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  1. You need the genuine roof bars that fit in the OE slots, then the after market ones like halfords will fit across
  2. Thats strange, i would not have thought they would get expensive but rather cheaper. How much did they quote you?
  3. Just though id add my bit as i was at Lexus Bham today and saw the red ISF. Not something i would buy, its has a front end spray job which is not bad, but the front bumper is not put back properly, gaps all over and also over spray on the headlights (bottom). Give it 6months and the lacquer will start to peel off because it looks like who ever did the paint job did not take the parts off to paint the car, its as though they just masked it up. Ive had two of these before and this car look tired compared to the ones i had with a lot more mileage on them compared to this. Personally i think its worth 15k.
  4. Thanks @MadJam250. It had to be either this grey with red or White with Red.. as much as i hated Grey, my last 3 out of 5 cars have been grey lol.
  5. Its a old posting i know, but thanks to you guys i just ordered mine from, posted for £26.98.. can't go wrong!👌
  6. Its firm compared to the GS300H F Sport, but not as firm as the ISF. I like the driving position, got that sporty feel you dont get in the GS, he GS was a F Sport, but sitting inside i didn't get the sport feel, more of a luxury feeling, but I must say i love the drive of a GS from all the ones i had in terms of smoothness and space, the RX is brilliant, but you have to work with it to push it a little. I was surprised who quick the IS is, i though it would be a bit sluggish to take off.. but i was surprised. Love the odo movement and LFA sport look and the noise in sports mode (even though its fake lol). I'll give you more of a review after a few weeks of driving it.
  7. hello all, Just wanted to share that I bought my first IS300h F Sport after a long debate with the Mrs if we should keep the RX450h. I've had plenty of Lexus's in the past and after going through all/majority of German brands, I'm sticking to Lexus. I've had numerous IS200 Sports, a IS220d Sport, a couple of IS-F's, GS300h F Sport, still got the RX (for now) and now my first IS300h F Sport.... and I really like it. not as spacious as the RX or GS obviously, but a very nice place to be in, the seats really wrap around you I must say and the chunky steering I've missed, I love the DRL's.
  8. Just bought a IS300h F Sport.. really like it and missed the sporty feel! Will be a shame to see the RX go!
  9. I bought mine from Lexus Birmingham for £271 two weeks ago.. give them a shout.
  10. I've secured a deposit on a lovely IS300h F Sport i grey with red leather. Going to pick it up on Sat. I decided to stick with Lexus after trying majority of the german brands. We will decided which one we will keep by the weekend and the other one will have to go.. will be a shame selling this beast as it took me a while to find one with the kit and a PREMIER edition (or with the PREMIER extras) and with seats that are in excellent condition. This one having no air suspension was a massive bonus...but oh well.. Mrs drives the family car more than me so her approval👈 is more important than mins on this occasion. I think i need to source my third IS-F... muahahaha..... "errr sorry love put the keys back"
  11. She like to have a overview of the front end of the car, we had the same issue with the BMW f10.. she didn't like using a cushion 😂. She has only driven it once so far. . .so once she starts to drive it a little more, time will tell... positives are that she like the looks and pearl colour, she also likes the height of the car and also said she feels alot safer too. IF. . . i did sell it i know i'll make money and not lose out.
  12. Hi all, thought I'd add some pictures on for you all as requested. I added a few extras: New rubber boot mat, brand new Lexus roof bars and Heko wind deflectors. All of these added makes a big difference to the car as it stands. Disappointing thing is i might have to sell it because the Mrs can't get used to it 😫.
  13. Ace8800

    Carpet Floor mats

    On the topic of mats, does anyone have just the rear one? I managed to get two front brand new ones on ebay for very cheap price, just need the rear. The mats i have in mine are (i think) out of the new RX450H. One i get me a rear one i will be selling the full set.
  14. Thats great bit of info thanks Herbie. Mine i take it is a PREMIER then with all the bits.. don't know what it says SE-L #confussed. Weather is crap her in Midlands.. been raining since i got it. Once it clears up i will take some pics.
  15. Lovely drive home.. picked her up from Lexus dealers in Belfast on Sat. Its a SE-L 2009 (09) but has the full Premier kit with the Style bumper pack. I called Lexus in Birmingham (parts) and they said it shows as a Premier 🤔 Its done 93k *Heads up display *Mark Levinson sound * rear camera *side camera *sunroof *memory seats *adaptive cruise control *adaptive xenon headlights *electrical boot * premier wood steering and trims *cool seats *heated seats *folding mirrors *DAB Is there anything else that comes on the PREMIER that i don't have? After viewing a few i realised Lexus use a very soft leather in the RX which crack very easy and it was hard to find one which held up well, even some with 60-70k looked bad. Mine however for 93k are in very good condition and i can't complain for getting it under £13k with the spec and 12 months Lexus warranty.