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  1. High mileage CT200

    My brother has a 2012 CT200h F Sport with 137k and it drives like it had 50k.. i have a GS300h F Sport with 100k and you would never tell it had more then 30k. Excellent cars being super reliable holding very good value.
  2. Car servicing, worth using dealership?

    My brother had his CT serviced (my2012) and was told your hybrid battery is covered for 10years regardless of getting it serviced by dealers for not.. that info was given by Lexus Birmingham service detp. He got a cert to say the battery is healthy for another year though. Personally i get the service parts from dealer and service myself as i dont really trust dealers anymore after hearing some cowboy errors. Keep the receipts..its worth more then a stamp.
  3. Just got the car back after getting a check over and no issues, i say no major issues. The only thing they said was that the wheel alignment is recommended, they usually charge £99, but for me they will charge £60. I for one second do not believe its the alignment as i have no pulling or uneven wear and nor is the steering off centre, plus they only RECOMMENDED, surely if it was off they would strongly advise. Anyway whilst the mechanic sat with me to take it for a test.. it would not make a noise like it does in the mornings.. but it did very so lightly. His reaction was, its just the way they are.. the went on to say the IS is alot worse, but its nothing to worry about and its just the cars characteristics. And thats it.
  4. JAG XFR views

    I think im crossing the Jag of my list then. Tbh it didnt even cross my mind when i bought my 2nd ISF. It was only when i saw one around the corner from my house that struck me and it looked really nice. I have been doing some reading myself and the main things that keep popping up are the E-diff and the tyre sensors along with other minir issues but i guess they all stack up and yes the maintainance is high too on parts etc. Oh well looks like i wait out for a RCF in the summer...maybe.
  5. Its softer suspension is better by a mile (not driven a 10plate+ F so dont know how it compares to the later Fs). Beacuse it has the supercharger it feels rapid 0-60.. its might have similar 0-60 as the F, but it feels alot quicker. Sounded awesome too. Throw a £1000 at it and you get another 50bhp & 100torque (aprox) and exhaust work. I loved it and would buy one again. What bought me back to the F was maintainance cost and reliability tbh.
  6. Was just curious if any F owners have moved to/from a Jag XFR (2010 model) and if you have, what was your experience in owning one. I ask because i saw one in the flesh and it has really made me consider having one, it looked great. I did consider one before i had my first ISF, but then had my heart set on a F. So lets hear from the XFR owners pre or post F.
  7. Had a CLS55, then back to the ISF, had a couple of diesels in between the V8s.
  8. Welcome to the club bud.. i had a white one not so long ago and i tell you one thing, they always look stunning what ever the weather. It has a beautiful pearl finish. I love the white in a ISF... ok then... if i must show a picture..
  9. one day to the next

    Lovely machine and welcome to the F club.
  10. Oh yeah LFA.. i'll be there for opening time. Cov is more central i agree...and closer to me 😁
  11. Got my car booked in on the 12th..lets see what they say.
  12. Aftermarket wheels

    Not sure about the thickness of the lip on those JR24s. I do like the JR20s in grey i think they would really suit a Silver ISF... hmmm got me thinking.🤔
  13. Post your Pics

    Thanks @etienne1201 Yup film tinted.. went for a smoke tint. Really impressed with the outcome.. makes the front look meaner imo.
  14. Aftermarket wheels

    Im lookimg for some 5 spokes... but not them. I prefer the vossen flat 5 look. But can find the correct offset in any 5 spoke.