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  1. QUOTE (widnes_is200 @ May 4 2009, 05:02 PM) if ure pacient i have 4 on mine 2 good and 2 not so good, just finding new alloys for my lex then there binned I would be interested, need 1 for a spare
  2. tezza142

    My Is300

    Astral Black IS300 Sportkit
  3. If you test drive the 300, you will definately feel the difference, more power with about the same mpg, Xenon headlights, privacy glass (same as sport), Limited slip diff, in my opinion and of owning a 200 as well the 300 it is well worth it if you have the pennies, I have just done a part ex on my 1999 GS300 Sport with an 02 IS300, looked around for something comparable but kept comming back to the IS
  4. gonna make this one too, as well as 'shaunybaby' and will meet up with everyone who's going to lakeside for a convoy to WIM
  5. Hi Maneesh, is the radio still for up for grabs and if so how much please Terry
  6. Attending: Terry +2 Vehicle: GS300 Camping: Yes Friday night Curry: No Saturday BBQ: No Bacon butties: No better late than never, will be up saturday pm, hopefully there is still room?
  7. Thanks Yank, who did you find in the US, I'll email them, maybe they can supply the LED assembly Terry
  8. I was quoted £475+vat for the rear spoiler from Lexus Southend 2 weeks ago, all I wanted was the LED brake assembly as this part is no longer available, have they suddenly dropped in price recently or are they trying to make a few bob on top. Have read on other posts different prices for different dealers but that seems to be taking the p**s
  9. Unfortunately I have the standard light assembly, wanted to upgrade to the LED as intending to replace rear lights for Prolex ones :)
  10. Hi, looking for a front lip spoiler for the sport, any colour, Lexus want £197+ vat also an LED brake assembly for the rear spoiler, Lexus have discontinued this part and will only supply a new spoiler for £475+ vat here's hoping Terry
  11. Hi dani, welcome to LOC, you've now been spoilt, no looking back now Terry
  12. Hi, would like to come down for this, work commitments only allow for the afternoon though, is that ok? Terry
  13. Hi Guys, just picked up my 1999 Gs300 sport, Atlantis Mica Blue, so glad to be back driving a lexus again, and it is such a nice car to drive :D will get some pictures up soon, just want to keep on driving her at the moment... only downside is I will now spend all my money doing some mods, suggestions welcome!! first off though will be: painted red calipers clear side repeaters tints I like the rear LED light clusters that prolex have, but will they suit the car because of the brake light in the spoiler will not be LED ? anybody got these :)
  14. Fantastic looking car :) ... did you spray the grill mesh a different colour or was that standard?
  15. i like that colour, look even better with a black bonnet and wheels