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  1. ello fella! Hows trix? You finished that monster off properly yet, or do you need a couple more years? :P :D
  2. I'm pretty good thanks mate, how are you getting on? Would you believe my son is now 3 years old? Where does the time go?!?!?! Still got the same motor? Stu
  3. Well, it has been a very long time since I was last on here, my 'view new posts' pages spanned 195, the word association game has exceeded 1000 pages (my word thats a very large number of 'bored' posts!), and the Mod team has had a bit of a facelift! So, hows ya all been? Stu
  4. All is well with me thanks, been hiding on othre forums for the cars i've owned since the lex, and also been moving house, building businesses etc. you know the drill!! Now drive a BM 520i E60, which has been into the main dealer for fault rectification 12 times since the start of May. Good eh?!?! And my little spitfire is undergoing full re-build as i type this!! Stu
  5. Hey one and all, old and new! Long time since i typed up a message on here, so i thought i'd pop on and see how everyone is doing nowadays! Hope everyone is well! Stu
  6. Mass hello to all! I'm pretty good now thanks, had a few issues with the hire company that i was trying to get off the ground, and due to plannign officers i had to pull the plug on it, and ended up losing a hell of a lot of money. Now however, i am working as the MD of my families property management company, which is certainly a change, but it's pretty good fun! It's all the better that i hold a share in it too! Was pretty sad to see the lex go, but at that time, needs must and all that. Am looking forward to getting a car again instead of a 4x4, purely for that go go go factor!! Stu
  7. Well, i know it's been a long time since i posted here, too long maybe! Basically i just wanted to clear a few things up, as i don't want to leave any bad vibes floating around. Point 1: To those that had sent me payment to buy parts from me in the later part of last year i apologise, i got myself into a right situation in my personal life, and didn't know how to say that i had got rid of them to a local guy. It's fair play if you wish to think ill of me for behaving like i did, but i really do mean it when i say i am sorry. Point 2: If at any time during my rather heated response to some of the remarks made about me regarding the above (point 1) i offended any member of the club, the club itself, its site team, or anyone else for that matter, i can only apologise again. I make no excuses for that, as i was totally out of order. Point 3: Well, there isn't really a point 3, except that i now drive a discovery (and absolutely hate the thing with a passion!!), but thats going soon, and i'm going to end up with a company car, which i'm sure you're all going to go at, but it's a compromise between economy and performance, so don't laugh.............. it's going to be a 5 series diesel, probably a 525 or 530. Hopefully i'll get some good responses, but i'll accept some unkind ones from those that i have offended, just so as the air can be cleared! Hope everyone is well. Stu
  8. grounding kit = SOLD! still some other stuff left, if marcus and besty don't contact me, there will be a sport grille in royal sapphire blue, dark chrome rear light units (swap & a couple of quid for lights and grille needed!), and a set of prolex-uk hood struts (black, not polished). Also, rear spoiler is FREE TO GOOD HOME, but i'll need to swap bootlids for it. Stu
  9. Please PM me about the bits. Johnboy, sorry bud, they wouldn't come off in one piece Still a fwe bits up for grabs guys, please see buy and sell section, thread called Lex bits for sale. Stu
  10. It is a 1979 Spitfire 1500! The colour is minging, but it will be blue in a couple of years so never mind!
  11. It is a 1979 Spitfire 1500! The colour is minging, but it will be blue in a couple of years so never mind!
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