your starting issue . when it starts from cold is the engine smooth or seem a bit misfirey then clear after a few seconds ? I also looked at an is200 on a 51 plate when i was looking and this also had a new waterpump fitted and i could tell it had been previously overheated due to the crumbling plastic vvti cover on top of rockercover due to excessive heat ! It sounds like halfords have had a good look at car and given good advice and im suprised they even code read it but good on them at least they didnt fob you off . 700-800 sounds right if gasket gone as its labour/head skim and pressure test/gasket set/cambelt/oil and filter/headbolts etc etc . first thing i would do is get a headgasket test done first via a sniff test , this will let you know where to go from there . if it has gone then it could be a case of someone drove it with pump leaking and cooked engine , fitted new pump and sold it on . hopefully not but it does happen . i wouldnt really use k-seal as its not permanent and could end up blocking your rad or heater matrix . we only use it if people ask us to ie on a leaking rad or matrix . i would imagine they used ngk plugs but do check it should say on invoice , if so nothing wrong with ngk . let me know how you get on ! and yes they are very juicy on petrol !!
  3. Hi im after a different set of alloys for my 1s200 sport and wondered if you guys could post some pics up of what you have fitted on yours so i get get an idea etc ? cheers
  4. sorry cant post on for sale as im not a gold member , didnt realise ! if mods allow me i will update this later with contact number if interested but will wait for mods say so first , thanks
  5. As you know all is200s have the notchy/whiny gearbox so i decided to change my gear oil for motul racing 300v . no change over the standard oil really so i decided to use what the nissan skyline boys use as did i when i had mine , redline mt90 . Its taken a good 50-100 mile to bed in as i call it but it has made a massive improvement espec when warmed up a bit , no more notchy 2nd . the whine is still there in 1st and 2nd but seems to be getting quieter . from cold first thing its much better then it was , still slightly notchy but not at all clunky if you get me and once warmed up (couple of miles) the gear changes are smooth and much improved . i was gonna go for redline first time but the vw/audi boys get good results with the motul so i gave it a go but no different . Will keep you updated once ive done 500ish miles to see if its improved anymore and let you know but it feels like a different box has been fitted just from changing to the redline oil ! Also this is not a sales pitch but i got 4 bottles of it, each bottle is 950ml (american)and the lexus takes 2litres so you really need 3 bottles which is a pain as you will only use 100ml from the 3rd bottle and at just over 17pound a bottle works out expensive and a waste of the 3rd bottle! I took mine out for a good run to get the oil hot before i drained it and i drained around 1.8litres from it . i only needed 2bottles of the redline to refill which is 1.9litres , so there is either a bit more then the 950ml in each bottle or there is still some oil which is not fully drained from the box but i only needed to use 2 bottles . i am selling the other 2 seeled bottles in the for sale section on here and if no interest i will stick them on ebay . im asking only 30pound for both bottles inc delivery . if interested please see for sale section . thought id give you guys first dibs before ebay .
  6. blimey that is a dent ! i would agree that a punch mark like that in the piston will mean new piston . i would put money on that if you rebuilt it and started it up it wouldnt be long before fuel/spark/bang would put a hole straight through it ! if it were my car i would get a secondhand engine as i would not bother with replaceing just one piston doesnt seem viable , getting a full top end rebuild (valves/skim/pressure test and guides if needed) and to then just replace one piston ? i would source a good secondhand lump and keep the old piston as a trophy ! not sure if you can change piston by removing sump in situ but will try and find out .
  7. is there a hole in the piston or just a dent ? ive done hundreds of cars that have snapped belts and bent all 16 valves which have then all dented a nice valve edge mark in each piston but have never ever had to change a piston . its suprising how thick the piston material is . have you got a picture ?
  8. i will have it of you pending some pics first , i will pm you
  9. all the is200 model have the clunky gearbox from first to second and some also have a whine in 1st and 2nd too like mine :) . im a mechanic and drained my oil on a ramp . its a 24mm spanner you need and drain plug is at base of box and filler is on side of box drivers side . very tricky to refill box as very tight space , i used a pump we have in the workshop . i refilled mine with motul 300v and some slick 50 but only made a slight difference so have now got some redline mt90 on its way as thats what us skyline owners use and it does the job . im getting it monday and will do it after work so will repost and let you know as ive been told the redline in an is200 does the job .
  10. Yes i agree each to there own but when you see a blue car with gold wheels you always think = its not a subaru mate so stop trying to make it look like one just go and buy a real one . well thats what we say down here !! i think black or anthracate would defo suit the colour of the car better but thats my opinion again . i just hate seeing nice cars chaved up , saxos and fiestas suit the chav look but not an is200 .
  11. is fitting a panel filter to an is200 sport worth spending the 35quid on ? my standard element needs replacing and thought about getting a pipercross or k&n as an upgrade . any difference in throttle responce or pick up for the cost of 35notes ?
  12. Gold wheels on a lexus is a no no in my opinion . for subarus only
  13. you need to get it put on code reader to find any stored codes . get a cheap one from ebay . could be crankshaft sensor fault , fuel pump fault etc etc .
  14. Go for the sport rather then the se . I went for the sport in black and the tints are fine and suit the lexus imo . Ive always fancied an is200 and was told they are slow and juicy on fuel and was told right ! they are slow and very juicy for a 2.0l na . im a vehicle technician and owned type r civics , skylines , wrxs etc etc but now im getting older i needed a sensible car and so went for the is . i was going down the bmw 325/328 route but there very very common as already said and not many is200s about so went with it but tbh if i knew the lexus was gonna be this juicy for a slow car i would of gone the bmw route !! defo treat the car to a full geometry set up as it makes a big difference and will slow down on eating front tyre inner edges ! good luck and enjoy
  15. Just ordered a sports grill for my is from my local dealer , only 41+vat retail and i get 10 % off that price for being in the trade !
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