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  1. Not a used car warranty. My dealer refused even to go out with me in the car so that I could demonstrate them.
  2. Mine was very good (250 SE-L) after 22k miles. It squeaked a lot though!
  3. I was shocked at the price mine went up for ('07 Auto MM). Trade in prices were pretty consistent as everyone was just passing them on to Lexus dealers - maybe I should have sold privately but I think most buyers still want the comfort of a Main Dealer transaction with at least a year warranty. There's a lot to go wrong on a MM SE-L!! fact, thinking about it; as these cars get older a lower spec manual might not be such a daft idea. The MM cars seem to suffer more with dashboard squeaks and rattles and it won't be long before any significant failures on the higher spec cars will come close to writing the car off.
  4. Interesting, mine was only a year ago. Car was three years old when I bought it from a Main Dealer. If yours was younger it would have been covered by the original warranty, not the extended one. Either that or I've just got a poor dealer.
  5. Th engine is smooth and quiet (a bit tappety when cold but this should go when warm) but has very little power at low revs. The auto box is excellent, suits the car and manages to disguise the shortcomings of the engine in a way that really suits the car. I would leave a manual well alone unless it is VERY VERY VERY cheap......and it's £460 for road tax this year. It is not a remotely sporting car and doesn't gain anything from the manual 'box. Other than that there's the usual IS squeaky/rattly interior but if you can tune that out it's a nice enough car. Front discs/pads don't last long but they are not very expensive (if you fit them yourself!) - use it as a bargaining point.
  6. Mine creaked and rattled from the moment I bought it (approved used) from a Lexus Main Dealer. They refused to even come out in the car with me and said that interior faults are not covered by the extended warranty...... ie they know about the problems and presumably their inability to fix them without major work. That car is up for sale at another dealer right now. My sympathies to the next owner.
  7. I've managed 42mpg on a 150 mile round trip but I was nodding off at the end. Generally long runs at more usual speeds give low 30s and for local use I get low 20s. Not bad really for a petrol auto V6. I'm struggling to get 15mpg out of the Subaru at the moment with all the traffic and the cold weather.
  8. The IS only makes sense as a 250 auto. If you want a smooth auto V6 it competes reasonably well with the opposition, particularly if you consider the toys/£ equation. It has plenty of faults but then so does the opposition. As a diesel it is a mile behind. Forget all this bollox about brands. It is a four door saloon made by the "upmarket" division of Toyota. If you like it buy it but if you are buying because you like the idea of owning a Lexus; get your best friend to give you a good shake before you go out to buy a car! It is a four door saloon, there are plenty out there, Try them and judge them on their merits as cars. If you go into a car ownership experience thinking you need to purchase an extended warranty you either can't really afford to run it or should be buying a better/ more reliable car.
  9. :) A friend had an interesting one last year. He and his wife drove home, he got out and went into the house while she drove off to an appointment 50 miles away. When she got there she couldn't lock the car or start the engine because the key was in his pocket. This was in a Range Rover. I guess the Lexus gives you a brief warning beep when the key goes put of range but if you don't pick up on this the same thing could happen.
  10. We've had the Subaru for 4 years and it has been fantastic on all-season tyres. It even manages the steep hills around our house in thick snow - it has been so good that I'm not considering winter tyres. However, we'll be taking kids to EuroDisney over the Xmas break and (bearing in mind the ridiculous cost of the place) I'm keen to do everything possible to make sure we don't get stuck. If I could get a second set of wheels I'd probably try winter tyres but there are only about 800 Tribecas in the country which means a new set from Subaru or a secondhand set imported from overseas.
  11. I'd be using them on our Subaru. The IS is sitting in the garage and probably won't move much until it warms up.
  12. They look interesting but pricey for a set of four. Have you used them in anger? Do you think the folding ones in your first link would be better? I'm tempted put a set in the boot as we have a couple of long journeys over the Christmas period.
  13. I thought I had a problem with mine until I realised that my wife was putting her handbag (containing the spare key) in the boot! I have to say that start buttons, keyless entry and auto wipers are things I would pay to have deleted from the spec of most cars these days.
  14. How does it do that? I remember someone telling me that my Subaru's gearbox should do the same but neither that nor the IS change down when going down steep hills. Is there a setting you need to be in? I sometimes change down manually but, to be honest, there is so little engine braking from the IS250 engine that it's hardly worth it. I suppose anything to give the overworked brakes a helping hand is a good idea though.
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