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  1. As title guys, Only does it while im driving, checked all wiring on coils, injectors, starter motor, alternator etc....and on 1st glance they all seem fine. I know my alternator is slightly faulty and doesnt charge properly, could this be causing the problem? Also, i dont have the lambda sensor closest to the rear of vehicle installed, could this be cause of problem? Any help much appreciated, Thanks Tom
  2. Meisterr Coilovers £429 Offer!

    Sorry, had to comment on this. I owned this altezza for about 18 months not so long ago. Seems kinda strange seeing this advertising these coilovers. Must say, they were brilliant.
  3. Coilovers....is200

    As title, Im after a set of coilovers for my IS200. Dont wanna pay absolutly stupid price, but obviously dont expect to get any dirt chea. Whats everyone got? Tom
  4. Altezza Misfire **urgent**

    Right just a quick question, found out it was a coilpack that had gone. I read on here that the IS200 coils were the same so went out & got 1 of them. Put this on my engine, fired it. Still running on 3 cylinders & engine management light flashed up. The part numbers on the coils for the Altezza & IS200 are different. Is anyone sure that they are interchangable with both cars or is this not true? Part no. for altezza is 90919-02236 Part no. for IS200 is 90919-02230 Any help much aprecaited Thanks Tom
  5. Hi Everyone

    Hi all. Im Tom Just bought an Altezza yesterday so thought i would join here. Had Rover turbo's for the past 5 years so fancied a change to something much better :) Will be posting a few questions up that i would like answers too cause im new to all this Look forward to hearing from/meeting people Thanks Tom