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  1. simply stunning B) how low can you actually drive it without any scrapes? :duh:
  2. did you try mytyres? they have hankooks in stock but at £300 each i would,nt bother with the amount of snow we get. remember these will be useless in any other weather and will burn up on a dry road.
  3. its getting there although the body now looks more like an RX under cover :winky:
  4. here,s my Gs300 now sat under 15" of snow and its still coming down heavy
  5. well ive had all the service work done but the Gs wont be going on a run anytime soon as its now under 3" of snow
  6. the Gs has gone into a mates garage today for a cambelt change, new plugs, gearbox and engine oil change for a very reasonable price. mates rates are great arent they? anyway while he,s got it he,s also going to have a look at the suspension to see what kind of job a spring swap will be and quote me on that. fingers crossed :winky:
  7. well ive just trawled through 7 pages of this project and all i can say is AWESOME. must be one of the best around B) chrome wheels are not to my taste but its your car and i,m not knocking it atall. please keep the pics coming :winky:
  8. i work in the truck side of ATS so i,ll be asking one of the car fitters to do the job if its a pretty straight forward job. i,ll have no worries getting the geometry sorted after either. i,ll get some springs ordered me thinks :winky:
  9. ive always been a BIG fan of dark wheels. what about anthrasite? B)
  10. mine came with 235/40 fronts and 265/35 rears and sit perfect on the rims :winky:
  11. my new 300 with 8.5x18 et32 and 9.5x18 et35 wheels with 235 and 265 tyres B)
  12. cheers for the comments :winky: i cant wait to get it lowered but i,m getting silly quotes for fitting springs. are these bad cars to work on or something??? i mean £350 labour to fit my own springs.
  13. last year i ran a 3L omega. 1800kg with RWD, auto, traction and snow mode. IT WAS TOTALLY USELESS EVERYWHERE. was slightly better with all the nanny buttons OFF though.