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  1. Back again with another 430 to compliment my MK1 GS. Cant seem to kick the lex habit. 6th one now. Think i need help.
  2. I let my NCB lapse in 2010. Despite being continually insured without any claims of any sort, i have had all my policies since then on Classic car insurance which doesnt take NCB into consideration. I currently have 8 years NCB on our Motorhome policy but that apparently pales into insignificance. Im just an old bloke with an affliction to Rusty old BL stuff and the first gen GS. Seems like its a serious crime in the insurance world.
  3. Im in the same Boat. Sold my SC430 which is was a third car car to get a TVR. Bought another first gen GS300 cos i love them and the insurance quotes are double what they where on the SC. Has does that work out?
  4. As per title. Does anyone know if these bushes cross ref to any other models? Can find them listed for most other models
  5. Yeah. Rears are 255 55 18 and fronts 245 50 18. Rears fill the arches really well with no rubbing but it just looks so wrong. Front catch on full lock. Going to either 245 40 or 225 45 18 all around. Front suspension refresh first though.
  6. Cant help you with your mirror but i did cure my wind noise. Mine was caused by a trim clip missing from the outer windscreen pillar trim. I replaced the clip and the trim fitted snugly against the screen. No more noise.
  7. Does that include fitting and a night out with Kylie M?
  8. Not been away really. I still have the LPG powered SC430 but needed a cheap and cheerfull 4 door runaround. Up popped a MK1 GS 300 in Two tone White, Silver more or less on my doorstep. Its a bit rough but who cares. Its got mahoosive tyres on the rear and only slightly smaller on the front so looks a bit like a 4X4. Got to change them and give it a good beating withthe lowering stick. So far, so good and great memories of my other two. Its clunking on the front so i just need to know if the MK2 GS has the same front suspension set up. ie, ball joints, bushes, upper wishbones etc. Does anyone know?
  9. New to SC ownership. I had the Battery drain. Traced it to Two out of date Trackers which i removed. This let me leave the car a week before it would need recharging. Still not good enough but another break through has been finding that the alarm siren has a built in back up Battery. I havent pulled this yet or checked if its the cause but im fairly confident its not helping. Its a pain to locate. I can hear it when i set it off but pinpointing it is harder than i expected. Will keep you updated.
  10. Funny and fun. Little 600cc Turbo Engine and a great spec.
  11. Found an SC that ticks all the boxes. Needs a bit of TLC which is fine but once again, the insurance companies are holding me to ransom. Never claimed, No accidents or convictions and the wong side of Fifty but still getting Stellar quotes. Ok, I cant use my no claims because its on another vehicle but why so expensive??? With some of the quotes, i would expect a Chauffeur thrown in and Kylie Minogues phone Number.
  12. Not guilty. I have however had the pleasure of a MK1 MX5. It hung around about 5 or 6 years until the other half fell in love with a Diahatsu Copen.
  13. Old thread revisited. My old LS is still a private hire Taxi. It must have starship mileage now.
  14. After a pair of GS300s and LS400 DHP, im starting to hanker after another one. I went down the German route and had a play with a Mercedes 500SL. I would quite happily still have it but my old TR7V8 that i built and sold back in 02 came up for grabs so it had to return. Madness. Selling a Merc for a ricketty old Triumph with a leaky Roof, keep fit windows and bits that fall off. Listening to that V8 though with TVR style sleeved Exhausts makes up for all its idiosyncrasies. Anyway, the TR is going nowhere. I really fancy a Chimaera but im the wrong side of 50 now and its hard enough fixing the TR every week so a Chim isnt really going to happen. Its an SC i fancy. Rare, ugly, underated, V8, rear wheel drive, convertible. It ticks all the boxes. LPG conversion and im happy. Any colour bar Siver. Watch this space.
  15. Bored with the Merc SL. Its built like a Tank, has a V8 and the Roof comes down. Everything I wanted. However, now I have noticed that the SC430 is coming into my price range. Maybe Lexus number 4 is on its way.