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  1. Hey all, sorry for the thread resurrection only I am having the same issue I believe and ive OCD when it comes to car noises so its doing my nut in! The way I would describe the noise I get is like a whistling sound from an old fashioned kettle when it boils just wondering if you could relate to that. I think mines coming from rear driverside and not brakes related.
  2. Haha brilliant. I am glad the 'fix' worked for you mate.
  3. Did you manage to give it a go mate? I'd be interested to see if it helped you too.
  4. Hi Guys, I really contemplated not posting this at all as it’s hardly out of a Haynes Manual type fix! Well bit of background, my Lexus IS200 is on 172k! Runs like a dream looks fresh as any other car but it suffers from the standard annoying clutch judder which had also been present in my previous two Lexus’ only this one was far worse, only happens in first gear and reverse but was very severe and occurs in about 9 out of 10 times. The only way to avoid it was to set off like Schumacher and in stop and start traffic you just look like a tit. So I am faced with a potential massive
  5. Sounds pretty expensive to me considering you got the alignment to pay for on top of that. I would definately get friendly with your local fast fit centre and pop the struts down there and let them swap them and you refit.
  6. Hi Matt, I have a quick question for you if you would be so kind :) I been reading through this thread with interest as my Lex is a 1999 model with 170k on the clock she's an old girl now bless her and been around the block a bit in her time too so the screen has a chip on it and lots of little inperfections as expected. Now reading your advice on it's best to keep the factory glass in there, I am fairly confident this is the original glass it has all the markings on it and the original Lexus dealer stickers at the top by the mirror but as I said because it's done so many miles it's quite
  7. What does it sound like? One of my old Lex had an annoying squeek I couldn't pin point was the clutch release bearing.
  8. I might be barking up the wrong tree here but if the VVTI now kicks in at 2.5k, wouldn't the mpg be even more diabolical than before?
  9. Cool mate, please do update yes. So the old discs you took off, were they warped or just worn? I might try cleaning my pistons up at the weekend in that case, what's the best way off popping them out without fluid going all over the place?
  10. I don't want to p|ss on your bonfire mate - And I really hope you have solved it but bare in mind I've seen a few topics like this and people report replacing the discs etc.. solves it only for it to come back after 500 or so miles.
  11. Steve, I strongly recommend joining the Andriod forums. I'm just a lurker at the moment but the amount of info there is gold. They will def sort you out. Daz
  12. 'Fraid so mate, even if you didn't want to go down the hammer route you could just have gotten a ball joint splitter from Halfords.
  13. Driving home today in lazy Sunday mode just plodding along doing under the speed limit... look in my mirror and there is a car caning it up the road making ground up behind me at a stupidly fast rate, must have been going about 50/60 baring in mind it's a 30 zone. Sits on my arse till we come up to a roundabout where the single lane branches off into two, obviously he goes into the other lane in order to get ahead of me so is now next to me. Him and his hood rat mate look me and my car up and down, his mate shouts a comment about me running Mazda wheels on a Lexus - I could just make it out
  14. I cannot help but if it makes you feel any better, I am in EXACTLY the same situation as you. Mines been like it for five months and gone through an MOT like it, I've kind of accepted it.. It's kinda like a wart - annoying, embarrassing but pretty much harmless, still brakes fine. I too have new discs too which I will fit when I can be arsed. Have you checked your lower ball joints for play mate? Mine where fine but it's worth a check.
  15. Go for TPFT it's surprisingly cheaper than TPO 99% of the time. Firstly I'd try your current insurer to see if they will give you a discount failing that and baring in mind you will basically have zero ncb use confused and other comparison sites for a limited milage policy, shouldn't be too expensive.
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